Friday, March 22, 2013

Short Get-Away...

Mr. C and I went on a short trip.  About 3 hours from our home is the Jelly Belly Factory.  They give tours and samples of jelly beans.  Even though it was a weekday there were lots of kids of all ages.  Very hyper kids who had more than a few samples of the jelly beans.  No photos are allowed on the tour so I just took the two here.

Our past president Ronald Reagan really did put Jelly Belly on the map.  Here is the mascot ready for Easter.  I am not one to try many flavors so I stuck to my tried and true favorites.  Licorice and Sizzling Cinnamon.  Mr. C and I tried the #2 all time favorite flavor and we both decided we really like it...Hot Buttered Popcorn.  It really smells and tastes just like the movie theater popcorn.  So we had to get some of those for our road trip.  Oh and they also make tons of other favorite candies including fudge.  I fell in love with the chewy praline fudge and made that my choice for road trip munching.  Yes, I will need to double up on the exercise and smart eating plan once again.  How does one pound of candy put on five pounds of extra weight?!!

The weather was very overcast and grey but we didn't let that dampen our spirits.  We drove to Napa and visited the new Riverfront area.  The charm is always in Napa.  The drive is so beautiful through countless acres of grape vineyards.  All lush and green this time of year.

We didn't do much walking as my feet were exhausted from the tour at Jelly Belly.  I made the mistake of wearing new shoes and no socks.  Oh the blisters that were forming made me cranky and Mr. C was beyond reason as to why I didn't wear proper shoes.  This is an ongoing saga with me and shoes and blisters so there are no surprises here.

Here we are having a bench picnic along the riverfront.  Some cheese and pate with sourdough toast points and grapes.  Pretty yummy and rather pleasant surroundings.  Drinking of the wine will come later.  And of course fudge and Jelly Belly's for dessert.  I shall continue our short get-away in the next post.
It is always good to get home safely and sleep in our own bed.  Now to catch up with my favorite blogs...
The calendar says it is Spring however the weather is more like Winter.  No surprises again this year as the calendar does not reflect Mother Nature and what she does.  Sunshine Smiles everyone...


  1. What fun! A Jelly Bean Tour...who knew! To sample the beans was pretty nice too! Glad you had a fun get-away!! Hope you get your 'mail' soon!!

  2. A short getaway can feel like a much longer holiday can't it. Glad you had a lovely time.Sorry about the blisters.Ouch!
    Judy x

  3. sonds like so much fun, I love the popcorn flavored Jelly Belly's, and the peach ones, I hope the blisters heal quickly,

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! Hope your feet heal up soon! ~Diane

  5. Sweet little get-a-way! Sounds like a fun time. Hope the sun finds you soon, and brings some warmer temperatures.

  6. I was glad you mentioned it was Reagan that liked those jelly beans.
    As I started to read your post I was racking my brain trying to place which president it was that like these....didn't he keep a jar on his desk at all times? Licorice would be my favorite too!
    It is a real mystery how 1 lb of fudge can create so much weight gain....come to think of it how did I have a 7 lb baby and gain 3 pounds!!!!

  7. Love Jelly Bellies, what a fun tour that must have been. My DH loves licorice ,not me though! Give me Choc or Cotten candy any day. LOL
    What a nice mini VayCay your having.
    Hugs Lynn

  8. Oh how fun! We used to drive past the Jelly Belly Factory every time we went to Thunderhill race track in Willows, CA. We only stopped once to visit the store but didn't have time to take the tour. Did you see the Ronald Reagan picture made from jelly bellies?

  9. OK, I am with Mr C...Why in the world wouldn't you wear proper shoes??? bring a change...OK, now I love jelly beans, what a fun tour and fudge oh my! Can't wait for the rest of your trip!!!


  10. We took our youngest daughter and her friends to a Jelly Belly factory on a Spring Break trip to San Fran about 7 years ago. It really was fun. Following you.

  11. Jelly Belly - there is a book of poetry my daughter was given as a child with that title - and the funniest poems ever!
    I have to say I am not much for candy but I do love fudge... I wonder about the 1 = 5 math myself, but it's always so worth it
    A Spring getaway is always fun for those itchy feet you get after the slowness of winter, and your picnic sounds divine, in fact, Mr. C looks quite content!
    I do hope your feet get better soon Sherry, especially with your trip to France fast approaching. You will definitely want comfy shoes for that journey....

  12. Sounds like a fun trip!
    As Mr C is just wearing his shirt, the temperatures must be much higher than here: 34 degrees Fahrenheit, tiny snowflakes and an icy wind. Springtime, where are you???

  13. Are you kidding me???? If I was THAT close to all the pomegranate jelly bellies in the world-- I'd be doing the happy dance!! I'm totally obsessed with pomegranate and expresso jellies--- omgosh-- I can't even imagine how many bags I'd be taking home!!


  14. Oh Sherry, you make my mouth watering,with all those Jelly Beans, and other yummy sweets :-)
    You say it is cold, but your husbond sitting there in only a shirt eating so cosy, tells me it is much warmer than here, where we still wear heavy jackets and sweaters while walking through the snow!
    A haooy weekend to you dear, hugs,Dorthe

  15. I had no idea they had a factory you could visit. How fun.


  16. Sounds like you had a lot of fun apart from the blisters that is! Hugs Mrs A.


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