Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine makings...

Hello bloggers. I am completely aware that January is almost coming to an end and next is February with Valentine's Day. So I have gathered a few supplies for Valentine makings.
Felt, ribbon, thread, feathers, pearl cotton, needle, heart shape pattern, Clover heart shape yo-yo maker, fabric and of course scissors.
These supplies are spread all over my table as I decide what I am going to actually make with them. I have a couple of ideas but if you have any ideas I would love to hear what you would make.
I really like working with all of these supplies. I will be hand sewing as opposed to machine sewing. Maybe I will include wonderful lavender buds that I have picked and dried from the lavender plants. I really love the smell of lavender and it has a relaxing and calming effect. Unfortunately my sister is allergic to lavender so none for her. Maybe another scent that she likes. Or...maybe no scent at all. I will figure out just what is right.
I always like the colors of red, pink and white for Valentines. I might surprise the standard colors and use some non-traditional colors such as blue or purple for example. Hmmm...
After I get something made I will post another photo.
Let me know what you would make with these Valentine supplies.

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  1. I know that whatever you make with that pile of ingredients will be terrific!


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