Saturday, April 27, 2013

Treasure Hunting at Home...

These are some shelves in my studio.  I think they look really organized and labeled.  Ahhh...looks can be deceiving.  It is time to organize this area and focus on the beads and charms. you can see in this closer view that things are not what they appeared.  In my haste to clear space on my worktable I have the habit of shoving stuff onto the shelves.  In order to contain the small bits and pieces I discovered turning over the lids and using them to contain the stuff.  Now I feel really organized and I have space to work in.  However Mr. C hates this as it isn't neat and correct.

What?  More overturned lids with bits and pieces stuffed into them.  What on earth could be filling these lids?  Time to sort and see what I actually have.

I poured the contents of the lids onto my work table.  This is a true treasure hunt!  I really have no idea what all I have stuffed away.  I hope I am not the only one who does this.  Please tell me I am normal.  :o)  I do get easily overwhelmed so I have to do this in small stages.

Wow!  Treasure hunting resulted in lots of really great finds.  I found purchases I had made on holiday as long as a year ago.  I found beads I thought I needed to buy but fortunately already had.  I found items for special gifts for family and friends.  I realized that I had done a lot of shopping last year.  I also found I was very short on storage space to incorporate some of these treasures.  Well that is another post I am sure.
I didn't take a photo but I can honestly tell you that the lids are now emptied and placed correctly on their boxes.
I better get beading now...
Spring is glorious here.  Our roses are beginning to bud profusely.  Lots of pollen though!  Ah-Choo!!
I spent my day hostessing the local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.  With this beautiful weather I was surprised I didn't have more visitors.  Actually they were out enjoying the local annual car show, the local home and garden show and lots more activities too numerous to name.  Tomorrow will be my day to enjoy a couple of local events.
Another month of celebrations is coming up so I will be busy in my studio.  Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts.  I do hope you are really happy creating...


  1. going through all the beads and supplies looks like fun to me! I ave never been a beader but i have a good friend who is and boy oh boy the containers of supplies she has is staggering! Sorry to hear about the allergies, thats no fun, maybe a good time to stay in and enjoy your treasures!

  2. Oh I wish I was there sorting with you, and finding all those treasures. Tidying up is so good for the soul!!We had a further clear out after the garage sale.On Sundays the Salvation Army Thrift shop opens to receive donations, so we went there this morning.When we got there, mean people had left a whole pile of junk.there was only one woman on duty, so we stopped after we unloaded and helped her to put the rubbish in the bin.She cheered up with us helping.
    I walked into the garage when we got home, and it looks so much emptier.I am just going to concentrate on a couple of hobbies now.I just can't do all that I used to or want to.
    Have fun creating and going out to those events.
    Judy x

  3. Doesn't that feel good to get organized! I found some amazing treasures when i redid my craft room! I ended up with one box I just labeled "STUFF" LOL


  4. It is great when all the bits and pieces have been put back where they belong inn`t it,I stiff mine in a cupboard and then I regret it as I can then not find what I want!!

    Maybe I will have a bit of a sort out this morning or maybe not!

  5. Wow! If you could see my studio right now you would faint. It is a rainy day so I think I shall try to follow in your footsteps. Wish me luck as I will need it. :-)

  6. My dear Sherry,
    Oh you can truly believe me when I saY, you are absolutely not allone in shoveling used rest pieces back onto lids, or other "special" places, for them to rest..and be forgotten!
    I know all about that- and also the joy of finding things not remembered !!!
    Hope your sunday is great!

  7. Haha, yes my supplies appear organized as well but they're a mess! :) Glad you got some things sorted...happy beading! :)

  8. Hi Sherry, I know this story too well. I have bins and drawers to organize right now. And, like you, I will find things I forgot I had and buried under my stuff. LOL

    Have fun going through your goodies. Wishing you a great week sweet friend.
    Happy Organizing!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  9. OMG, I am so glad I am not the only with way too much stuff. I am taking lots of my things out and putting them around on my shelves with pretty milk glass dishes I have been hunting for. Not an easy task though here in Miami. They are hard to find although.
    I have so much stuff I am overwhelmed in my room at times. I did a video on my hoarding. LOL. If you go on youtube, you will see it under anallanes02.
    Our weather is very hot, but our plants are blooming and beautiful. Maybe I will do a post on that some time this week.
    Thank you for always having such a nice post to read and enjoy.

  10. Good morning, Sherry! I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief to see that a very together gal like you had some disorder, too!! I stick things on tables, shelves and in drawers...and get overwhelmed...! Good for you that you found buried treasures and are organizing them! Inch by inch...

  11. I love how sorting through the old stuff can open up space for new inspiration to flow. Plus, this doesn't cost a cent...I love this part too!

  12. I'm identifying, Sherry! I jam stuff on top of my containers, too! :) BTW, normal is a setting on the dryer. lol

  13. What a tangled web we weave when we practice trying to shove our stash here and there. I so need to do exactly what you have successfully done. Thanks for proving it can be done and our stash is not a hopeless mess!

  14. Don't're normal.
    When stuff is in my way, I just put it somewhere, meaning to tidy it up later.

  15. haha - too funny! I can just see it now, lids all a-tilt and things spilling over - poor Mr. C! It's not easy living with someone who is always so darn neat and tidy - I have one of my own!
    The up-side of getting your lids back down-side-down is that you found some treasures that you had forgotten about - that must have been a fun thing... we always seem to be on the same wave-length, you and I... I just purged and organized my dresser in my sewing room. It feels good to be neat, but it still won't make me be that way all the time!

  16. Who knew treasure hunting could be so much fun and productive!!

  17. Men think craft rooms should have everything hid away for some reason. I need to see things in order to be inspired by them and to use them, lol. I must say I love the before pictures, I think you had a very clever way to add more storage room by using the lids as an additional layer. I am sure neither of our husbands would approve of my comment, ha ha! Believe me, I have had to make plenty of compromises with my craft space. I even moved my beautifully ribbon display to behind the door, lol. ~Diane

  18. Hi Sherry, I think we might be twins...I do both, collect things in upturned lids, and then go hunting and sorting eventually to find all kinds of treasures! Yay! So fun! I love uncovering something I bought ages ago.
    My roses are full of buds too. I can hardly wait for the first ones to open : )

  19. Wow, I can hardly keep my big things organized let alone bead boxes. I admire anyone who can keep all that straight.

  20. Your very normal Sherry. LOL. I have so much stuffed into boxes that I forget what I have all the time. I have a saying "File,don't pile". Now if I could just use my own advice. LOL
    Hugs Lynn.
    Happy Treasure hunting!!!

  21. Your supply area is much neater and more organized than mine is right now. Even when it's "organized" I still will have little treasure hunts looking for a specific item. Along the way I often find other things that I've forgotten about which makes it all the more fun. :-)


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