Saturday, September 7, 2013

Boys*, Toys, Speed...

This is a picture heavy post and I am condensing two weeks and hundreds of photos into a bakers dozen with hopefully very few words.  I hope you enjoy this adventure of Boys, Toys and the NEED for SPEED!
Bonneville Salt Flats is the nirvana of land speed records for all things, trucks and motorcycles.  Mr. C has numerous vehicles he works on for others who pursue their passion of record breaking speed.  Bonneville is in Utah.  We stay in Wendover on the Nevada/Utah border.  Nothing but hotels and casinos!  No fabrics stores, no big box stores, no bead market and some fast foods with about six hotel/casinos!  I never went out to the salt but stayed in town and walked and observed people.  I read, did some coloring pages and my favorite relaxing Sashiko stitching.

Mr. C preparing our truck for the salt flats.  Spraying 4 large cans to the undercarriage of the truck.  Very messy!!!  I had the joy of mopping up the floor after the spraying.  YUCK!!!
An 8 hour drive to reach Wendover.

Mr. C took all these photos from the salt flats.  No less than four filming crews for this BUB International Motorcycle Meet.  Helicopters and cameras and lots of excitement.

Mr. C and his wind system ready to install along the 11 mile long course.  Salt is very hard and cannot be pounded into easily.  Drill, pound, drill, pound, soak with water and so on...

Seven of these stations along the 11 mile course.  Tough hard work!  These stations have more to them and then communicate with a tower and Mr. C's computer programs to read wind speed from both the mountain side and the highway side for riders to know every moment of their opportunities to make a run.

This is why you spray the undercarriage as the salt sticks and corrodes everything.  One guy at the gas station in town thought we had been four wheeling in the snow.  He was from out-of-town.

The Weather Station Tower.  As you can see the entire Salt Flats are very bleak and that is why I stayed away.  Hot!  Salty!  Windy!  Desolate!  Sun Beating Down!  Dirty!  Sticky!  Not for me.

People come from all over the world for this meet.  This classic Rolls Royce comes every year from British Columbia and pulls his motorcycle in a trailer behind the Rolls.  I met people from Finland, Australia, Japan and so many more places.  Amazing.  I also must say that this is not only for men and boys.  *The women were KILLING the records.  At the completion of the meet there was a party to honor everyone and the women out-numbered the men.  Truly amazing!!!

I mentioned windy.  This is the rain that comes up after the wind.  Over 6 inches fell in just one short few hours.  Of course the courses are closed and everyone waits and hopes for another day of perfect salt.

This is the BUB Streamliner.  Previous record holder at 367 mph.  They were trying for 400 but got stalled by the rain.  They did make a run of 323 but were stuck in 3rd gear.  The Streamliner is sitting on a four-wheeled cart.  It does not run on the four wheels...only the two wheels you can barely see.  The rider is the third from the right.  Mr. C is waving.  At this point they must pack up and return in a couple weeks hoping for better weather and speed.

Mr. C after a day of recovering his wind systems along the course.  Exhausted but happy I say.

Safely home after another 8 hour drive and about 1500 miles put on the truck.  The sprinkler is set under to loosen the salt.  A long process of moving and waiting.

Next the hose treatment.  Then the pressure washer I didn't photograph.  Three separate pressure washings over two days.  Then we had glorious rain that dumped 1 1/2 inches and helped clean the truck.  Now we have been home a week and the truck is still dumping clumps of salt on the driveway.  Thankfully we made it home just before our water pump bearings went out.  As we drove through that long lonely desert I was always saying my prayers as we passed others with their hoods up.  Little did I know how fortunate we were.  All repaired and thankfully the truck will be staying home with me.  No more salt for now.  Mr. C is heading to Bakersfield the car.
Thank you for your healing energy.  I am recovering.  Physical therapy and exercises are helping.  Seems like my Sciatic nerve got really angry and didn't like my long truck drive/rides or my walking so much in Wendover.  I am very thankful nothing worse is wrong.
Now to get into my studio and sewing room and have some real fun.  Leave the speed records for Bonneville Salt Flats and the others.  
I am embracing the beginning of Autumn.  Cooler nights and glorious days.  Bye Summer...I will miss you.


  1. I would love to visit the salt flats just once. I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy the heat, dirt, or wind, but I would like to say I'd been there. It probably won't happen, because my Mr. C shows no interest whatsoever!

    What?! No fabric stores or bead shops? If I ever make it out there, I guess I'll have to bring my own supplies!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing!! I will be driving by the Salt Flats later this month, but probably won't get to do more than take a picture of the sign!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I am playing catch up as I have been fighting a bad case of vertigo. So my world has its "spacie" moments as of late. My goodness you have been on a whirlwind. I found this post fascinating. You should save all that salt for when the snows fly. Ha!
    I am so sorry about your back issues, sounds so painful. But glad you are healing.
    I too save calendars for making envelopes, etc.
    I am also glad to see Mr. C has fully recovered from his accident earlier this year. Nothing keeps you two down.

  4. Wow, what a place, I had never heard of it before. Rest you back and I hope you are fully recovered soon!

  5. Lovely post Sherry, I learned a lot about the flats I did not know. Looks like Mr C has healed up quite a bit. Can say I know how you feel as I am having the same problems as you, not a fun place to be. Hope you feel better soon. ~Diane

  6. How interesting to read about your adventure! I can't believe how the salt cakes onto everything like that! Thank heavens Mr. C is all healed up now and able to play I just hope you continue to feel better, and you're back to yourself again real soon. I think a few days locked away in your studio might help that! Hugs to you sweetie! xo

  7. We salt our roads come winter but not that bad! Very interesting, Sherry. Thanks Mr. C for the photos. Sciatica! My DD's fritzes when she's pregnant. Her foot still isn't quite right. Please take care.

  8. Isn't it wonderful that Mr C is is well just in time for his annual fun event!! so glad you are healing. I had sciatic pain once...Holy cow, it hurts! You two kids take it easy !


  9. Have driven the salt flats too many times but it is rather unique and not always boring. There are a couple of sculptures to entertain. LOL Interesting post. I'm still not sure what it's all about, but I was fascinated. Keep up your good recovery!

  10. the best part of your blog today is seeing Mr C looking so well and recovered form the dreadful accident.

    It is all so interesting to read but think like you I would have stayed in the town and stitched! 6" of rain is hard to imagine, surprised it did not wash all the salt away.
    Good to see you have arrived safely home again.

  11. Wow, I just learned a lot! Salt?! I agree, not for me!! Praying that you keep feeling better and better, Sherry. I am sad to be saying goodbye to summer soon, too. It is such a fast, short season. Sigh.

  12. This all looks incredible Sherry! Frankly, I've never heard of the salt flats - yikes! Where have I been?

    Hope you and Mr. C. are well; I've missed you.

    I just got my new Blog up and running. (new address is: Hope you'll stop by when you can.

    Love ya - Marilyn

  13. Hi Sherry,
    Glad your trip with Mr. C went well. I did not know about the salt until I read it in your blog. That was a lot of salt. Incredible. Wow.
    So glad you are back and hopefully in your craft room getting crafty.
    TFS. ana

  14. Wow...interesting and so fun to see!! My hubby would have a cow if he had to clean all that salt off his truck....I am going to show him these pics when he gets home...thanks for sharing!!


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