Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter Weather Wedding...

We braved the -4F degree weather in Minneapolis Minnesota to attend the wedding of our very best "son" and his fiancee.  Brad and Amy were so happy and we could not be any happier for them both.

Brad and Mr. C get into lots of fun and "trouble" when they get together and do extreme outdoor sports.  All of Amy's family is in Minnesota and knowing how Brad loves the snow and cold that is how the wedding came to be in Minneapolis in Winter.  The daytime temperature was 8F degrees and I had not experienced that before and I am still shivering.  Mostly I stayed indoors and when I explored I walked the skywalks they have that link buildings together.

This is the happy newly married couple having their first dance.  Everyone had a wonderful time.

Lots of the wedding attendees went curling at the Frogtown Curling Club.  I did not go as I was warned it was very cold.

Lots of fun to be had by the folks with strong backs.  Mr. C went and had some good fun.

From Minneapolis we flew to Detroit and then on to Little Rock Arkansas.  We visited Mr. C's sister and her husband.  The day before we were to fly home Little Rock had Winter storm "Thor" who deluged snow and ice upon the land.  We were stranded for a day.  Our flight from Little Rock to Atlanta was quite the comedy of errors.  Folks in Little Rock are NOT prepared to deal with snow and ice and had no idea how to function.  No taxi to the airport, McDonalds closed and left us with no food, the TravelLodge had nothing to offer us.  Thankfully I travel with some protein bars.  By the Grace of God we finally got a ride from a man who worked at the airport property and he drove us to catch our flight.  No rush as everything was delayed for hours.  By the time we finally got back to San Francisco exhaustion and starvation was the only report.  Delta didn't even have peanuts on board.  We are definitely so thankful to be safely home even if it was a day late.  Air travel is quite the trial.
While we were gone we had one good day of rain.  Still no snow.  The sun is shining and every plant is sprouting new green leaves and blossoms are abundant in gardens everywhere.
Now I must get busy with chores...unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, housecleaning, lots of downstairs reno still to do and of course prepare for 2014 taxes.  I would honestly enjoy being outdoors cleaning up the yard and weeding but not today and probably not tomorrow.  And I do hope I can fit in some time for Creative Bliss.  I shall also be squeezing in bits of time to catch up on your blogs and what you have been doing.  I had no computer or access while gone so I have missed so much.  Thank you for your comments which I read and enjoy.  May those of you with too much cold and snow begin seeing signs of Spring.  Blessings y'all...


  1. Oh my, what travel woes!! I'm so glad you made it home safely!! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding....cold weather and all :) From the looks of the snow in the picture outside the curling club...we have much more than Minneapolis!! Thankfully, the temps are slowly rising and the snow is melting. I do believe spring is on the way :) Have a wonderful week!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. What an ordeal you and Mr. C have been through. I would not have been a happy camper with all those obstacles, but yes, definitely blessed to be home safe.
    Now the part we all dread, chores and obligations. I had been out of town at a scrapbooking convention since thursday and boy am I happy to finally be home. Chores will be started early monday morning and hopefully it will all be back to normal. We have had rain all day today, light rain though. Hope rain goes your way soon.
    Have fun and happy crafting. Ana

  3. Well, you have both had quite a time! Ah, that snow. It'll not be spring for a bit but the sun is getting hotter and will be melting the white stuff soon. Hope you have some bliss happening soon, Sherry!

  4. Traveling is hard work! I am waiting for the day when we can wiggle our noses and nod our heads like "I Dream of Genie/Jeanie". The winter wedding looked so special! Have a good week, Sherry.

  5. We got a taste of the bitter cold in Canada last week... Makes me appreciate the warmer California climes this week!

    What a beautiful wedding!


  6. Even if the temps were cold, I know the lovely wedding warmed your heart. Love the photo of their first dance. Good you had the protein bars with you...could have been the next big weight loss fad..."Travel with Sherry", come home 10 lbs. lighter!!! Glad you are home safe and sound.

  7. Spring will be here...certainly love it is in the air that will help to change any weather from bad to sunny ....x

  8. so glad you enjoyed the wedding, and returned home safely. We are looking forward to a few days down the road when we might have a high temperature of 5C, but right now it's hovering around 0........argh! Can you tell I'm tired of the winter and the snow? Hope you have some creative time, soon.

  9. Oh what a tour, Sherry, but the wedding was lovely, I`m sure, and the newly wed happy you were there . Traveling in wintertime can be troublesome, I know,- and so good you are home, sound and safe again, my dear !!

  10. Hi Sherry, Congrats to the happy couple. The wedding looks like it was beautiful. You hit the snow storm right at the time we had the same here in Texas with 4 inches of very rare snowfall. So glad you finally made it home safely. No place like home right?? I am still freezing from our cold spell.
    Hope you find some time for creative bliss!!
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Take good care and have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, CM

  11. Oh goodness...I grew up in Mpls. it is no place to go in the winter!! Can't believe your son likes it! Glad you are home safe and sound!



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