Saturday, March 2, 2013

Found, Organized, Happy...

These shelves hold things I make and either gift or offer in my etsy shoppe.  Somehow things just get really shoved around and messy.  It is difficult to store some items and even more difficult to keep them all pristine which is why they are behind glass doors.  I have already taken out lots and edited this remaining stock.
Since I have my etsy shoppe on vacation hold things are merely pending.  In fact I am not certain if I want to reopen my shoppe.  My sales were so nominal that I wasn't certain I had the right mix of offerings.  So I continue to ponder my options on etsy.  I welcome any feedback or tips you may have.

Here I have edited and organized my stock onto one shelf instead of two.  I have left the top shelf empty for a while just to be certain of what I will fill it with.  Trust me I have no lack of STUFF to fill it full.  Meanwhile I find things I either forgot or couldn't seem to find when I needed them.  Amazing how I can be so happy just by finding what I already have.

This is what I hadn't been able to find for quite a while.  I knew I had it but it was buried under lots of things. This is a fabric roll I made for transporting jewelry to shows and for keeping the jewelry safe and clean and untangled.

Here is the roll opened up.  I have room for earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  The necklaces actually fit down into the long pockets they are resting upon in this photo.  Even Mr. C was pleased to see these creations.  They bring back wonderful memories of trips we have made both near and far to acquire special ribbons, beads, charms and trinkets used in creating this jewelry.  I can assure you that the roll is now safely placed on the shelf and ready for gathering an ensemble together for shipping...just in case I sell something.
It feels good to find, edit, organize and display my lovelies.  Time well spent.
Our skies are overcast and we are hoping for rain.  Our temperatures are cooling down also.  March came in extremely calm this year.  We really need the water.  After all we are still in Winter.  I am so very happy that the days are staying lighter longer.
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts.  I keep saying this because I really believe it.
Welcome to my newest followers.  I really enjoyed the Madame Samm  Sew We Quilt latest blog hop.  If you want or need any inspiration you will get plenty when you follow any of her hops.
May you spend your time doing all you enjoy...


  1. so good to have a tidy up and find misplaced things isn`t it. Can`t advise on your shoppe as I do not sell things or to be honest I have never visited esty, seems a shame that your lovely makings are not to be seen by those who wish to buy them

  2. I need to tidy up my work space as well.

    I've wondered about Etsy shops. My daughter had one for about a year and only sold one item. I would love to have an outlet for my handmade items, but it seems that I am to late to the frenzy.

    I've wondered, but haven't checked it out... is it permitted to have a PayPal button on Blogger?

  3. I had an Etsy shoppe also and I just didn't renew it when it came time. It just didn't seem worth it! I also worry about other people using your ideas from our pictures.
    Now I did have my stuff a a local shop and I did a whole lot better, when I actual brought things in! So see if there is a local shop that will sell your items?

  4. Sherry, you are so creative and so good about organizing and tidying! Wish I could say the same for myself!
    Hope you get the needed rain! We've had warm days, cold days, rainy days - everything this winter! Today is a cold day, with a freeze tonight.
    xoxo Jane

  5. I love your work Sherry and this is like a treasure trove.
    Hugs June x

  6. Good for you on editing and organizing. I have wondered about etsy, whether it is viable or not. Maybe you need to focus on one thing rather than many things. ???

  7. One of my favorite things to do is to organize my "stuff". I always find things I thought were lost. :) blessings, marlene

  8. You are so sweet, Sherry. I am so blessed to have you as my bloggy friend. I enjoy your visits and your comments so much...and I smile when we seem a lot alike with our collections and piles and need to reorganize. Clocks get set ahead next week, right? It will be lighter even longer...Keep creating dear friend!

  9. It feels so good to get things organized, I only wish they'd stay that way. Your jewelry creations are lovely.

  10. I love when that happens!! When you can't find something and one day it appears!! It is a lovely bag for holding your beautiful jewelry!!! Those pieces really are stunning. I can see people buying them for sure, especially in sets!
    Sorry but I don't know anything about etsy. I hope you find the answers you're looking for!

  11. I love to organize and always seem to be finding new ways to make things fit better. If I would go back to work and had a choice on the kind of job I'd do, it would definitely be organizing peoples homes. I did this when I lost my job after 911. I did it for a couple of people and they were extremely pleased and happy. That was the best part. The stuff they did not want, I took with me and sold the items at a yard sale I did. I needed the money, being a single mother with 2 children.
    Our weather was actually colder on saturday than on sunday. Today it is nice out, the sun is so hot you barely feel the cold. Hope you get the well deserved rain. Ana

  12. Dear Sherry, so organised you are, it looks great, and must be a wonderful feeling.
    I love your jewelery roll ,a beautiful way of stocking pieces to be sold, or to travel with you.
    I had some wonderful dayes away ,to celebrate Mathilde, and am back home again.

  13. I smiled when I read this because I really need to tidy up and find some things. I was hoping to do this very thing when I get home from work this evening. I will begin the process and of course I won't be able to complete it that quickly. I am so looking forward to spring. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog whenever you visit me.

  14. Aaah...organization feels so good doesn't it? That fabric roll is great!

  15. What a great organizational idea. Am so pleased you found it.

  16. I have never sold on Etsy, so I have no advise, you just never know what people will like! I found a lot of things I was missing when I cleaned my craft room!


  17. I can't figure out the key to Etsy either, Sherry - it's hit and miss, always. I LOVE the jewelry roll, clever girl - WAY cool idea on transporting for shows - the jewelry is beautiful, too! Hope your day is remarkable - I'm hoping this heat-up isn't a sign of a HOT summer to come (like any summer here in Vegas isn't hot, right?!). We're supposed to cool down this week, again - hopefully you do, too! XOXO Tanya

  18. I can't figure out the key to Etsy either, Sherry - it's hit and miss, always. I LOVE the jewelry roll, clever girl - WAY cool idea on transporting for shows - the jewelry is beautiful, too! Hope your day is remarkable - I'm hoping this heat-up isn't a sign of a HOT summer to come (like any summer here in Vegas isn't hot, right?!). We're supposed to cool down this week, again - hopefully you do, too! XOXO Tanya

  19. I should be so organized. I took a look at what you sold on Etsy. I really liked the cameo piece. I don't consider myself an expert on Etsy (I've been on less than a year),but I have been buying and selling in other venues for decades. I think Etsy is like any other business. My sales increased on Etsy when I started promoting and networking more. Building your circle, and focusing on the items favored by your audience will help. Using key words when you describe your item helps too.

  20. Etsy is something that always seems to sit in the top third of the list but never makes it to the top - one of these days...
    I am so glad you are enjoying your puttering, and are finding things again. I have got myself in the same boat lately, looking for a book of crazy-quilt stitches... I finally found it, but there is still something else I am trying to find in my sewing room and I have no idea whatsoever where it is, but it's making me crazy.
    Enjoy your new-found organization Sherry - be happy in that too!

  21. I don't know anything about Etsy either I'm afraid SSD. Your jewellery pieces look beautiful and your wrap is ideal. That really is so satisfying when you find something. Many a time I find things I didn't even realise I had lost - lol!

    We've had some snow today, so far though it hasn't settled ... roll on Spring! xxx


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