Monday, January 10, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks...

My most heartfelt thanks to Marilyn. I got the best surprise in my mail this past weekend and I want to share it. Marilyn is the nicest lady and a very talented artist. She is also a new grandma and that alone is part of her bright smile. Please check out "In My Room" where Marilyn blogs. What she sent me was this envelope above that had the most intriguing velvety textured tape across the back flap. You can be certain this tape will get reused. Inside was this beautiful little thank you card. The photo just does not do justice to the colors or the pink rhinestones bling.
Upon opening the thank you card it became a folder containing two ATCs. The clown and the chef. Each are beyond fabulous and I just adore them. The backs are black and Marilyn wrote on them to personalize to me from her. I so admire the work and time Marilyn put into making this wonderful surprise that I am almost speechless. (I must say almost because anyone who knows me knows I am never without words for talking!) Marilyn thank you so very much from my heart. Your art inspires me. I am so thankful I found your blog and share you as my friend.
I hope you know that I will be making some of these wonderful little folders and ATCs for my girls for Valentine's Day. Of course I shall tweak them as not to copy completely. :o)
I just feel like such a lucky girl. Being a part of this generous blogging community and sharing talents and ideas and surprise gifts.
As for this week, our weather is absolutely frigid. I was grocery shopping this morning and most people were talking about how cold it is and when will it end. I heard one woman remark, "This is like living in a refrigerator!" Our high today was 37 degrees F. And this was the day Mr. C decided we would be outside several hours while he cleaned the debris from the roof and the gutters. I merely hand him supplies and pick up whatever tools he drops. I am inside now and still shivering. Hot shower, hot soup, chocolate...still cold! Maybe I should sit on the heating pad and hold the cat on my lap for a while. Hmmm...I can see why she insists on having her little blanket plugged in and turned on. Ahhh...warmth! Oh how I long for the sunshine and summertime. Maybe I should go make something bright yellow in honor of the sun.
Happy creating...


  1. Isn't blogging just the most fun. I love how friendly and generous everyone is that blogs. A true treaseury of friendship.

    Thanks for your Christmas card and lovely cloth insert.

    Stay warm and cozy.

  2. It seems everyone is having bad weather, I can't see where you live. It is pretty warm here in Orlando, but could get to freezing this weekend, I guess we just have to leave the country. I love that your cat has a heating pad! I grew up in Minnesota so I understand cold weather. The card you received is lovely, isn't it something how you can connect with people and we have this wonderful sweet blogging community.


  3. What a lovely surprise for you! I so completely feels especially wonderful being a part of such a sweet blogging community. And I know precisely what that lady meant about the cold feeling like living inside a refrigerator! With all this ice and cold, had to drag out my heating pad for one of my smaller dogs. When he got comfortable on it..he hasn't moved since. :)) Take care sweet friend, Terri

  4. Now that's what I'd call love mail!

  5. What a gorgeous gift Sherry - all the more special when unexpected ;)

    Hope your weather improves soon!

  6. I have never played around much with ATC's maybe it is because of all my years as a greeting card Artist HMMmmm. I fear they would all end up looking like greeting cards and not creative wonders like these . Also thanks for your insights concerning our potential move to michigan they were so apprecited . The pros and cons have been weighed and the pros win, we are moving in the spring


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