Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dashing December...

December is certainly dashing along...thankfully not in the snow.  This month has been very disconnected for me as Mr. C has been out of town helping a friend.  The last two weeks I was with him and staying in strange hotels, on the road and eating all the wrong foods in restaurants.  The very first week his computer battery charger died and that was bad as he needed it for the daytime and I was going to use it for the evenings to stay in touch with my blogging friends.  I am here to contest to the fact that Murphy's law has not been repealed!
Fortunately while sitting in my hotel room day after day after day I was able to prepare my Christmas cards and get them mailed.  Luckily I had begun in August and made my little gifties I was mailing.  The top photo is of some fabric I purchased and knew exactly what I would make with it.  Postcards.  I did add some red glitter bling before mailing them. 
This is one way that I like to send a gift.  Attached to a card and then wrapped in tissue for mailing.  I can show these now because I know the recipient received them and really likes the pink hearts. 
 I made a couple more Origami bags out of this fun girly fabric that jumped into my cart one day at the store. 
 I lined one with this fun zebra fabric.
The other one with the cheetah fabric.  Both turned out pretty with the red ribbon and button accents.  Filled with some little items and some moolah my granddaughters each liked them.  They are young adults but still girly after all.
I was feeling very disconnected while gone because I never seemed to accomplish anything...especially creative.  Even shopping can fill a void for only so long.  And believe me the shopping where I was...well let me just be polite and say it lacked a lot! 
No settling in by the fire for me.  Mr. C has come down with a bug and he is trying to share it with me.  There were tons of people sick everywhere we went and I really tried to stay on top of the sleep and pre-meds. 
I am doing my best to stay current with each of you and the beautiful things you are making and decorating your homes with.  I have lots of mail to get through and I feel so fortunate because I can see some really interesting envelopes addressed to me. 
Thank you to each and every one for your patience with me this December.  I can positively say that January 2012 will be a very good beginning to a wonderful new year. 
Jingle Bell Hugs to each and every fabulous friend in blogland...


  1. What a fab idea to use the material to make postcards. Love the origami bags too. The lining materials really compliment the shoes on the main material. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. You are so smart to have made so many gifts ahead of time-love those pink earrings and the origami bags- that fabric is darn cute!

  3. Hi dear have made such wonderful cards to share with us.

    Traveling during the holidays can be daunting even to the best of us......get well soon....and take care of yourself.



  4. Oh, what a fun fabric and you made postcards!...fabulous! The earrings are pretty and you've a creative way of presenting them. Fun bags too!

  5. OMG your fabric cards are so beautiful. Love the earrings and the origami bag. It's good to be back home, right.

  6. I know how it is when you are away, in hotels, eating in restaurants...I just returned home from 9 days away. I hope you get to return home very soon, and back to your crafting. The fabric looks fab, and those earrings are lovely. The Origami bags are so original and fun!
    Happy Holidays Dear,

  7. Darling bags, and I am SO jealous that your cards are done! Hope you don't catch what the hubby has...stay well - Happy Monday - Tanya

  8. And dear Sherry, thankyou so much for the one you so generously send me- it is a true old world christmas spirit card :)

  9. So glad to know you are well Sherry. We have missed you and your posts. Love the cards you have made with fabric. Love the prints on them. Beautiful. Your bags are adorable. Great prints. And who would not love those earrings?
    Hope Mr C gets ell soon and you don't have to go through it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. well done! this is an amazing idea, I looooove your artworks, artista!!!

  11. Oh dear Sherry, not a great start to the month - hope you manage to fend off the bugs that are going around.

    Your Christmas makes are all fab - I love the fabric postcard you sent me - thanks again.

    Take care x

  12. Beautiful creations and what beautiful gifts!

  13. Sherry, I think your postcards are delightful. May you remain well, so you can enjoy the holiday. Hugs

  14. Your fabric cards are fabulous!! Now, I think we are to hard on ourselves, don't you worry one minute about catching up with all of us, we are here when you catch your breath! Computer problems sure take us out of the loops, I bet your hubby was glad to have you along......Now take a deep breath!

    XXOO Carol

  15. Home really is where the heart is!
    So glad you're back and settling in. Isn't it nice to return to your habits and haunts and putter away for those first few days?
    Missed you!

  16. December is such a busy month! I love projects involving fabric- fabric is a fun medium!
    I hope Mr. C stops trying to share his bug! ;) Stay well!

  17. Love those fabric postcards. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so well. I'm sure it feels good to be back home safe and sound, surrounded by your supplies. Crochet is easy to take along when we travel so I never have to worry about not being able to create. Hook and yarn and I'm good to go. Your friends and family are fortunate to receive your lovely handmade gifts. Be well! Tammy

  18. Well Sherry you certainly make good use of your time away. Good thing you brought things to work on. So sorry to hear Mr. C caught a bug, hopefully feeling better!
    Your bags are darling and I'm sure the girls LOVE them.
    I adore my postcard!
    Hopefully your home now and enjoying the holidays!
    hugs Lynn

  19. You're funny!

    I hope you are feeling at home... Always makes Christmas feel special.

    Stay healthy! :)
    Merry Christmas...



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