Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bird Nest Cone...

Oh how can it be such a very short amount of days until Christmas?  My lists are long and time is short. Thankfully I have been able to spend time in my studio and check off an item or two.  When you have a gift to make do you begin with an idea or a sketch or a pattern or maybe something else?  Do you follow your original plan or do you "wing" it as you go along?  This bird nest cone is one of those gifts that was in my head for months but never clear as to how I would create it.  I gathered supplies and they sat on the table.  I would add or subtract from the lot and there they would sit.  I never had the right inspiration...until...
I just began my project and it came together from entirely different components.  Nothing at all like I had in my mind.  This is my best way to create.  I let the gift speak to me and determine how it wants to come together.

I am so pleased with how this turned out.  Even Mr. C was liking it and that is rare.  I used lots of fibers, laces, ribbons and my special hand sewn origami bird.  What do you think of the finished gift?  I am hoping the recipient will be very pleased as well.  This bird nest cone is due to take flight to its new home very soon.

While sorting through my supplies (insert "STUFF") I found this Christmas card I made years ago.  The envelope has a .63 cent stamp on it to include the extra hand cancel postage so this tells you it was a while ago.  I hand made the fabric beads and then formed the tree using the beads and embellishment beads.  A snowflake bead for the topper.  Some inking around the edges and off to friends and family that year.  Mr. C saw this on my table the other day and said, "That is a lot of work and no one will appreciate it."  I understand he is probably right however that never stops me from spending inordinate amounts of time making and sharing my joy of creating.  I am always drawn to the unique and hand made from the heart gifts. I believe my time and creativity is part of the gift I am giving.  Money and store bought do not always give from the heart.  I treasure making something special for someone.
We have had rain and then very strong gale force winds for several days.  Today was hours of raking up pine needles and debris into piles.  Tomorrow we will load the truck and deliver them to the county landfill. It is time consuming and labor intensive and expensive but necessary.  A huge pine tree fell across the roadway and took out phone lines but no one was injured.  We did have a struggle getting home around the road blockage but managed to drive around the cones from the top after trying the bottom of the road.  It was dark and we had no idea what was closing our street.  Power was out for several hours too. Thankfully all is well.  More rain is expected for Thanksgiving.
I have much to be thankful and grateful for...Family, Friends, Food, Shelter and my Loving Husband.  May you each have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.  Blessings to all...


  1. such a beautiful creation! Sounds like you had a big job to take care of, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm pretty good at following directions, but I don't think I've ever used my imagination enough so that I could come up with such an original creation. It's beautiful!

  3. your special friend is going to LOVE this special gift, created by special YOU!! not only is this nest beautiful, but gifts from the heart are always the best. i'm so very thankful that you're willing to share your heART with us…..i hope you and Mr. C have a beautiful Thanksgiving! xox

  4. And your talent shows through again with another amazing piece! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Enjoy!

  5. Oh I know the recipient will love the cone!! Oh goodness I can't even imagine raking up all of those pine needles...You and Mr. C have a great Thanksgiving!!


  6. a wonderful nest and your card from years past is a real work of art.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your DH

  7. Your creativity constantly amazes me - such an inspiration to all of us! Hope the weather calms down, the trees stay upright, and that you and Mr. C have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  8. What a beautiful handmade gift! You are so creative and sharing your talents with a special friend, with this, is amazing!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    I'm thankful for our connection!


  9. I go through the same thing as you do. I pull out things for a project I would like to create and then it sits their for days even weeks. Sometimes I put everything back and it never gets done. Sometimes I finish it and never use a thing I first pulled out.
    By the way, I did make 4 of the little elf shoes. I would have made more (I did not sew mine), but the felt I have is not the stiff one. But I will be going to the craft store sometime this week and buying some. Thank you again for the pattern.
    We have had so much rain and now it is very windy. I am hoping it is cold for Thanksgiving. Not humid and hot.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  10. Whether it is a road block or a stalled idea you have solved it creatively! :)

  11. Whether it is a stalled idea or a road block, you have solved it very creatively! ;)

  12. Many things to be thankful for around here as well. Especially friends like you! The pattern arrived and along with it the sweetest little elf shoe! Very Cute!!! Thank you friend and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. Sherry, I think your Christmas tree card is gorgeous! Your cone is lovely, too.
    You must let Mr. C know that some people do appreciate the time and effort a hand-created gift embodies-- not just the time and talent of the creator, but also the vision.
    As for your question, I've used all the approaches you mentioned. Some work better depending on the type of creation. I believe, though, that having the supplies sit on the table allows one to plan subconciously, letting the ideas gel in the brain, while options are considered, rejected,and changed while we go about our everyday stuff. Then, once we commit to beginning, it sometimes just flows.........
    Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Nice blog post with sweet creations.

    Thanks you for my darling turkey. It is sitting on our Dining table.

    Have a special and wonderful week.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  15. Your cone is lovely. It's often the best way when an idea just evolves as you go along. I generally have a vague idea but definitely no patterns and just make it up and when I get stuck on how to do something put it down for a while or over night and then pick up afresh. I'm with you too on gifts that are truly from the heart.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  16. Goodness, what a story... Dear Sherry, I'm happy to hear no one got hurt. Absolutely loving your beautiful cone with the gorgeous ribbons hanging from it. As to your question, I usually have a lot of inspiration for projects but mostly they turn out completely different, lol! Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs

  17. ohhh how I love your artistic side…now this would have been more than appropriate for our black tie event

  18. Ahhhh - it sounds like your Mr. C and my own husband are long-lost brothers - I have heard those same things from him, time and again...I think it's a "Man Thing"! You keep on with your creating - I totally get it - we NEED to do these things, and the beautiful cone and your card are true testaments! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, SHERRY! XOXO

  19. Wow, the birds nest looks amazing!! And the tree card is gorgeous!! There are people that appreciate the work it takes to create something from the heart...I know I do!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  20. Lovely cone and the card is gorgeous, love the hand made rolls on it too, really looks fabulous. Glad you are safe and the tree did not take you two out! Stay safe and warm and enjoy your thanksgiving. ~Diane

  21. A bird nest cone? How adorable is that! You did a wonderful job creating it. I love that you let it speak to you and create as you go along. You are inspiring!

  22. Hi Sherry, Love your bird nest cone. Just a darling treasure. And the tree card is a wonderful idea too. Your creativity is amazing and your talents have no end my friend. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to cross your "to dos" off your list.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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