Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Chickie...


Hellooooooooo Spring...

Spring please come back.

It is so cold and we have had snow again.

Winter has been with us since before Thanksgiving.

Please let Spring come back.

Three days of Spring was just mean!

Miss Lace Spring Chickie is waiting patiently.

She is gathering twine for a nest.

If you look closely what do you see?

She has an egg to lay in her nest.

Spring...Where are you Spring?

Please come back and stay until summer. We would be so warm and happy...


  1. That is a cutie! Love the colors.

  2. Do I ever love that! So full of spring and joyful colors!

  3. Prekrasna ptičica!!!!!
    Draga moja želim da proljeće što prije stigne do tebe i potjera zimu.....

  4. I absoluely LOVE LOVE LOVE this birdie of spring!!! Maybe you and I need to do a Spring Dance outside, my dear friend! C'Mon, let's do it! Let's FLING for SPRING! Go outside and WILL come.

  5. Oh what a shame Sherry. Maybe when your bad weather clears, you'll go right into Summer! Love your little chick - and your beautiful butterfly in the previous post - what a great cause.
    Hope you have a good week x

  6. What a darling!! We had a one day teaser of sunshine. Now cold and rainy again!

  7. She is just so cute, Sherry-and deserves spring,just like you do, dear--I hope it will soon be with you--- here it startet slowly :)
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. teeheehee, I'm with you, please hurry up spring, a nice day today but more rain tomorrow :0(
    hugs Lynn


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