Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Feather & Steel Heart...

This beautiful HeArt of Feather and Steel came to me via Manu of VintageSavonette blog.  It is even more amazing in person and I am truly grateful to receive such an lovely gift.  Thank you Manu!

I am always amazed at the creativity that abounds all over this world we live in.  With simple pieces of fabric, lace, paper, metal, beads and ribbon comes a very unique and stunning piece of art from the hands of a lovely and very creative lady.  Please visit and spend some quality time to see what Manu is creating.

Our world is a better place for the love of making Art and sharing from generous souls like Manu.  I love my Feather and Steel HeArt and will enjoy seeing it everyday in my creative happy space.
We had the slightest chance of rain for this morning.  The weather man said maybe just a sprinkle. Thankfully it is doing just that...a slight sprinkle and I just had to go outside and do my grateful happy rain dance.  Thank you Water Gods.

As for the remodel...we are in a complete cloud of constant dust.  I clean this hall cabinetry every day and begin with a shiny dust-free surface.  This is just in a few hours.  You can see the white haze covering every room...upstairs as well as downstairs.  Today I begin anew with cleaning...dusting, vacuuming, sweeping.  No complaints from me though.  Poor Mr. C is honestly hating this routine of grinding and chipping the previous tile mortar off the cement floor.  It is making him bone weary and I do feel ever so helpless.  I honestly wish for him we had not undertaken such a massive project.  I'm off to clean and clean and clean.
I am sorry to not be visiting your blogs as often as I would like.  I truly miss each of you and will be very thankful when I can get time to enjoy what you are creating.  My studio is closed for now.
Creative Bliss My Friends...


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous gift you've received!! It's truly beautiful!! I'm glad you are getting rain, even if it's a sprinkle. Your remodel is hard right now but just think how amazing it will look when it's done :) Praying for more rain for you!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. What a wonderful and creative gift and it does indeed look beautifully made. The remodeling looks like a massive undertaking which will no doubt be fabulous when completed!

  3. oooooh I love Sacred Hearts. So very beautiful. I would love to have a few in my collection of pretty things. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  4. What a darn job. Hope it is done soon and the results are blissful!

  5. This is just beautiful! Now wrap it up and put it someplace away from the dust! Not there is such a place right now. Your poor husband... what a tedious and messy job. Ultimately he will have pride of completion, but not soon enough I'm sure.

  6. Love and prayers and hugs and strength and "You're getting closer to the finish line..." and miss you! Keep on keepin' on!


    P. S. creation, girlfriend!

  7. So lucky to receive such a beautiful gift.

  8. What a beautiful heart! So original and thoughtful...really a work of heART!
    The downstairs mess.....I am still cleaning brick dust up from our fireplace redo. I wish I had a BIG fan to put at one end of the house to carry all the dust out. I can imagine Mr, C is so ready to be done with it all.

  9. Dear Sherry, your win from dear Manu, is so very beautiful, and special. Manu ,always creates such special art pieces, -and I totally love her style , you was a lucky friend, to win this.
    I can see how much work there is to be done for your poor husbond,- oh and you,too- what a reliefe when it will be finished ,Sherry. I wish you both a wonderful weekend, hopefully some of it dustfree !!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  10. Oh Sherry - I do feel for you, and for Mr. C. There is a time in every project where you become bone-weary from it, things take far longer than you hoped or expected... I hope after this floor issue things get easier and that it will be clear sailing to God end.
    Your beautiful heart is an inspiration! What a gorgeous gift!!
    Take care and keep doing your happy dance!

  11. What a treasure you received Sherry. Congrats on your win. Yes, there is so much talent around the world.

    I know this dust from our remodels. It comes and goes and is there even when we clean and long after the project is done. LOL
    Looks like you are making lots of progress!!
    Thankfully you got some rain too.
    Have a great and creative weekend my friend.
    Be Blissful~~
    hugs, CM

  12. The feather and steel heart is a wonderful gift! I know you'll enjoy it. I know, too, that you'll miss creating in your studio now that it's closed for the remodel. I hope Mr. C isn't working too hard. Our renovation is underway, and luckily I can close the door to keep the worst of the dust downstairs. Take care.

  13. Such a gorgeous heart! Yay for the rain and hopefully a little more than expected makes it your way.

  14. What a most stunning heart you received in Manu's Giveaway!
    She has the most loving heart herself and her artwork is amazing!
    Now Sherry there will be an end to this floor renovation believe it or not and you will love it so much when all the dust has settled in more ways than one!
    I'm wishing for rain for both you and me!

  15. I have just had a minute to get to the computer and visit my "friends" and what a surprize to find my gift for you right in front of me. Thank you so much, dear Sherry, for giving it space and appreciating it so much! It is an honour for me to spread whatever good spirits I have to my blog friends! That's what it is all about, I believe, about sharing inspiration, courage and optimism. And the beautiful things I find on your blog make my heart feel enlightened. (Apart from all the work I see that has to be done in your field of renovation. Here you really need a lot of courage and optimism, heehee. I send you lots of positive energy and I am curious to see the result!)
    Have a nice and still relaxing weekend, dear Sherry!
    Hugs from Manu

  16. The steel heart is AMAZING!!!!! I hope everyone clicks on the pic to see it closer!!! As far as reading blogs...I'm only about a week behind, which happens more and more to the same token, we know you are there and don't feel the need to comment on our blogs all the time! We feel your presence!

  17. Oooh, what a beautiful gift Sherry! ... I hate dusty re-dos too, but in the end it will be lovely and so worth all of the never ending clean ups. xoxo


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