Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rolling...Creative Cue #4

Okay. Here is my creative cue homework from last Sunday when the word was "ROLLING".
I immediately thought of Tina Turner singing Rolling on the River. It reminded me of a day trip my husband and I took on the Mississippi Delta Queen riding the paddle wheeler down the Mississippi river. It also reminded me of a restored 1904 paddle wheeler we rode down the Rhine in Germany from Meintz to Cologne a few years back. That was an amazing experience.
Then I thought of the very first Marlboro Man "rolling" his cigarette out on the praire. Or Cheech and Chong rolling their choice of smoke. Well, neither of those interested me to craft!
So I decided to relate the word "rolling" to the beads I like to make. Way back in the sixties I made hundreds of beads from long triangles cut out of magazine pages. I would carefully wrap them around a knitting needle and glue the very tip so my beads would stay rolled very tightly and I could slide them off the knitting needle. I made so many I strung them on fishing line and made a full length curtain out of them for my doorway. Very hippy in those days.
Now I use either a cocktail straw or a drinking straw to roll the paper or fabric around. The straw actually stays in the bead but you don't see it. I have even used my paper towels from painting with all of the mix of colors and made beads that are quite interesting.
I have always enjoyed "ROLLING" my own beads.
Thank you for such a fun weekly challenge.


  1. 8^) I went with Tina but you did great. My DH used to roll his own smokes but he's quit and I'd forgotten! lol But the beads were timely as a young gal is moving into her first apt. and it has no bedroom door. We were wondering where to get a beaded curtain. This will be better and give her something to do.

  2. I like where you let your creative stream take you -- a very nice post.

  3. Looks like you're on a roll!! (ouch, that was bad, I know!!) I loved rolled beads!! These look wonderful.

  4. Love all of your thoughts on ROlling_ Tina Turner is my Fav!!!
    I would love to see apicture of your bead curtain- that must have been amazing!! I am still making those beads- from Fabric Paper and on toothpics!!!


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