Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Happening...

Realizing this is a lot of photos however I am so beyond excited because since we bought this home I am in love with I have wanted granite in the kitchen. Finally it is happening! We had very dated and very dark green tiles with grout lines and a tulip border tile that was of a peach tone. Therein lies the reason for the peach walls with the one shade lighter peach ceiling.
My husband is quite the hands-on construction do-it-all including electrical and plumbing home remodeler. We are doing lots of the work, with helpers for demo and granite fab/install. My husband refers to this kitchen remodel as our very own personal stimulus plan for the economy.
I emptied the utility room cupboards and turned it into a mini kitchen while the remodel is happening. Actually we have not suffered one bit. The very first night of demo on all the hideous tile we went to our local favorite diner for a sandwich dinner and about halfway through eating my very budget concious husband says to me, "You know you have to add this expense to your kitchen budget". What! Don't you know I have not wanted to go out kitchen budget is very tight and I am determined to stick to it but not by eating out.
In the next few days I shall post more pictures which show progress. My kitchen is getting so happy and content. I am so happy and content. Mr. hubby will be happy and content once all the hard work and expense is over.
Thank you for understanding why I have not been faithfully blogging since being so busy with all of the remodel. My mantra has been..."My kitchen is so worth it!"
Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you each find all of your treasures.


  1. How exciting. Can't wait to see the results!!!

  2. WOW! It looks like my kitchen...the white cabinets I mean. You will love it! I just wanted to let you know a dz Comfort Dolls will be mailed to the DVSAC shelter thanks to you!! Tomorrow morning. Thanks for the nomination :-)


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