Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday of catching up...

So today I am sorting through and cleaning up in my studio. This picture is the opposite side of the studio previously posted. My husband built this island and I love all the cubbies that hold stuff especially the end ones that are long and hold rolls of wrapping paper. I really like having ribbon handy for use and on display. I am actually preparing some Easter cards for mailing. This year I happened to buy some window clings at the dollar store for Easter. Then I thought how cute they would look inside the cards and they would also be an extra little gift. How simple and cost effective. I bought a pack of blank cards and merely wrote in them...
Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything. The postage will be the most expensive part of the entire project. I am always looking for very quick and inexpensive card options as I cringe at the thought of spending $4 on average for a store-bought card and then knowing the recipient will probably merely throw it out. I do not throw out cards I receive because I can always upcycle them or collage them or use them for something. Many years ago my Grandma and I would take greeting cards and cut out shapes and crochet them together as party favors or gifts or just dust collectors as my hubby so fondly calls things sitting around. What a lot of time and work we used to put into cutting, hand punching little holes and then crocheting all of them into fun and sometimes useful shapes...such as a box with lid. Oh how I do miss my Grandma!
I do feel much more organized in my studio than in years prior. It is so nice to need some supply and merely go to that bin or drawer or whatever and retrieve it for use. I also find it much easier to put things away now. What a concept. Thank you my Saucy Chick partner Lorraine. You are the best organizer, labeler, disposer of junk and sorter I have ever known. She and I are already planning on our next attack area for organization. We also do inventory control so we know what we have and what we might need. I am looking forward to this summer's project to tackle.
Well, I really must get back to my cards and finish them for mailing Monday. Easter is near.
Saucy Chick Sherry
P.S. I hope everyone enjoys the week ahead.

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