Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Organized Space...

A photo of my new organized space with desk, computer, calendar and the things I need to blog, pay bills and keep my etsy shop maintained.
Part of DH retiring is to reorganize and relabel our home office space. He has always had a huge separate complete office with desks, chairs, conference table, file servers, computers, printers and a white board to name just some of the items. Now that he is retired he chose to eliminate some of these things and merely have a much more compact space that has just the essentials for staying computer connected to the world.
Therefore I have my new computer sitting on my desk and I am happy with my space. I am able to enjoy following blogs, Facebook, Twitter and all of the fun shopping sites I like. My space is user friendly with bills to pay, calendar to keep me aware of what day it is and lots of writing utensils in case I want to doodle. Oh, that reminds me I need to doodle which is something I discovered last year that I do not know how to do so I shall need to practice.
My new clean and organized space is happy and ready for me to be productive. I like it very much...well, except the mauve carpet. Mauve carpet is what my DH selected so it is fine. I would have preferred some nice easy to clean wood flooring.
January 2 is here and I am ready to function in an organized and simple new space. Thank you DH for working so very hard all these years. Now let's play, have fun, create art and explore!


  1. Great place to start fresh plans for a brand new year!

  2. What a great way to start the year. It's really great to be organized and it sure looks like a perfect place to start new beginnings. Thank you for visitin my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I wish you all the best for the New Year too.
    Have a grat day,
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  3. Ahhh, clean new studio space - a perfect way to get 2010 off to a creative start. :-)

  4. what a fabulous office and what a great year you both have in front of you.

    It's great being retired and being your own 'master' rather than being employed by one


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