Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Banner Swap...

Errata:  I apologize for mistakingly crediting Linda for creating and gifting me with this HeArt Banner.  It was actually Becky F. and I am sad to say she has no blog to share with you.  I am by my own admission trying to do too many things and too quickly.  I am sorry to have mislead anyone.

Once again I received a lovely package in my mail.  I do enjoy a surprise and participating in swaps is a great way to ensure my mail doesn't contain only bills or junk and catalogues.  A Swap For All Seasons is one of my favorites and this year we are creating and swapping 4" x 6" fabric banners.

This is created by Linda of Lambsworld blog.  Thank you very much Linda for I love this HeArt theme.

Each element has a lovely significance.  The little muslin bag creates a pocket which holds a tag.

The tag has a sweet image of a little girl and a heart charm.  The clothspins are super cute and focus on the twill which says, "youv'e captured my heart".  I love everything about this banner!  I will share the one I made and mailed after I know my package has been received.

Downstairs update.  Even my camera cannot escape the dust as it settles this quickly on my lens. You can see all the milky looking dots.  Let me just say Portland Cement dust is nasty!  It is like the worst ALIEN invasion ever!!  Mr. C likes to literally point out the dust covering every surface by running his fingers through it.  Well, that merely adds another level to my cleaning as his finger marks make the gritty dust actually adhere to the surface whether it be wood, granite, leather or other.  I am truly considering my cleaning efforts to be the very best Olympic Gold Medal winning work I have ever achieved!!!  From ceiling to floors you will find me rising to my challenge.  I am not able to be creative in my studio at this time however I am finding ways to be creative in my cleaning. Yesterday I spent the entire day removing and cleaning and re-organizing three "lawyer" style bookcases in the downstairs office.  I even purged a few outdated catalogues and phone books I found.  This is actually a good exercise for me and I am grateful for this opportunity to hone my cleaning skills.
March is rushing along and the days are very Spring lovely with Sunshine and blossoms and new green leaves sprouting everywhere.  May you be enjoying your days in wonderful creative ways...


  1. Protect your lungs, you two!

    ADORABLE gifts you've got there, girl!


  2. What a gorgeous banner you've received!! She did an amazing job!! I can't wait to see the one you created!! much dust!! I don't envy you having to clean so much!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I am always impressed by your home projects...I still think of your deck! What a beautiful banner, wow. Happy almost spring, my friend!! Green sprouts sound wonderful!

  4. Beautiful gifts my dear..
    Take care
    Big hugs xx

  5. It's Spring - so cleaning is the thing to do, but you are definitely the champ! Won't you be delighted when the project is complete and you can return to creative crafting/sewing instead of creative cleaning? Lovely swap banner!

  6. So very lovely and beautiful, swap pieces, dear Sherry.The banner is so wonderful, and sweet with the pocket holding the lovely tag. Oh how awfull with all the dust still flying around, my dear - I hope for you both, it will soon be ended !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. That's a lovely banner, Sherry--no wonder you love it! You must be tired and frustrated with all that dust. Take it easy, okay?

  8. I feel your pain with the dust,,,I am just a couple days away from the master bath redo and then I start the BIG cleanup job. No more home improvements for me for a LONG time! What a sweet banner gift!


  9. What a beautiful banner, Sherry! I hope you have beautiful days while you're surrounded in all that dust, so you can get outside and take in some fresh, dust free air! xoxo

  10. I am going to start calling your the 'swap' lady!

  11. You've been busy! Weddings and renovations and swapping...I enjoyed reading your posts! Great sampler from Becky! (and no worries about the wrong name- I do that stuff on a daily basis!)


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