Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pincushions & Ribbons...

I have been enjoying Madamm Samm's newest blog hop all about pincushions.  I did not participate however I have truly been inspired by how creative and clever so many others have been with making pincushions.   A few months ago I was able to meet Carole Sidlow of RibbonStore.com right here locally while she was participating in a show. Tanya of BeedandNeedle knows her and recommended her lovely supplies.  I was smitten!  Thank you Tanya.
Now if you sew you probably have pincushions.  One can never have too many pincushions for the purpose of comforting needles and pins.

This is a lovely Truffle pincushion handmade by Carole and purchased by me.  It is small and delicate and made with the finest materials.  I fell in love with it.  This is like a delicious pastry and jewel all rolled into one beautiful little work of art.  She has every color imaginable.  I must have been channeling my mother with this purple version.  

Some of the gorgeous ribbons and lace I just had to acquire.

Here are some hand-dyed velvets and ribbons that just had to come home with me too.  Carole was a doll.  You can purchase lots of beautiful supplies right from her website or from her store in the Las Vegas area.  

This "pin-it" hop ends today however I know you will find lots of fabulous and fun inspiration if you check it out.  This community of talented and creative souls is an endless source of bliss.  The world truly is much more accessible with our blogging sphere.
It isn't too early to begin those little gifts made from the heart that we like to share with others.
Falling into Autumn is very evident today.  The temperatures are only in the mid-70's and there is a steady breeze allowing leaves and cedar pods to rain from above.
Off to my little slice of sewing heaven.  I am busy with some quick little giftie items.  It helped me to actually make a list of some of the many things I have in my head but somehow never think of when I should.  Now I merely check my list and focus on what I want to accomplish.  Nothing new...not reinventing the wheel...just being organized and managing my time more wisely.  Great concept I am trying to embrace and utilize!
May you find yourself enjoying your time and creative pursuits...


  1. You sound like Santa Claus....making a list and checking it twice! Off to see the pincushions.

  2. I'm a list maker too Sherry!
    LOVE thosde little treasures you bought, and that pincushion is so sweet!!I'm off to check out that blog hop, as I love pincushions.I have so many!!Thanks

  3. I agree, you sound like santa, lol, they are lovely aren't they

  4. I always get more done with a list. Love all the ribbons n such. Sew pretty.
    Off to

  5. What a gorgeous pin cushion!! And the lace and ribbons you purchased are beautiful as well!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Well, who knew about those pin cushions!! How very, very nice!! love all the laces and 'stuff'!!! Beautiful ribbons!!!

  7. What a gorgeous pincushion! The sides look solids. What material is it? Such beautiful ribbons. I'll have to keep this shop in mind the next time we drive through Vegas.

  8. Love the pin cushion. I marvel at how you have such a varied interest in so many things! I make a list too, projects I want to try or do. right now it is all about the getting ready for the Fancy Flea list. Wish we would get some cool weather here in Orlando!!!


  9. like you i have enjoyed the hop and amazed at such variety of pin cushions.

  10. Your purple pin cushion is gorgeous! I can see why you had to have it!
    What beautiful ribbons and trims. Those would inspire me every time I walked in my sewing room!

  11. Oh my-- the pin cushions are all so lovely- especially the one you purchased:)

    Your collections of ribbons and trims is so lovely-- that could easily be another obsession for me!!


  12. Those are gorgeous ribbons! I'm going to check out her site. Thank you!

  13. Oh Sherry, I would have fallen in love with that pincussion, at once, too.
    Such beautiful colour tones and so amazingly beautifully made.
    Also love your other buyings my friend.
    Thank`s for your kind comment on my blog.. I have to wait till next wednesday, for an answer!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  14. I went and looked at the pincushions and I think the one you bought would be my favorite also.

    Good choice. This type of thing just makes you smile.


  15. Beautiful pin cushion!! I have a board just for them on Pinterest called "Pin It"...lol...I have made numerous myself and sure I will keep on...thanks for sharing!!

  16. Oh Sherry that is such a beautiful Truffle pincushion - I just love those shades and love also the beautiful dyed velvet and ribbons. Just gorgeous!
    I'm now going to check out her shop!
    Thanks for your sweet comments as usual - you are so kind and I'm one very fortunate woman in a world of beauty and lace!

  17. That is a very pretty little pincushion. I bought a small planter years ago intending to make a pincushion after I saw bloggers making them out of tea cups and planters and all sorts of things, but I never followed through. I have lots of things in my head that sometimes make it to paper. Even when I make lists, I don't stick with it. Sure wish I could get and stay organized. Have fun sewing and creating. And enjoying that cool weather. Still hot as heck here ... at least 110 every day. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. Beautiful pin cushion! Love all the gorgeous ribbons and velvets, can't wait to see what you will make with these! I see you have found the magic of "the list", I am a list-maker from way back, they are so helpful for not only keeping up on things but for keeping my mind a bit more organized too! ~Diane

  19. I can certainly understand why you had to have that little pin cushion, it's gorgeous and the colors are perfect.

  20. Not quite sure where my comment went as an error message popped up so just in csse I will repeat myself.
    That is a gorgeous pin cushion and I can quite see why it need to come home with you!! I wouldn't feel able to stick any pins into it though!! Hugs Mrs A .


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