Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mother Nature's Address???

Does anyone have Mother Nature's address?  Or maybe the address for Father Snow?  Here in Northern California are still terribly under watered.  Our drought is extreme and there is no hope in sight.  We need RAIN right here and SNOW higher up in the mountains.  We have grey skies but nothing in the way of moisture.
So...I made some WINTER cards.  I figure my dancing isn't effective so maybe a nice handmade card to beg for water.

Here is a happy little snowman who needs more snow.  See...he is saying, "Let it Snow".

Here is another card that is trying to embrace snow...if we could get some.  Please...please...please...(this is me begging.)

My photos really do not do justice to these cards.  I used a lovely shade of blue vintage card stock.   Then some Winter themed stickers which I had in my stash.  Lots of foam snowflakes that I attached with some lovely snowflake glitter glue.

This was my first card that I created because I like what it says.  "Each day is like a snowflake...A gift from heaven with infinite possibilities."
Now I need those all important addresses...Please.  Pretty Please!  (More begging.)
I continue my prayers for all those across our world who are having extremely bad weather.  England looks like another ocean forming.  Stay safe and warm and dry no matter whether you have rain or snow or ice.
I spent time in my studio today and had lots of fun.  I am continuing to "use what I have".  It is a good thing because I really do have lots of supplies and I am kind of enjoying the treasure hunt finding things I had forgotten or not realized I have.  No plans...just let it flow.  Creativity is Bliss...


  1. Let it flow, the rain/snow and our creativty!

  2. May you get rain SOON..i will send rainy thoughts. Your winter snowflake cards are lovely, Sherry. Isn't it fun to just play?! Thinking of you...

  3. Sherry your winter snow cards are gorgeous. Love the color and they even look cold. Now I hope and pray your get the rain and snow you need.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. Your cards are beautiful!! I love the snowflakes!! Praying that you get the snow and rain you need. Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Love your cards! I hate to hear that you had rain....Just not enough!! I use what I have all the time...Because like you I have toooooo much!


  6. Gosh Sherry, if only it were that easy... to send beautiful cards to request what we desperately need. The powers that be are really giving so many a terribly hard time. Very pretty efforts on your part to save us.

  7. I'm afraid I can't help you with the address but if anything could charm Mother Nature it would be your cards Sherry - they are just so lovely.
    We have had a terrible pile of snow fall today - seems it's feast or famine in the water department.... I hope you get some soon!

  8. what is the weather playing at, everywhere seems to be having what they should not. If only I was there I could sing for you that would certainly make it rain. Seriously I hope you get some soon.
    The cards are all very pretty

  9. Sherry, I would so happily send you some of our British rain! What we'd give for a few weeks of dry weather. I wish we could do weather swaps! Meanwhile I will send you as many soggy thoughts as possible that rain will come soon.

    I love your cards. You must have been busier than ever 'using what you have' as you have cropped up on at least 2 blogs I've read this week, sending out lovely gifts and sharing great ideas.x

  10. Hello my sweet friend! I wish I could send you some of our snow. There are piles and piles of it outside now. It would be so nice if Mother Nature and Father Winter could work on distributing what they send down to us more evenly! I hope you get some rain soon....Your cards are just adorable Sherry. If they don't work, I don't know what will! xo

  11. Your cards are darling Sherry! I wish I could pack up our snow and send it to you. Really, I wish I could:0)
    hugs and JOY,

  12. Love your cards Sherry! I'll have to do my rain dance for you again! I wish I could send you some of our snow, here, so it would melt and help the drought there! Everything is so unbalanced with Mother Nature nowadays! xo

  13. It is good to sit out one or two dances and play with the dance program!!! ;~)

  14. Your cards are beautiful and heartfelt Sherry. I think we must be getting your share of rain here - although thankfully in my part of England we haven't been affected by the floods - in fact, so far today we haven't had any rain at all. Take care xx

  15. Hello Sherry,
    I feel you! In the past week we have had a major snowstorm, an ice storm, and last night a thunder storm! Our temps go from 20-75 degrees in a matter of a day!
    I am sorry to hear your magical dancing has not woken Mother herself! lol! I am sorry I do not have her number.
    I am hoping that soon you will see droplets of water falling down over your yard and home. Soon!

    Your beautiful cards are a welcome sight! I love the wintery feel you gave them. They certainly call for *snow*.Yay!

  16. Your cards are wonderful...just right...so easy to overdo but you have it just right! We are worried about all the snow melting back home!!! It's always something with mother nature... Hence, she keeps her address a secret!

  17. Your cards are wonderful...just right...so easy to overdo but you have it just right! We are worried about all the snow melting back home!!! It's always something with mother nature... Hence, she keeps her address a secret!

  18. Your cards are wonderful...just right...so easy to overdo but you have it just right! We are worried about all the snow melting back home!!! It's always something with mother nature... Hence, she keeps her address a secret!

  19. I will do a rain dance with you. Poor California. Well, we've had way too many warm days this year already. About one minute of rain came and went. So sad. I actually had my air conditioning on the other day. It's just not right! And I just looked up the time change and it will occur on March 8th. I can't believe it will be here already. Keep up the lovely creativity and let's hope for some rain... or snow!

  20. Your cards are darling. I shall go outside right now and start blowing to the south. We have had so much rain that part of the road is starting to wash away. Now they are talking snow. We have it just above our home but not here.

  21. Wednesday...more clouds formed..and it was actually sort of cold this morning. I'm beginning to scoff at the clouds..as they have become a terrible tease. We have had droughts before..but for some reason this time, with the country getting so much snow etc..it is just getting more and more odd.
    Would that rain dances really worked..no matter..I might just try it.
    What cute cards..it looks like fun.

  22. Very pretty!

    You are making your own snow....

    ~ Violet

  23. You are trying everything in your arsenal to bring on the rain and snow and those of us in the east would love to send you some! It's supposed to go up to 50-degrees today which will mean a major melt and flooding...the we will get rain on top of that. This winter has been brutal for all of us for different reasons.
    Hang in there Sherry...Spring is not too far away!
    A standing ovation for you for "using what you have"!

  24. What beautiful cards and sometimes I really enjoy just working with what I have in my studio! I sure wish I could send you some of the snow and rain we have here in Iowa! I am so hoping we don't have flooding this spring and it sound terrible in England.

  25. It is like a treasure hunt! And your cards are precious!
    I wish I could send you some of our snow! We have an 8 foot high wall of snow down the sides of our driveway! *sigh*
    Sending snow vibes~~


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