Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fiskars, ATCs, Pillowcases...

Here is a follow-up on my Fiskars warranty claim for my blue handled broken Heart Punch.  In only about one week I received my brand new white handled Heart Punch.  Fiskars remains the excellent company with products and customer service that I appreciate.  Thank you Fiskars.

Here are my lovely ATC's I received in Kimberly's ArtJoyStuff Valentine swap.  I absolutely love my ATCs. Thank you very much Wendy, Liz and Kimberly.  I am never disappointed.

These are six pillowcases I have completed for the Pillowcase Project 2014.  Some of these fabrics are very vintage and extremely soft.  I have gathered my fabrics, cut them to size and stitched them with all the love and care and prayer for each child to know how loved they are and how these pillowcases are filled with healing energy for their safety and  health wellness.  I will continue to make more through the year.
Wow...February is here and we are still missing Winter.  Today there was the slightest drizzle for just a few minutes.  I honestly couldn't even see any rain drops.  Maybe later this week.  It is very cold but with no moisture we had no rain or snow.
Wonderful week to each of you.  May your Creative Bliss be inspired and flow forth.  Welcome to my new and faithful followers.  I read every comment and take them to heart.  Thank you very much.
I'll keep busy with lots of projects I have on the tables.  Maybe I will even finish something and get caught up on my January things I didn't complete.  Creative Joyful Bliss...


  1. what a very worthwhile project, have just watched the video and think I could make some of these, will have a try before I add my name. Good to see fiskars have replaced the punch, a good company I think. Very nice ATC`s

  2. Very cute ATC's. I am glad that Fiskars replaced your punch. That shows that they stand behind their products.
    Have fun making more pillow cases. Boy do I wish I knew had to sew. I really need to take some classes.
    Have a wonderful week. OUr weather is hot and muggy and humid. We have had lots of rain.

  3. Hi Sweet Girl! It's snowing here this morning...I wish I could send you some. The world is so pretty when it's snowing! Your pillow cases are so lovely, Sherry. I'm sure each child who gets one will feel special. It's sad to think there are children out there in such need. You are an angel to be doing this. Your swap goodies are lovely!
    Have a fun, creative week! xoxo :)

  4. Hi Sherry,
    So good of you to share your experience with Fiskars. Nice to hear about a company that is doing the right thing. Always happy to have you as a swapper!
    enJOY a sweet week,

  5. I see such fabulous projects every time I visit! I'm in love with the folded ornament. What a great way to use some left over pieces of fabric and fat quarters you can buy.

    The Valentine swap is wonderful. Looks like you received some real beauties.

    I adore the pillow cases! My girlfriend taught me the pillowcase method and I love how easy it is with perfect results. Yours are great fabric combos. The soft fabrics are my favs, reminds me of being a kid with my cheek on a soft pillow case.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  6. Where did January go??? But I see you have a great start. Lots of luv to you in this warm hearted month!

  7. Terrific ATC's and your Fiskars review was helpful - thank you! Loving those pillowcases! xo

  8. You gotta love a good company that stands behind their product. Sweet ATCs and pillowcases.

    We got the rainfall this time. You got some the other day while we got nothing. We're desperate, but we must share. More rain dancing please Sherry. :-)

  9. I'm so glad you got your new punch!! What great customer service Fiskars has!! The pillowcases are absolutely beautiful!! I'm still praying you get more rain soon!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Fiskars is a good company and glad they responded favorably to you as well!! Love the ATC's and your pillowcases are adorable!!!

  11. It's nice to know that some companies still stand behind their products. I recently bought a new IPad Mini. Within 3 weeks it quit suddenly and nothing the tech person and I did made it come alive again. Within three days Apple had sent me a return box, I had shipped it back and had a new one on my doorstop. I love your pillowcases - such fun. blessings, marlene

  12. Great ideas and a job well done.

  13. Hi Sherry, it seems I am so behind on your posts.
    Love the ornament using a circle of fabric. That is incredible.
    So glad you got a few drops of rain although I know your need much more.
    So glad your heart punch was replaced. It is a great company to stand behind their product.
    Love your newest pillow cases. The colors are stunning. You do such wonderful and creative work with everything.
    Your ATC's received are darling.
    Wishing you a very creative week and hope you get more rain. Blessings always!


  14. Beautiful ATC's and pillowcases too. I love all the colors you used to make the pillowcases such a bright and beautiful gift. ~Diane

  15. How lovely.

    The pillowcase project, what a beautiful plan! Just thinking of the warm little heads snuggling up to one blesses my heart.

    ~ Violet

  16. Love your pillowcases. One would have marvelous dreams with those tucked under their heads. Very cold here today and snow snifters as I headed out to the dentist. Hope it warms up for the SeaHawks parade tomorrow. I keep hoping you get some good rain. Happy thoughts!

  17. So glad to hear Fiskars honoured their product; and just in time for Valentines!

  18. Yay for the new punch. Love the atc so beautiful. Have a great rest of the week.

  19. Good to know that Fiskars stands behind their products and the were quick with the replacement. The ATC's are neat. Those pillowcases look so bright and cheerful and I can feel the love you stitched into eacy of them.
    Ice Storm here....tree limbs are touching the ground.

  20. That's so fantastic to hear that Fiskars sent you a replacement punch ... nice to know that they're a company who cares about their products. :-)


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