Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We Labored Weekend...

America just finished Labor Day Weekend.  So Mr. C and I decided to LABOR!!!  We emptied most everything out of the double car garage. This garage is large and completely drywalled.

Mr. C had to do some prep work and that was two days.  This large wall had a boo-boo from the time I drove in and was trying to park my truck.  Oops...I hit a wooden shelving unit that sat against the wall and had lots of wood mouldings and pieces on it.  Well, the shelving unit got stuck into the drywall and made a long hole.  As you can see here Mr. C worked his magic and now the wall is good as brand new.  This is only the primer spread on.  Thank you Mr. C for fixing my boo-boo.

We worked all four days of the holiday weekend and it was HOT!  Not only HOT but not a spec of breeze and at times very smokey from the fires in CA and humid from Storm Lydia coming up from Baja.  I think Mr. C lost a few pounds and that is a good thing.

He stayed well hydrated with water and Peach Snapple he likes.  Wine had to wait for the evenings.  Did I mention this garage is large? Very large.  Two gallons of paint just for the side walls and the garage door wall. We will need another two gallons of paint to finish the back wall and the ceiling.  No we didn't finish the garage and hope to do so this weekend coming up. 

We are painting gloss white and it has totally brightened up the garage.  Of course it is fresh and clean also.  None of the Real Estate people we interviewed ever said a word about this garage but we believe it is going to help with a sale.  When Mr. C and I are out searching for our next home, the garages are a top priority and we want large and finished and clean.  After all Mr. C and I both love cars and vehicles and take pride in what we own and drive.  Mr. C's garages are very important!!
Enough about this.
September is rushing along just as quickly as the previous months of this year.  I might even try to make a list of what I need to accomplish this month.  I am not very good at list making however I feel it might help me "discover" (my 2017 word) the priorities of what I want to actually get done.
I missed getting my new box of Crayola crayons or anything else related to Back to School.  I seem to do less shopping and hoarding since the reality of downsizing and purging entered into my routine.
I believe you all are busy creating and decorating for Fall and Halloween.  I love seeing what y'all are making and decorating. 
Prayers for all of Hurricane Harvey victims and now for Irma that is happening.  <3 


  1. You and and Mr. C are right: garages are important, and they aren't designed to be a huge walk-in closet of the house. We live in a military neighborhood; 99% of us are renting. The two-car garages of the majority of these homes are filled with the same junk these good military couples have moved every time they were relocated.

    We've ALWAYS prioritized our garage for our two vehicles. If we can't park them in there, something else has to go.

    We installed deep shelves that were organized twice each year, swept, vacuumed, purged and given attention. We also made use of the ceiling with hooks for bikes during winter, etc.

    My brother's wife has two garage sales each year. The unsold stuff gets put right back inside the garage and IT IS PACKED WITH JUNK. They've never once parked any vehicle of any kind inside the garage. This is a hot button in their 30+ years of marriage.

    It's great to be on the same page regarding your garage and your home. Harmony works much better, and the home looks nicer, too! Prayers that your house sells soon, very soon!


  2. I can never understand people not using their garages to actually park a vehicle many are completely filled with junk and the poor car sits outside in all the weather. You'd think the people that live where they have to clean snow off their car would seriously want to park inside. We've never had a nicely painted garage, but at least it was organized and we could park inside. It's the only thing we miss about home ownership - now we're in the apartment we have to park outside.

  3. You and Mr. C did labor this Labor Day!! I agree that garages are important!! I wish I could send some of our below-average temps your way. It was 46 this morning!! 46!! In September!! It didn't get out of the 60's all day!! So strange, this weather. Continuing to pray that your house sells quickly. Have a wonderful rest of the week, dear friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. We've always had a garage with space enough for both vehicles and actually used them to park our vehicles inside! Imagine that! Yours is now all bright and I like that.

  5. such hard work going on the garage is looking so clean. I have neither a garage or shed, have to keep the lawn mower etc in the utility room but have no car so not a problem. Here people tend not to garage their cars as if they go into an unheated garage when wet it leads to early rusting, car ports are the best to keep both dry and aired!

  6. We always have parked our car in the garage. Much nicer to get into a cool or warm car than a hot or freezing one if it was outside.

  7. We laboured as well, Sherry. Downsizing happening. Drawings for future home are off to contractor. We have never had a garage and we'd like one but like you it will be sized for two vehicles and two freezers. No room to store any stuff! sheesh that stuff can multiply so we aren't giving it any space. lol great job!

  8. A good job done, even if it doesn't help with the sale.

  9. Your garage looks so clean and beautiful!

  10. Glad you got the work you wanted done and now hope it is time for a break! Stay safe from the storms and the fires. thanks as always for sharing my friend. hugs.

  11. Hello dear, what a gigant and lovely work you did, both fixing this huge garage , Now no holes, and no nothing besides place for cars and some shelves, I guess . Let it be just what is missing for you to sell, this beautiful home and property, dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  12. You've really done so much amazing work on your beautiful home. Stay safe from the fires and be cool!

  13. Gosh. I think my home would fit inside your garage. It does look huge but partly because it is painted white and looks so clean and fresh. Hope this will make a difference to any perspective viewers. hugs Mrs A.


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