Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Birds and One Cat...

Here is an adorable little bird I received from Miss Lilla of Hawaii. Many of you already follow her blog and know the fun things she makes and shares. This bird is made with ticking fabric. Lilla also included the cafe au lait sticker just for fun. Thank you so much Lilla. I love my bird.
This is bird two that I received and I am loving the message here. Kerri's blog was the very first blog I ever followed and I am so glad I found her. She is wonderful and talented and heartwarming. I just love this piece of her art. Even the back is decorated and personalized. Thank you very very much Kerri.

And with birds there must be a cat. This is an art piece I received from Terri. She is part of 3 Creative Studios and her blog is filled with lots of art, fabric quilting and zentangling. I am thrilled to have this adorable cat to inspire me. Thank you so very much Terri.
The generousity of bloggers is always amazing. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy so much.
Each of these pieces of art inspire me to create. I think that is partly why I like blogging so much as we all share our ideas and abilities and inspire others to make their own creations.
What will you make this week? I am making some simple birthday cards for January mailings.
Create something that really makes you smile with delight this week. After all we are beginning a brand new year where anything is possible for each of us.


  1. Hi dear,
    such sweet gifts,I love the birds, and the whimsy cat is so cute.You are lovely giftet.

  2. Oh what fabulous items - I think I love the meowry cat best! There's so much I want to do, keep thinking but having trouble getting started! I'll get there eventually though!

  3. I love all three of them! Thanks for sharing these amazingly talented artists! Theresa

  4. Yay..these are all beauties.. fabulous and adorable!! Awesome creative souls...enjoy these treasures! It is wonderful to meet other creatives, yes it does make bloggin such a treasured experience!!
    Shine on and enjoy!

  5. I love all of them amazing creativity. Thanks for looking at my hanging crystals post, I bet there is a lot of things you use in jewelry making that could hang crystals.


  6. How cute they all are!!

  7. Wonderful! I love the birds :)

  8. You are so welcome Sherry. It has been wonderful to get to know you over the miles & the internet!! xo


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