Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AHA moment...

Hello bloggers. Last night I spent a very restless and sleepless night thinking of all the things I never accomplished this year and why I sometimes just sit instead of actually creating what my mind is thinking of and how shall I be better in this coming new year. Well...
Behold I turned on my computer this morning and went into my very first blog I ever read: http://www.kerriposson-artist.blogspot.com and there it was...my AHA moment. Please check out her blog and read for yourself. It explains how having one word instead of an entire list is so much easier to do and definitely less overwhelming for many of us. Well that is exactly what I was so stressed over last night. I felt so overwhelmed and yet I do not need to.
So as I was making my comment on Kerri Jean's blog my AHA moment was the wonderful word I came upon to make my life and new year less overwhelming.
FOCUS is my word. What a wonderful word it is yet what a difficult thing it is for me to do. And as a bonus I just realized that this wonderful word has five letters in it and five just happens to be my lucky number. I believe this may just be my breakthrough year of being able to accomplish the creative things I have yet to be and do.
Thank you Kerri Jean. Thank you blogspot and blogs of all types as I have come to realize that this is a medium which encourages without judging, lets us all share our triumphs and struggles and brings like-minded artisans together in friendships otherwise not possible.
What is your method of bringing in the new year? Do you write out your goals? Do you make lists?
I am so happy that I can now FOCUS on what I truly want to accomplish in this new year.

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  1. Thank YOU Sherry, for all of your encouraging words, as always. I love how quickly you came up with your word - I do believe that it's meant to be when it comes to you like that. And I also believe that we creative types often have that problem with FOCUS. There are so many wonderful possbilities that vy for our attention.


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