Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring and Quilting...

Here we are April 1st and our weather has given us a glorious Spring day. The sun is shining and the frogs are croaking their mating songs. The Robins are searching the grounds for just the perfect things. I have spent the better part of the day working in the yard. I decided to put my blinders on as we still have some snow on the ground in the yard and also so I wouldn't get overwhelmed with the massive job to do just cleaning up the debris from such a harsh winter. I chose a small walkway near the pond and merely worked in a small circle hand raking and picking up pine needles, oak leaves, old acorns and heavy wet soggy mushy plant stems. After a few hours I had finished with my little piece of heaven walkway. I have daffodils blooming and there are even hopeful tiny new green sprouts on a very dead looking geranium I didn't think would survive the winter. Life is good. Now for small little patches of cleanup work remind me of how quilting goes. In small little patches of fabric that eventually become the finished piece to be proud of. The photo above is a small piece of Cathedral Quilting I did all by hand about 4 decades ago. It was tedius and took forever because I wanted my stitches to be as tiny as possible. Now all these years later it is still my eyes. Oh yes, I can see flaws however these only make it more cherished to me. Now days I don't quilt however I know that someday I shall...when I am ready. As I follow blogs and find things that really speak to me I was super fortunate to find Terri Stegmiller. I know many of you already know Terri but for those who don't here is her link. Terri is also part of 3 Creative Studios and you will find lots of inspiration there. From Terri's blog one day I visited the Twelve By Twelve blog. I was intrigued by the quilts that various artists were creating. They were each only 12 inches by 12 inches. that seems much more doable than some huge king-sized piece that is montrous to work with. I digress but back in the 70's Dear Grandma and I each made king-sized crazy quilts out of small pieces of double knit fabrics. What were we thinking?!! And I don't even still have that who never gets rid of anything! I do hope you visit both Terri and the 12x12 just to see all the amazing art that is created. Twelve By Twelve had a lovely coming out party online for their book they published and I was super fortunate to be selected one of the lucky recipients of a copy. The book is published by Lark Crafts and Terri actually signed my copy that she sent to me. Thank you very much Terri. This photo above is the front of the book cover. This photo is the back cover. I have perused this book from front to back and it is so beautifully done. Each of the twelve artists who participated and created twelve quilts in the 12x12 inch size are featured. How fun and challenging that each quilt had a theme and it is amazing to see how each artist represented it in their quilt. I will definitely be devouring this book for a very long time. Each time I look I see something new and different. Who knows...maybe this is the catalyst for me to make a tiny little 12x12 inch quilt of my very own to be proud of for decades to come. How are you enjoying your weekend? Maybe a little outdoors and a little indoors creativity? This sunshine is definitely re-energizing me after all the gray, cold, wet and snowy days we have had. What?!! Rain is predicted for Saturday???


  1. Love your quilt! We had snow today...March came in like a lion and went out like a ... bear.

  2. Love the Cathedral Window pillow. I am like you and made squares that I wanted none of the stitches to show. It is still an UFO but I keep thinking about getting it out and completing it. I like how you reversed the colors and used the solid for the middles.

  3. What a beautiful quilt piece, you must be proud of what you've done before. I tried quilting once and made a seriously horrible mess, so I admire the people who can do it successfully. Nice that we can look back on the work we did and still love it and it must bring back memories.

  4. My grandmother quilted, and I know how, but I just... can't. I am not at all patient! But I absolutely know how much hard work goes into them, not to mention the talent it takes to pick just the right fabrics, so I'm always willing to pay the price for them!

  5. Beautiful, you are so very talented! Here, we are already into Summer, near 90, with the a/c on in SW FL. Love the generations in the next post, lovely photos.

  6. This is a great post Sherry! I love the idea of 12 x 12 and will certainly wander over there with my coffee to have a look around.
    I love quilting too but big quilts are a lot of work! I do still have a few in my future as I like them for my beds but mostly I play around with little things. Somehow they seem to take a very long time as well though...

  7. I'm so jealous! lol And Terri signed your copy, wow! I will always make some quilts in the bigger size but not anymore queen size. Double is the most. But I luv the smaller format as well. Your litle windows are just darling!

  8. Hi Sherry!!! You are so sweet to share information about me, the Twelves, and our new book. Thank you so much and we appreciate your visits to our blogs.

  9. I don't think I have the patience to quilt and even twelve by twelve sounds very challenging to me. I admire all the quiliting you've done! Congrats on winning the book, it looks and sounds lovely.

    I'm so glad Spring is finally here for you. I'm guessing 'blinders' are sun glasses?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  10. Sherry,
    What an interesting post. It is beautiful and doable...a 12 by 12. My only quilting experience was a hand sewn crib quilt for my daughter. I got all done but the last square and it is in our attic. I promised her I would finish it when she had her first child. I really enjoyed the process and loved sitting around with women, most older, and quilting together.Even though this was thirty years ago, I can find myself right back there in my mind.
    Thank you so much for the lovely and supportive comments for Jud and I and our families. Honestly, those comments keep me going, one foot in front of the other, and today I realized I could be happy, just for today.
    Big hugs,

  11. Hi Sherry,
    this is a wonderfull little art quilt piece- and I love the blue/white--
    but I do not make quilts any more--seems I have soo many other things, on my mind--
    I love what you did.

  12. What a terrific idea for a book, and I'll have to take a look...thank you for the tip. And I like the colors you chose for your quilt - it reminds me of a comfy pair of jeans.


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