Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roses, Fresh & Dried...

Mr. C and I both love roses.  We have become very fond of them and are growing many in our garden after he fenced out the deer.  I have no photos of the garden this year.  Mr. C and I just spent two very long days pruning them further back than ever before and I seriously hope they survive the winter cold and snow.

We have had profusions of blossoms all summer long and have enjoyed them with their beautiful special rose scents.  After we have gotten all the enjoyment out of the fresh blossoms I dry the petals.  The colors are amazing.

I have dried roses in all colors and sizes displayed in various rooms.  They remind me of celebrations and special loving moments.  Not all are from our garden.  Some are long stemmed florist bouquets.

Here is a tray of dried petals.  See how brilliant the colors remain?  Not much of the scent remains however.

Here is another tray of petals and blossoms that I am saving for some creative projects.  The blossoms are rather fragile so I shall need to be careful with them.

Here is another vase of dried roses.  They look rather sad in this photo however in real life they are very beautiful and I truly enjoy them.

Here is another basket of dried roses.  All of these are from this year's blooms.  I have these in my laundry room.  What a luxury to view while doing chores.

Hmmm...here are dried rose petals and lavender buds.  Looks like they are combining together.  Next post I'll show you more...
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  1. wonderful roses, next year I will dry mine, have always put them on the compost when the flowers have died, what a waste! Pruned mine back yesterday but not all as 2 are still in flower and have more buds too.

  2. You have quite a collection there. I am not fond of flowers, because I don't like the fact that they die, so my husband knows better than to gift them to me. I don't grow them either but can admire them in some elses garden. Love the tray with the pinks, yellows and white pedals. So pretty displayed.
    Do you put a drop of oil on them so that they smell? Ana

  3. Beautiful roses and they are awesome dried. I'm so happy you can find so many wonderful uses for them all year long! It's just another side of your artistic and creative talent! xxoo

  4. I grow cold hardy roses. This year they were amazing and bloomed long and late. My canes have never been so tall. I get die back so I prune in the spring after I see where the green ends. Potpourrie?

  5. It seems I can even smell the fresh ones now. I love roses in the gardens of others.

  6. What beautiful roses!! They look amazing dried!! I have a small rose bush that I got for free as a little twig. Now it blooms so beautifully!! I never thought of drying the petals - you have inspired me!! Happy Wednesday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Dear Cheryl,
    What a bountyfull of beautiful dried roses and petals,-- they looks so wonderful in your vaces, and on your tables ,it is amazing how beautiful they keep colours after being dried.
    Thank you so very much for your dear comment today, it warmed my heart, my friend.

  8. I love flowers and roses around my house also, Sherry, but I have to be very careful because I have kitties who nibble on everything and sometimes get very sick. I picked a bouquet of cosmos from the yard the other day, thinking they were surely going to freeze overnight, but it didn't drop below 32, so they're still alive and beautiful. I know any night now, those pretty blooms will freeze...and so will my still blooming roses out front! Your dried roses and petals are so pretty. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! xo

  9. Oh how I LOVE roses too! Every now and then, there are some that just smell sweeter and better than anything... I love yellow roses and champagne roses and sweetheart roses...and wild roses...sigh.

  10. Your dried roses are beautiful. How do you manage to retain the full bloom without the petals dropping as they dry out? I only have a couple of bushes in my garden (minatures) and they have flowered profusely this year. It has been an amazing year for colour in the garden I still have several Evening Primroses in full bloom. The flowers just keep on coming and coming. Hugs Mrs A.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Oooohhh I love roses!!! And dried ones too! These colours remain so beautiful, wow... What a blessing that Mr C. loves them too :)
    Thank you for your sweet visits Sherry, they're very much appreciated and I love reading your kind words.
    Big hugs and sweet day to you,

  12. How wonderful that hubby and you both love roses. And what a great idea to save the petals, they look so pretty around your house. Hope the roses survive the winter, I don't grow roses so I have no idea how fragile they are?


  13. I bet I know what's happening with those rose petals and lavender! (wink wink) I love the rose aroma, and put the blossoms and petals into a covered crystal dish so I can 'trap' the aroma under glass, but still enjoy seeing the color. I'm hoping to harvest some lovely roses from my new gardens.........
    Happy aromatherapy, Sherry!

  14. Waste not...want not! I honestly never thought of saving the dried out flowers....hmmmmmm Thanks for the idea!! Just lovely!

  15. Thank you for your kind words on the Shabby Cottage Studio blog. I've bookmarked your blog to look at over this weekend when I'll have more time x

  16. Isn't it nice to be able to still enjoy your beautiful blooms? The colors are gorgeous!

  17. Sherry I Love how you celebrate the things most of us pass by. Not only do you stop and smell the roses ,you savor them for years to come.Lovely!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.
    Hugs Lynn

  18. I am surprised at how vibrant the colors stay, they are all very beautiful. ~Diane


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