Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Bad Wolf in my kitchen...

Wow is about all I can say. You can see the before cook top, the new island dressed in granite with a new shape instead of the skimpy oval, the scary cut that had to be made for the new cook top and then...Mr. Big Bad Wolf is in place and has flame. I will definitely have to learn to cook for Mr. Hubby now.
I have always joked that the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. Now I am loving "my kitchen" and want to spend time in it and cook and clean and be domestic.
Of course I do not want to get Mr. Wolf dirty so Mr. Hubby says he will put a big huge pot of chili and let it boil all over so I will get over wanting to keep the cook top pristine and new. Ha Ha Ha...not in my kitchen. :o) When the entire remodel is completed then I will cook something and of course it will splatter grease all over the cook top and the island and the floor and where ever else grease loves to go. It will be so wonderful to have this Big Bad Wolf to experiment with. Simmer to sear? I don't even know what that is...but I will learn. I do watch Food TV. I usually know a lot about how people cook and what they make but I just don't know how to actually do it myself. It seems that when I do make a meal it takes hours and is eaten in a mere 10 minutes. What is up with that? Why can't it last longer and be enjoyable?
More updates next blog.
Happy week to all.

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  1. If the meals get eaten that fast, you must be doing someting right!!! (or you keep them hungry!! ha ha). Gorgeous kitchen. Can't wait to see what you cook up when it's finished!!


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