Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time to regroup...

After a wonderful Christmas with family and friends it is time to relax, refresh and regroup.
Not ready to put away decorations as I want to enjoy them without the hectic rush. I am finding myself today not out shopping but staying home in my comfy sweats, having a cup of tea and planning what needs to be done before the new year. DH and I are moving some furniture and getting rid of some old unneeded items. We are organizing a storage area which is never my favorite thing to do but must be done. I am the packrat and my husband is the throw-it-away guy even if he needs it.
We will enjoy the results and feel better after today.
However you are enjoying your day I hope you are taking time to re-energize your own batteries. Gathering lots of creative ideas for the days and weeks ahead. I am looking forward to seeing what each of you are doing in your creative pursuits. What are you making? What new mediums are you going to try? What challenges are you going to tempt yourselves with?
That is part of what I am taking time to regroup...what shall I be creating next???


  1. Your post is exactly what I am doing today.. looking at what I decorated and enjoying.
    Drinking hot tea, and taking mental notes Of my goals for the new year.
    I have some great things this year to accomplish.
    I enjoy so much it is hard to choose from so I have narrowed it down.. you know how that goes!
    I am very happy you enjoyed my home this yr. It is something I enjoy.
    Hugs, Darlene xo.. Happy New Years.

  2. Thanks for your comforting words. I finished painting an hour ago and crawled over the clothes mountain in my studio to gather items to cover small chandelier shades. The fun has begun! This year I have emptied my calendar except for two past projects which are pleasant to work on. I plan on making some puzzle pieces and playing around the house to hopefully create some things for myself with the new home redo.Off to join you for tea.

  3. A day at home in sweats with a cup of tea and some clean up sounds delightful. I hope that 2010 finds me doing lots more painting and also making prints of my work to sell on Etsy, among lots of other things. Hope you enjoyed the day!


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