Thursday, March 28, 2013

Messy Creative Hands...

I have always adored those little peat pots made into cute baskets.  So here is my version for Easter.

For anyone who knows me, I just hate to get my hands messy...not even for art's sake.  But here I am all a mess with paints.  I used my craft and house sample paints.  The colors are such a pastel delight.

Here are my little finished baskets.  I gave some to my friends and kept one for myself.

Here is the one I made special for me.  A soft pastel blue with a little cutie riding a bunny.

Oh how fun!  Looks like Peter Cottontail is soon to arrive.
We are having Spring rain here.  Nice and refreshing and hopefully keeping the pollen in check.
Stocking up on chocolates and veggies for Sunday.
Happy Hopping...


  1. How adorable!! And I just love seeing your hands 'dirty'!!!! Such a change from the neat and tidy lady we all know and love!!! Join the group! although, I tend to get everything on my entire body (and walls!) in addition to my hands!

  2. How cute are these!!!! Messy hands are a fashion statement in our group!

  3. These are just delightful, Sherry. What lovely colours and so prettily decorated. Makes me want to do the bunny hop!

  4. Love those little pots Sherry! I have looked at those pots too, and wondered what you could do with them.These are sooo cute!!
    Peter Cotton tail sure left his mark!
    Have you seen the tutorials on my blog re fabric carrots?I also found one using gloves.I'll send you the link.Have a lovely time over Easter Sherry.
    I'm like you with paint.I don't like painting much either.
    Judy xx

  5. How cute are these. Plus bunny paws to boot. I also have enjoyed your mini vacations. That one photo of that gorgeous winery, I am dreaming right along with you.

  6. What a great idea for baskets..You are a genius! Happy Easter!


  7. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like messy hands. LOL These are just the sweetest Easter baskets!

  8. OMgosh! That is pure Easter fun! I love getting my hands all painty on a sweet project like yours. I love those peat pots too. Your baskets are sweet and perfect!

  9. The baskets are adorable, Sherry...and I have to laugh at your "dirty" hands! I'm usually in it, up to my elbows!!! Happy Friday - Happy Easter - XOXO

  10. lovely baskets Sherry and such talent with your paint brush, all the different designs you have painted are so cute

  11. that was a lot of work making all those baskets but so worth it! I love the bunny tracks what a cute idea!
    Have a Happy Easter!!!

  12. Awe.Messy hands. What we won't do for our art! Hahahahahah
    Darling baskets!
    Hugs Lynn

  13. These are mega cute and use up those snipets thaqt we all have hiden away for projects just like this. Hugs Mrs a.


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