Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Packaging...

Hello faithful followers. Do you ever have those days that just get lost? I completely lost yesterday while it was happening. Today I have decided that there is just no catching up so I shall merely move forward from here. Even my computer has been misbehaving for no known reason. Right in the middle of my post yesterday it decided to just lose all capability of functioning. Maybe my computer was relating to how my day was not progressing well.
I have always been told I am unfocused and therefore not able to stay on task. I like to think that is a good thing as I get more done...or not. :o) So anyway today I have been flitting from task to task to task and I will admit I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing, however I have cleaned and cooked and helped Mr. C put together a BBQ by fetching and holding, which is something I am very good at by the way, sewed two more lace bunnies as Easter is approaching quickly, opened the mail and paid a few bills, visited with a friend who stopped by, answered the phone several times and been able to put away some winter themed candles. Whew! Even I am impressed with all that I have accomplished and it is only early afternoon.
Let's get to the title of this post. Quick packaging is what I made for a couple of my Sister's birthday gifts. I used a beautiful ribbon that I knew she would like. Stitched the sides of the folded ribbon. Then I wrapped a blue Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet I made in tissue paper and slipped it into the ribbon case. I am sad I didn't take a photo of the bracelet as it really is stunning and Marie loves blue as much as I do. In the shorter ribbon case I placed a dragonfly key ring wrapped in tissue paper. As for the closure I decided to keep it very simple and used a small red colored safety pin that I attached a charm to for decoration. I am sorry my scan did not come out very straight or clear. I think you get the idea of how simple and quick these ribbon cases are for giving gifts inside of them. Next I will use the beautiful gold embellished ribbon Marie gave to me on my present as her next packaging for something I shall make and give to her. Ribbon is not only for wrapping around a gift. It can be the gift as well as the packaging. Now her delicate bracelet has a safe case for storage as well.
Let me see what shall I accomplish next? Maybe I better file the stack that has grown taller on my desk that also looks ready to take a dive over the edge. Of course better the papers than me. Oh thank you bloggers for staying with me as now I feel a little better realizing just how much I have completed today.
Happy mid-week to everyone...


  1. Good for you! And that ribbon is gorgeous.

  2. My attention is just the same way, Today I worked on three craft projects, moving from one to the other for about five hours. I love doing that. In fact, it is the only way I can work. It is not a helpful skill for me when it comes to cleaning up!!!!

  3. Oh fabulous--and I love the idea AND the ribbon!!!


  4. Busy as a bee! I'm like you - puttering at this and that and at the end of teh day I have got several things done. Good for you; I loved reading this - it was as if I was trudging after you the whole way!

  5. At least when you unfocused, you get a lot done!!! Beautiful ribbon....what a thoughtful gift! My computer has been acting up, too. I had so much Blogging trouble this past month...

  6. Oh, girlie, I am the same way. Into this and that and 14 other things. At least you have some beautiful gifts to show for it.

  7. you always come up with the most clever packaging ideas.....this is gorgeous!! :))


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