Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Daisy, Tulip & Bluetiful Gifts...

As I shared in this post I am continuing to stitch my flowers.  This is the daisy from January.   Yes I am very behind however I am not worried.  I am taking my time.  Glad that I am because I stitch when the mood strikes me and I never know how I will stitch a flower until I put the needle and threads/yarns in my hands.  I really like this daisy.

Here is the tulip.  I like it however my feeling is that it needs something more.  With no end project in my mind I am not certain what I want to do.  This tulip makes me happy.

 Speaking of happy...this is some surprise mail I received recently.  I have found my "twin sister" through blogging.  She of course is much younger than I, however we must be twins.  Both our names begin with an S.  We share the exact same month and day for our birthdays.  And our husbands each have the very same first name.  Now what are the odds?  I am pretty sure you know Suz and follow her blog Suztats.
She hand created a beautiful card for me and wrapped everything in blue.  Suz has paid attention and knows blue is my heartthrob favorite color.

This is her gift to me.  Hand stitched and hand tatted Suz has lovingly spent so many hours I cannot imagine making me this shades of blue stitch sampler.  I am swooning and ever so grateful.  Finding friends far away that share a love of needle and thread is such a blessing.

The delicate rose fabric is the backing on the blues stitch sampler.  The gorgeous hand dyed blue silk with braiding and tatting is a bluetiful needlebook. The silver flower and butterfly are more of my favorites.  Suz has also added a very special Swarovski Crystal to the sampler and the needlebook.  Thank you sew very much from my heart Suz Dear.  You have spoiled me and I am blessed.
I continue to be amazed by the generosity of bloggers and can only hope I share and return as much as I receive.  
We have had no more rain but some may come in the next week.  Meanwhile magically our frogs have returned to our pond and are singing their unique songs of love.  Daffodils are blooming even though they took quite a beating down with our previous rain storms.  Life is good.  Safety and Warmth to those across this nation who are suffering more extreme snow and ice storms.  Britain is still flooding and we pray for them.  Sochi is wowing us all with amazing dedication of athletes from all over this world.
With Valentine's and Hearts and Love this month of February lets all feel loved and blessed.
You will still find me spending my time in my studio and sewing room.  I am blissfully being creative.  May you be doing what makes you happiest...


  1. I don't know what it is exactly about you, but EVERYONE seems to love you...this is beautiful, you Saucy Chick! Love your flower blocks, too...can't wait to see the whole thing come to fruition - XOXO

  2. two very nice flowers, especially like the tulip. Lovely things from Suz she is a great blogger, I too follow here and so helpful, if I comment on her tatting she has in the past sent me the instructions, as you say some wonderful bloggers in blogland.

  3. I'm loving that tulip! Makes me feel hopeful. We are awaiting a n'oreaster here. Tomorrow we should expect 15" of the white stuff!

    Your blue sampler gift is stunning! Enjoy! xo

  4. What lovely samples of bliss from the both of you 'twins'.

  5. Your stitched flowers are so pretty. I'm amazed that you can do that without a plan, very nice. What a blessing to have such a wonderful "twin". Your gifts are lovely!

  6. I love those flowers, I'm trying to avoid that tempation. I looked and I'm still thinking about those flowers.
    What beautiful gifts. You are lucky and loved!

  7. Your flowers are coming along beautifully! And what a wonderful and heartfelt gift from Suz. It's lovely that you've found your twin:). We are still rained out here in the SW UK, so it's great to hear you are having some signs of spring. Have a very happy creative week!x

  8. Your stitched flowers look amazing!! They are so beautiful!! And what a gorgeous gift from your friend!! It's fabulous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Like you, "I continue to be amazed by the generosity of bloggers." Sherry, you are reaping what you've SEWN! This is positively dreamy... What lovely handmade pretties!

    Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day,

  10. Sherry, you have great friends who gift you because you make us each feel we have been in your "family" forever!!! We are the lucky ones!

  11. You've done some lovely flowers, Sherry, and I really like the tulip: the flower heart fabric is so cheery! So glad your garden is coming to life with the rains! Wishing you many more happy hours of fun in your studio. Hugs

  12. I love your stitched flowers. And the gifts from Suz are so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  13. Dear Sherry, you are loved near and far!! Your gifts are amazing and just gorgeous. I love the blues. Your beautiful flower creations are stunning. Each stitch is done with much care and love. This is why you are so special my friend.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  14. Lovely felt flowers , I love daisies ! Some wonderful mail from your twin , such pretty things :-)

  15. Your wool flowers are beautiful and how special to receive such wonderful gifts!

  16. You deserve such lovely gifts dear friend. Your flowers are turning out so pretty! Woo hoo!


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