Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine Tote Bags...

My idea completed. A group photo. The feel of these is soft and wonderful.

Right after New Years I went to our local fabric store to buy some wool felt. You do see it on the bottom of this beautiful stack. The gorgeous wools are for future use. And the laces...well a girl just has to have lace in her stash. So back to the wool felt. I purchased three colors, burgundy, pink and white. Here is what I made.

The perfect lightweight durable small tote for errand shopping or snack carrying or anything you like. I think they would make super cute Valentine gifts...empty or filled.

Here is the pink tote. Did you see the hearts stitched onto each handle? I love my sewing machine. Together we can keep the thread industry in business for quite some time to come.

Hand cutting all the red felt hearts and the red organdy hearts that are sewn on with the buttons was tedius but what else would I be doing?! Of course I did list these in my etsy shop. We will see if anyone needs to own these cute handy totes.

It felt so good to spend time in the studio and the sewing room making these.
What are you making, creating, painting, journaling, etcetera?
Happy weekend to everyone...


  1. Dazzling...these are oh so charming and is in the air..beautiful creations..thanks for sharing your magic!!

  2. Very Cute, love the stitching and the hearts. Hard to find the real wool felt for me.

  3. gorgeous totes! you can never have too many and the hearts and buttons are just adorable. i hope they fly out of your shoppe!! xo

  4. Wow, looks like you're ready for Valentine's Day! Cute little totes. The decorative stitches are the perfect accent.

    I keep wanting an embroidery only machine, but they're too expensive. In the meantime I really should use my decorative stitches more often. They do add a very nice touch.

  5. Those are so amazingly cute! I {love} them :)

  6. Darling little bags!

  7. great totes. I'm rethinking totes because my new purse already has a broken zipper. :(

  8. Your bags look awesome! I bet they are really soft and comfy to feel, too.

  9. These are adorable and yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I love the stitched hearts on the handles. I wonder if my Bernie will do that??? I will have to look and see. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  10. Oh my! These are soooo beautiful!! WOW! You've been stitching up a storm! Very industrious! I think the white one is my favourite, but doubt I would ever be able to keep it clean. LOL! Love the stitching on the handles. Just adorable. keeleyxx

  11. So great totes.
    I love the white one, looking so beautifull, dear, and the decorative stitches is wonderfull.
    Have a great week-end-
    XO ,Dorthe

  12. That heart stitching on the handle is unbelievable! So so cute!

  13. Hello, The white bag with the red hearts is soooo gorgeous.


  14. ooooh la la! I ♥LOVE♥ the heart stitching on the handles! These are fabulous!

  15. The totes are fabulous! Perfect for the holiday - or any time! Theresa

  16. Oh, I don't know how I missed seeing these before!

    Beautiful bags Sherry - they do look so soft and tactile. Love the little heart embellishments and buttons too.

    Hope they'll be best sellers for you x


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