Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Roses, Lavender, Cloves...

When I last posted I shared how I dry my rose petals and save them.  Now I am showing you what I do with them.  I take a large zip bag and add dried lavender buds to the rose petals.  In another bag I add cloves...whole and crushed to rose petals.  My sister and her daughter are allergic to lavender so that is how I began using cloves and I love the smell.  I let those "marry" for a few weeks and get the scent incorporated throughout the rose petals.  I do not use oils as sometimes they can overpower and they can also stain other fabrics they may get in touch with.

Here is what I have been making with my delicious potpourri.  Sachets.  I like using tulle for the actual potpourri vessel.  It holds the contents really well.  For the clove mixture that I added more powdery cloves to I simply doubled the tulle.  After sewing three sides of the cut tulle together  I fill it with petals and then stitch the end closed.  After that I cover in lace which allows the potpourri to still show.

I have decorated the lace with small buttons that I hand sew on.  I have also used vintage pearls and beads on some but didn't photograph them.  Time dilemma you know...

For my bows I like to use seam binding.  My favorite is from Zipperstop.  Click on the link to visit their site and find amazing things you will want to add to your crafting and sewing supplies.  The seam binding is very easy to color and while it is damp you scrunch it all up and enclose very tightly in little baggies.  I let mine settle for a few days to get all happy.

Here are my little bundles of happy seam binding all colored and dry.  If you are in a hurry you can dry them with a blow dryer.  Just keep scrunching them to get the ruffled effect.  Or just use ribbon or flat seam binding as your embellishment.

Here is an assortment that I recently made.  I like giving them as gifts.  I was going to be part of a holiday boutique and sell some but that won't be happening for me this year.  Maybe next year if I plan ahead better.

Sachets made with roses from my garden and stitched with love.  Safe to add to your drawers or pretty enough to leave out and enjoy.  Hope you are inspired to make some for your holiday or birthday gift giving. Once all supplies are gathered they are a joy to make.
Our weather is still fairly nice.  No rain or snow yet we desperately need the water.  We had some clouds that merely teased us all day but never let any rain fall.  With darkness arriving so much earlier I feel like I can't get much done.  My body is very tired without sunshine.  I am a Summer girl and need that wonderful sunshine energy.  Lamp bulbs are not the same thing as real sunshine.
Days are sprinting past and I am wondering how my lists are coming along.  Maybe I should get off my computer and check them.  I could seriously spend all day blog hopping and catching up with creative peeps. Do you have to limit yourself computer wise?  Lately I must do chores or craft in order to earn time on my computer.  Sounds silly but I am such a child and my incentive "bribing" is working for me.
Lovely last days of Fall to all.  May you be happily creating to your heart's content.  Creative Bliss Dears...


  1. What gorgeous gifts these are!! You decorated them perfectly!! And I bet they smell amazing!! Happy Wednesday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I'm saving rose petals next year as I do like cloves! :)

  3. The sachets are gorgeous! I like using cloves in potpourri as well, they have such a comforting warm scent. Your sachets make a wonderful personal gift.

  4. I love this so much I book marked it! I bet the cloves smell great! And they are packaged up sooo well! What nice gifts


  5. I can actually smell the aroma by reading your words and viewing your photos! xo

  6. Hi Sherry, This is fabulous. I love it and thank you for sharing. The lace and little embellishments are just so pretty. What a nice gift to give.
    I just took down some roses I was drying the other day. Now I will have to make this recipe. How fun.
    You are so talented, creative and always so inspiring to me.
    Have a great week.
    p.s. I am going back to read this all again!!

  7. Beautiful sachets Sherry! I have used lavender as moth proofing for much nicer than moth balls. I hadn't thought about cloves...that would be a yummy scent for potpourri. You've made your sachets extra beautiful with the lace and seam binding. Thanks for the directions for dying and scrunching.

  8. These are beautiful! I really like the fact that you don't use oils, I've had problems with them in the past and they are just too strong for me. Love the way you embellish them:-)

  9. Roses, lavender, and cloves... I love each of those scents! When I want my carpets to smell nice, I sprinkle cloves on the carpet before vacuuming. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I read about it years ago, and I love the way my house smells!

    Maybe I'll be more organized next year, and I'll save roses and lavender for sachets. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. These little sachets are so pretty! My Granny's used them a lot, but I don't see them very often now days. Another dying art, I suppose.

  11. These are precious!!! And now I know how to make them!!! I hope I remember next year when my roses are in bloom so I can save the petals. Thanks so much!!!

  12. Hello Sweet Sherry I just love your little rose and lavender sachets made from lace and buttons and seam bindings.
    I also enjoy creating little bags from organza and satin ribbon. Such fun.
    Your house must smell a bit like mine.
    You know how much I love roses here - fresh or dried. I will post some in a week or so.
    Thank you for your sweet comment too
    dear friend. Time is healing!
    Warm hugs,

  13. lovely little sachets and not just pretty but so useful and spelling devine (sorry about the spelling. could not even find it in the dictionary)too

  14. The sachets are beautiful and what a nice gift. It is the gift that will remind them of you all year long. I have made sachets with lavender but never thought of using cloves. I do boil a bit of water with cloves and orange peels to make the house smell good. Also, the essential oils staining fabrics, good to know and often those oils are just too strong of a scent. The seam binding and buttons...nice touch!
    ps I need to do that work for computer time deal!

  15. Dear Sherry,
    Your sachets are so beautiful, with the look to the dried petals inside, and the smell must be so lovely --also so sweet with the different seam bindings and buttons matching the colour. A very lovely idea, my friend.

  16. I use my 'fun' time (computer or creating) as a bribe to get my work done, too! Otherwise I'd spend all day having fun! and the work would never get done.
    I love the sachet you created for me, Sherry, and bring it out for wonderful sniffs of pleasure.
    I know what you mean about dark early's dark here by 4:30 in the afternoon. I take vitamin D3 to help with that, and it's made a positive difference.
    Happy creating!

  17. Lovely idea for little gifts. I will save my rose petals next summer and marry them with cloves. Sounds scrumptious....

  18. What a wonderful way to use those rose petals Sherry and such a sweet gift to share, Enjoy the weather while you can, big storm heading our way. ugh!
    Hugs Lynn

  19. These are lovely! I love the sentiment you shared! I too love the sunshine to brighten my mood. I didn't realize how much, until I lived in Alaska.
    I do the same as you-I try to earn my time-not silly! lol bribing does work. Sometimes I set the timer...
    Your sachets are summer sunshine-a lovely winter gift! Thank you for sharing how~ Blogging does add some sun back ;D

  20. Hi Sherry, what pretty gifts to share. Your sachets are so sweets.

  21. Sherry- your little sachets are perfect little gifts! I LOVE that you added the cloves to the mixture- honestly, I'm not a big fan of lavender either. Such gorgeous seam bindings too-- they are the most exquisite compliment to your little gifts:)

    Love-- and many thanks for your visits and kind words--

  22. Beautiful handmade sachets and using your own rose petals too! What a wonderful gift!

  23. Beautiful little gifts, I bet they smell so good too. Hugs and happy day

  24. You are so inspiring, Sherry. These dainty sachets must smell as beautiful as they look! Thanks so much for sharing how you made them. xo I've been so busy lately, I find I'm away from my computer for days on end. I have to think about how to change this! xo


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