Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sashiko Sample Piece...

I decided to cut into my Sashiko fabric.  Of course I cut it the wrong direction.  The water is flowing sideways in this cut.  Fortunately I have a little more fabric.

Here is my correct piece with the water flowing the direction I envisioned.   I really like the feel of this fabric. It is special Indigo fabric that is pre-printed with the Sashiko design.  After you complete your stitching the lines can be washed away.

When I made my two cuts in the fabric there was a small piece left over.  Not wanting to waste anything I thought it would be a good little piece to practice my stitching on.  I ended up machine stitching around the edge as it was raveling.  Then I decided to also cover the edges with masking tape to keep them steady.
The Sashiko needle is wonderful.  Easy to thread with a threader.  The Sashiko thread I purchased is six strand and feels really good.  The needle is sturdy and straight and pierces the fabric really easily.

Here is my little sample piece with some stitching completed.  As you can see my stitches are not perfect.  If I had known what I was in for I would have selected a Sashiko fabric design with larger stitch lengths.  These are so very tiny that I cannot even stay with the lines so I improvised.  With my older eyes I need really bright light and stronger "readers".  This piece of fabric is about the size of a small bookmark.  I cannot imagine how many years it will take me to do the original small size I cut out for a project in mind.  What was I thinking???  Now that I am experiencing the joy of Sashiko by hand I have just learned of the newest invention.  Baby Lock Sashiko machine that does the stitching for us.  Really?  Here is a link to see
Part of me really embraces the old tradition of hand stitching.  However, part of me is intrigued with the possibilities of a Sashiko machine and the options it offers.  No, I won't be buying one.  I don't own an Embellisher machine either.  I tend to stick with my traditional sewing machine and vintage Serger.
Not very long ago I never even heard of Sashiko and now it seems I hear of it quite often.  Kind of like never seeing a dark green automobile and once you think about it you see all kinds of them.  Hmmm...
Today is a very rainy day.  The skies are nourishing and cleansing our earth.  I have a little birdie who is braving the rain to eat the edible birdseed house.  He has to fly up to the deck and then just happily gorges himself.  Of course it could be a girl birdie...I never even know the type of little bird.  Adorable and rather small with a black head and brownish body.  They normally are ground feeders and live under the RosyGlow bushes.
Our washing machine went out...again and the cost of repairs is almost the price of a new machine so I am researching.  We have a 2000 Maytag Neptune that literally broke Maytag and put them out of business with their horrible reliability issues.  Whirlpool now owns Maytag.  I am doing my fact finding and will probably purchase an LG.  Sadly it won't match my Maytag Neptune Dryer but I am okay with that fact.  My laundry room is for function...not glamour.  Lots of paperwork and budget revisions to do today.  Rain will help me there too as I won't feel bad about not going outdoors for a walk.  I did a backyard walk-about yesterday in the sunshine and our roses are filling out nicely.  We even have some buds forming.  The Saucer Magnolias are blooming and getting their new leaves.  This is a glorious time of year with all of the new growth and blooms happening.
May you  enjoy all that makes you happy...


  1. Hi Sherry, I have never heard of this fabric. It looks like quite a project....busy hands, happy heart, right ;-)
    Don't feel too badly about your washer, we just purchased a new stove, and now the sales people are saying you are lucky to get 8 years from your large appliances. How crazy is that?
    hugs and JOY,

  2. I can so relate with your stitching and the overwhelmingness of it. I decided I was going to make some scarves covered with running stitches much like your sashiko....after stitching 2 rows around the perimeter of the scarf I was thinking I may just have to use the sewing machine to make these. It is neat there is a sewing machine that will do those stitches, but like you I won't be buying one either. I had a Maytag Neptune machine at one time too. Now I have a Samsung and I like it.

  3. Hi Sherry! I have just been looking at that video.I hadn't heard of Sashiko either. That machine looks very good! Love the look of hand stitching without having to squint!!
    You could make wall hangings with a stitched background like the lady did with the tiger pillow.
    Glad Spring is finally arriving over your way.Love rain too. Makes everything smell fresh, and clean!Settles that darn pollen too.

  4. I have never heard of Sashiko and probably would have never heard of it, if it wasn't for reading your blog. I don't sew, although I would love to learn. I have tried to take some classes at the community college but they are offered at night and that is my hubs time.
    I have been busy going out shopping this week. Not anything in specific, just anything I like and find interesting enough to purchase and give it a home.
    Have a blessed day and happy crafting.

  5. Wow you have me all curious about Shashiko, I am learning it all here, I love that you are so craft adventurous. Oh lord, yes bigger stitches were probably the way to go! Good luck on your washer...bummer, don't ignore Craigs list or if you have a Habibtat store. Of course you can't research too long, you need the washer!!!


  6. If the stitch line will disappear do evry second or third dot. I always thought sashiko was a larger stitch. I like the look of big stitch quilting myself. Buds? Not here but I hope you post a picture or two of your magnolias. They sure don't grow here!

  7. the first time i heard of the stitching was here the other day so I googled it, then I have saw it on three blogs, isn't that just the way, it truly is beautiful, I would love to see your roses, its still snowing here!
    Good luck on the ashing machine search,

  8. Oh my, that will take some time! But the effect is so nice! I Love this style you have introduced me to. Maybe it is a long term project where you do just a little a day.
    Best wishes on your new laundry machine.

  9. I didn't know they preprinted this either. In any case, I don't have the patience for sashiko but it's beautiful. Have fun with yours. It might go quicker than you think once you get a rhythm for it.

  10. First I have heard of this fabric also! I already know my eyes wouldn't stand for it :) Saucer magnolias? Will look for a pic of those they sounds so lovely! Hugs,

  11. your stitching is great, I saw the machine demonstrated at a show but thought apart from being very expensive it takes the pleasure away of stitching.
    Hope you are sorted with a new washing machine now.
    Your garden is coming along well, still very little happening here apart from the daffodils and crocus, oh yes one anemone out,first time I have grown them, but buds on trees etc very few, and they are still tightly shut, another heavy frost overnight.

  12. I can see how that would be a lot of work. My friend Shereen stitched me a flower several years ago -- the teeniest tiny of stitches -- when she would work on projects like that for too long, she would get something akin to tennis elbow and have to rest. I do love this kind of stitchwork. We have dusty, yucky weather. Enjoy the cleansing rain. Tammy

  13. P.S. I searched my blog for the stitching Shereen did -- you can see it here:

    Ironically, we were having dust back the, too.


  14. I love that stiching. Hand stitching makes me happy. It's so relaxing. Of course, it does take forever to get things finished.

  15. Sherry you have chosen a complex pattern for your first go at sashiko, I think, but it will be beautiful when you've finished. As one reader mentioned, just use the pattern as a guide and make your stitches a little longer in the straight areas, but the curves need to have smaller stitches. You might prefer to google sashiko patterns and find one that is simpler to use on a spare piece of fabric. I found that once I got my rhythm with the stitching, it went a bit smoother and faster, but it took a while.
    Sorry to read about your washer. I have an LG and really like it. It's already 6 years old and we've not had a problem with it. Hope you find a new one soon.
    Today our high temperature is forecast as 0C, and it is snowing again. sigh. I'm worried spring won't arrive until summer.........
    Happy stitching.

  16. Sashiko is something I want to do some time, I even have a book about it.

  17. Beautiful! I am amazed at the lovely detail in this...thanks for the inspiration!

  18. H Sherry, this is just gorgeous.Such wonderful details. You really know how to pass on the inspiration and make me want to get out my unfinished stitching projects and get busy.

    Your garden sounds like it is springing to life. My saucer magnolias make the flowers before the leaves. Do yours do that?

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  19. Love the Shashiko....isn't it relaxing!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the larger piece or even this smaller practice piece!

  20. I just learned something new today.. sashiko! Ha! So new to this that I had to revert back to your post to remember how to spell it!! But that is what I love about being a creative sort~ there's always some new way to expand on what we do! I love the rhythm of sewing by hand like you do. It's so mesmerizing! And great idea to label your needle case with which needle is for what.

  21. Thought of you when I saw this post from Kimmie at Art In Red Wagons:

    :) Tammy

  22. Looks as if this would be enjoyable to stitch. I haven't experimented with Sashiko myself. Will have to take a look at this machine.

  23. I've never heard of this fabric before either! I don't think my eyes would be able to follow along very well. Or at least I'd need a stronger pair of glasses. LOL
    Have fun creating Sherry.
    Hugs Lynn

  24. Sashiko does seem to be popping up quite a bit lately. I had not heard of it before and haven't tried it. Good for you for giving it a try. The material and design look very nice.

  25. I've seen kits and pre-printed fabrics for sashiko, but haven't tried them. I am especially drawn to the peasant style that was used for mending and reinforcing the fabric. It's very random and definitely hand stitched. I wouldn't dream of doing this on a machine ....

  26. Hi Sherry, I'm getting caught up on your blog posts and am enjoying your foray into sashiko stitching. I actually LOVE that fabric that you have...I don't have any in my stash and most of my wash-away sashiko fabrics are large scale, which has been my complaint. I'm happy to trade you some pieces that I have for a piece of yours. That being said, for this smaller pattern, it looks like you might want to try 3 strands of your six stranded cotton instead of the full six. REducing the bulk should help...


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