Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take time to breathe...

As the holiday season is here and people are rushing to accomplish all that is expected of them I do hope everyone takes time to breathe.
This year I am not doing much of what is "expected" for the holidays.
I am not putting up a tree with all the decorations and the frustration and hassle that goes with getting out all the boxes stored away. It is something I cannot actually do by myself and there is no one else that wishes to deal with it so therefore I am taking this holiday season off. I have no family or friends to miss any of it as they are not able to visit this year. I certainly will not miss the incredible mess it leaves when the time comes to take the tree down and store away all the decorations once again. Of course again a job I cannot do by myself.
Instead...I am enjoying this holiday season so much more than I ever expected to be doing. I am thrilled when I see a decoration since I am not surrounded by them at home. I smile when I see a child with their eyes wide open looking at the wonder of Santa and of course the presents.
I hear the Christmas music and it makes me stop and listen.
I am enjoying wrapping gifts for my chosen friends and family to receive. This year we have opted for fewer gifts and requested everyone not to spend money they might not have but to buy food and utilities for their family.
Hand addressing handmade and some purchased Christmas cards is a relaxing task and a wonderful way to think of each recipient as I cross off their names on the list. I get out last years cards and letters and reread them as I do my addressing. It is a reminder of the year we have just experienced.
So for those of you who are feeling stressed and harried and rushed, please take time to breathe and realize you can do less and still enjoy more.


  1. What a great post! You are certainly a wise one. I'm right smack in the middle of feeling completely overwhelmed!!! I still have lots of shopping to do, and baking, and I haven't even written a single card yet...deep breath...Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment, and for your etsy vote also! ... On Etsy, I find a "renewing" very helpful. If a few days go by and I'm not listing something new, I renew something. It keeps me always visible and up front. I do it all the time (although my etsy shop has suffered these past couple of weeks with all the holiday stuff going on!) ... Thank you again for your sweet words! ;) Paulette

  2. This is such a beautiful post. You are truly hitting on the heart of the matter here, stop and breathe. I think we all need to remember this. Life has forced me to slow down considerably in the last few months and I have to agree that there is something liberating about not pressing on with a long to do list. Enjoy each moment as a gift. Happiest of holiday wishes to you.


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