Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pretty Pink ATCs...

After all this time I still love ATCs.  Artist Trading Cards.  They are small.  The size of a regular playing card at 2.5" x 3.5".  They are never sold...merely traded.  I find the small venue quite challenging to be creative yet not overwhelming.  I have made hundreds.  I know that sounds like a lot but I do believe my number is correct as I spent about three years making dozens every month to donate locally as tray favors for shut-ins. So when Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff announced her "Pretty" swap I was on board.   She is the most amazing hostess and very organized.  I am never disappointed with what I receive.   Thank you Kimberly.  You are a creative JOY!
These are the four I submitted.  It was a 3 for 3 swap but I always include an extra just for Kimberly.

I usually make more than four as I have special friends I send them to that are not able to participate in swaps.  It is such fun to gather supplies and just put them into action.

Here is my swap package I received in the fun mail.  Kimberly always includes an extra surprise and this time is was an envelope filled with ephemera and bits and bobs for embellishments another time.  She tied the package with lovely pink baker's twine and a soft little rosebud.  My ATCs were from Becky of; Charlotte of and Sylvia of and I adore each of them so very much.  Thank you for participating and creating such lovely "Pretty" ATCs.

This fun mail I recently received is from my friend Theresa (no blog).  I actually "met" Theresa in one of Kimberly's swaps.  This is a beautiful birthday card and two very sweet ATCs made just for me.  I also adore how she includes some fun die-cuts as I don't have such equipment.  Thank you dear sweet Theresa.
Actually I am working on my next ATCs for the "Pretty Little Witches" swap with   You have time to sign up and create and participate if you like.

Today I must admit I am breathing a short sigh of relief.  I do not do well with sadness and this world has made it through September 11th once again.  I am thankful to be here today and enjoy the wonders it holds for me and my loved ones.
Lets get creative and make something today.  I will be in my sewing room for a while.  Stitching with fabric and thread is very therapeutic.  I have another birthday gift to create.  This pours love and happy thoughts throughout my realm.  Life is good and I am blessed and happy.
May you find your joy and take time to be happy...


  1. Sherry, you are such a dear!
    en-JOY your "pretties"

  2. Beautiful tags send and recieved dear Sherry,- and what a lovely envelope filled with goodies from dear Kimberly.
    Also your new friend spoiled you so much with all those die cuts and sweet other materials to play with.
    Hugs, from Dorthe

  3. Everything in this post is so delightful and unique. You are so talented.Such "pretties" you have collected.
    Yes I too am breathing a sigh of relief, but staying ever vigilant. So sad that this world can't just live in peace.

  4. Lovely atc's Sherry! I'm also looking forward to pretty little witches.

  5. These Paris ATCs are awesome!! I love pink with black & I just adore all of the details on these. The tulle layer on top... and all of the bling.

  6. Oh wow, your ATC's are stunning!! I love all the amazing details!! They are truly gorgeous - the recipients will love them!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Hello Sweet Sherry
    What sweet little Pink ATCs! Just gorgeous so too are the ones you received!
    I love the little die cuts from Theresa - you are one lucky girl. I have never worked with these but they look like fun.
    Kimberley's new challenge looks fantastic too. She is such a lovely woman to organize all of this.
    Have fun dear!
    Sending some extra creative hugs,

  8. ATCs are fun to make and receive. Such a lovely and simple way to swap creatively. Happy Friday! Tammy

  9. It amazes me that you can get so much detail on such small cards, they really are lovely.

  10. Sherri. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am so glad you like Fancy Pants! She was my favorite Nice to meet you and see all your amazing creations. Becs

  11. Great looking ATC's and what a great idea to make them for tray favors!

  12. Oh I like your tags very much and like the peacock feather tag you received
    makes me want to make some again
    I was in a swap once and gave all of mine away
    I am in the mood to play and create all day tomorrow in my studio

  13. Love the ATC's! Thank you for spreading joy to others.

  14. I love your lovelies! Your idea of using as tray favors - brilliantly creative! xxoo

  15. I love your lovelies! Your idea of using as tray favors - brilliantly creative! xxoo

  16. I LOVE your ATC's....I haven't made any in ages, so fun!!! What wonderful gifts you received in return.....looks like a lot of fun mail!!

  17. YOu know anything pink catches my attention. How sweet that you made cards for shut ins!! you are so giving! I love getting gifts in the mail! Have fun crafting!


  18. You are more than welcome for the die cuts Sherry. Always love our exchanges. Creativity is my sanity through all kinds of life's challenges as you well know so I will enable anyone else's excuse to create. thanks as always for sharing.

  19. What lovely ATC's and I so agree Kimberly is such a gracious hostess!
    Hugs Lynn


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