Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrating Big Birthdays...

Mr. C and I have been celebrating big birthdays for the past couple of weeks and will be for another couple of weeks.  One of our good friends turned 50.  He wanted to celebrate with go-kart racing and Hooters...so we did.  Then my sister turned 60 (actually today is the official day) and we celebrated with a day of shopping and dining.  Happy Birthday Marie!  This is a card I made her.  Thankfully I got the idea from Gentleman Crafter from his hinged card video.   Thank you Jim for sharing your creative talents.
My card is not quite the same but similar.  I used the domino to represent 60 for her age.

Here is the inside before I added my heartfelt sentiments.  My sister did not know Washi tape so that was fun to introduce her to it while we were shopping.

I added the seed beads to my string just because I liked the added sparkle.  The string just felt lonely until I added the beads.

I used vintage wrapping paper that I have had in my stash for over 20 years.  I love the colors and the illusion of the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass look.  It also has just a hint of Art Deco which we both love.
This was a fun card to make and I know my sister will keep it and enjoy it for many years.

While I had the paper out I was inclined to decorate a gift bag for Mr. C and his birthday celebration.  I used my favorite dsw.com shoe bag.  That reminds me today is Tuesday Shoesday!  I covered the dsw logo and dressed up the bag with a strip of paper on both sides.  Now the bag looks properly manly.

Here I have added his card to the bag.  He did enjoy the upcycle of my shopping bag.  (Of course I had to explain why I have such a new bag from my favorite shoe store.)  We had a lovely dinner at a small French Bistro in Old Town Folsom.  Chef Christophe and his wife Claudine were charming.  The food was superb.
Our weather is very cold...the kind that chills to the bone.  The sun is shining but the wind is blowing and the threat of rain comes in late afternoon with no results to quench the earth.  It has been snowing higher up in the ski resorts so that is good.  Spring is here but the Winter chill is freezing me and my plants.
I am so saddened by the recent attacks in Boston.  I just cannot comprehend how humans can treat fellow humans with such random violence and bodily harm.  My prayers are with all who are affected by this senseless tragedy.
I am hoping my creative muse can get warm and find her passion soon.  Until then you will find me celebrating more birthdays for friends and family this month of April.  Yes...Happy Birthday Dogwood my very bestest pen pal.
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts.  May you have Springtime Sunshine Smiles...


  1. Oh, Sherry! A fabulous card! I know your sister must be loving it. Your Man's bag is just as wonderfully fun.

  2. The Art Deco look is so classy for any body or event! Happiness is in our hearts whatever the weather. Happy heart hug, Sherry!

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    That is a wonderful and so happy card you made for your sister, happy birthday to her!!
    And also the bag for your husbond is a great idea--and a wonderful way of explayning where the new shoes on your feets came from :-)
    Belated happy birthday to him too, sucg a happy day you had!
    p.s. here we finally had a few warm dayes, but friday we will have frost in nights again!!!

  4. Wonderful art!Isn't Old Town quaint. I used to sell doll clothes to some of the shops before they went out of business.
    hugs karen

  5. Love the Gentleman Crafter for great ideas!You did a fab job with the card and bag.Glad you had thos happy times
    with your friends Big Birthdays.
    Judy x

  6. Hi Sherry,
    That card is stunning. Happy birthdays to all your loved ones.
    hugs and JOY,

  7. Such a creative lady you are. I love the card and the wonderful paper you used. Sounds like we are sharing the same weather.Joy to you and sunshine for everyone. Sharon

  8. Hi Sherry, Happy Birthday to all the special people in your life. I love the card you created for your sister and your hubbies gift bag so perfect. I like how you added the card to the front of the bag.
    Hope your weather gets better. We were hot today in the 90's but storms are one the way Thursday.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. You are always so encouraging and always lift my spirits. Thank you for that.
    Hugs, CM

  9. lovely card for your dear sister and I am sure the Man bag will be loved.
    Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Yes like you I am in dispair over the tragedy in Boston, my prayers are with all those affected by the bombing.

  10. Fantastic card! It's wonderful, and your sister is sure to love it forever! I'm going to have to check out the 'Gentleman Crafter'- he's new to me. I like your bag idea for Mr.C's Special day.
    Here's hoping you get some warm temperatures, along with the sun.
    I mourn for the people of Boston, and for the loss of innocence and sense of security these violent acts destroy. I, too, do not understand.

  11. It sounds like you are all having happy celebrations! Yay!
    What a lovely group of people to honor each person with what they like to do. That is fab...as is your card for your sister! Thank you for showing us all about it. I love seeing how you do things. Brilliant!
    I hope your weather warms up and that your muse shines soon.
    It is hard, with sadness, but remember...on that same day many many very good things happened too. We just don't hear about them. It doesn't make what happened at the race any better, just helps us to feel better about mankind. Blessings to one and All!

  12. I am sure your sister adored that card! Love the look and the masculine card and bag look great too! ~Diane

  13. Bold and gorgeous! I love your card! I seem to have a lot of April birthdays to celebrate, too. Three this week...! My April list has grown. Have fun, Sherry!

  14. Keeping paper for 20 years and now finding the perfect way to use it? I am so impressed that you didn't give up on its beauty. And you're right.. it does have that Frank Lloyd Wright feel! The card is a true keepsake and anything created from the heart is just the best! By the way, I just realized that I hadn't signed up to be a follower. Well, I corrected that quickly.. now you have me for good!! Looking forward to keeping up with you!!

  15. Love hubby's card...Sorry you got busted for the shoe purchase though LOL! Hooters and go karts...Men, they never grow up! I am so hoping the weather turns for everyone....Enough all ready!


  16. Hi Sherry,
    So wonderful to see your lovely card once again.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Happy Creating and have a great weekend.
    XO CM

  17. Your card looks terrific and definitely has a stained glass art deco look to it. Will have to check into The Gentleman Crafter site and also into washi tape. Very nicely dressed up bag too!
    We had snow yesterday and are due for more this weekend :(

  18. I do the same thing with shopping bags. :) Sure wish we could get washi tape. We have a Japanese store but I've only ever found big washi tape in colors that I wouldn't really want. Happy belated birthday wishes to all. Tammy


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