Monday, September 14, 2015

Sewing Table Toppers...

In having my sewing machine returned and in good sewing repair and in sorting and purging fabrics from my enormous stash I made a decree that I would finish and sew some table toppers I have needed for a very long time.  It turned out to be a grand idea and took very little time.

This dresser topper looks the same as it has for many years however now it is sewn and not just folded along the edges.  And now it is reversible for another pretty look.  This is in our guest bedroom and is one of my very favorite rooms.  It is all antiques and sentimental pieces everywhere. In fact some day I want to be a guest in my home.

I only sewed three toppers but they are the most needed and used that I have been waiting a very long time to actually make.  The Rooster topper is on my kitchen desk top that is currently our laptop station and it is keeping the granite counter safe from scratches.

This little table is next to the guest bed and I am shocked at how guests put water glasses and other stuff right on the wood of this antique cherry table.  Now it is a little bit protected by the fancy cloth topper.  I am continuing my organizing of my sewing room but at least stopping to be creative along the way.  I can't go overboard and make toppers for every surface in the house for Mr. C would not like that.  However these are not disturbing his peace for now. 
As California continues to burn with raging fires we remain safe for now.  We are staying indoors due to all the smoke and really bad air quality.  We were out for a few hours on Saturday and my throat became craggly again so home for me and more apple cider vinegar gargling.  The past few days have been so horrific with the fires that now hundreds of homes and vehicles have burned.  The devastation is beyond belief.  And still no rain is falling to help the fire fighters.  Thank you my friends for all of your prayers and well wishes.
I am keeping this brief as I really do need to complete some of my planned indoor chores.  And I am continuing to participate in Random Acts of Mail so I have lots of cards to prepare and send out. 
Falling into Autumn Bliss...


  1. Dear Sherry, you have had so much to put up with, and I so hope your throat will not be feeling unwell, too long this time !!
    Your table toppers, all looks so lovely, and the antique cherry table is a treasure .
    Oh Sherry how awful, that the fires continue to take home and everything from so many poor people, -I`m thank ful you can still be safe in your home, even you smell and see the smoke .... how sad that the weather has changes over the world, to the worse ,- I wish you and everyone else effected by this fires all safety and water to soon fall !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Your table toppers, Sherry, are quite lovely and so useful. Hopefully no more moisture rings on the antiques! I laughed when you said you wanted to be a guest in your own home. That says that you like what you've done for decorating and furnishing. Perfect! I understand the smoke has reached down into the Valley. Not looking forward to coming back to all that nasty fire business.

  3. I sure wish I could have sent you guys all the rain we had over the weekend. I'm thankful that you aren't directly in harm's way, but I know how that smoke and ash filled air can be from years of living in S CA. Be safe!
    Your table toppers are great...thanks for sharing.

  4. Good work getting some of the toppers sewn. The air quality must be just awful, and it's hard to see the coverage of those flames. Just flat out frightening. And I think also of the wildlife. Terrible situations. Stay safe and prayerful. Please rain!

  5. What gorgeous table toppers!! They look so beautiful!! A pet peeve of mine is someone placing a glass on a table without a coaster...or a gorgeous table topper :) I have been watching the news about the devastating fires...praying for relief soon...and lots and lots of rain. Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. The toppers look so nice.

    Those fires have been just horrific. I can only imagine how bad the air quality must be for you.

  7. These are lovely Sherry, just lovely. Isn't it a grand feeling to make some long-wanted things for yourself?
    Protecting special surfaces is so important, and when they're as lovely as this, they add rather than detract from the beauty of what's underneath.
    I make Christmas tree skirt every year, by taking a length of fabric and draping it around the trunk, tucking the edges underneath - perhaps this year I should try making a proper one!

  8. I DO like table toppers. So quick, pretty and gratifying! They can be seasonal, too. Great job, Sherry.

  9. I feel so guilty sitting listening to the rain beating down here in the UK. Autumn has undeed arrived and the weather is wet and very overcast. The temperatures have plummeted down too. I do hope you get rain soon to your area.The fires must be devastating for the people concerned.
    your table runners are lovely. Especially like the rooster.
    How rude of your guests not to appreciate and look after your property. I certainly wouldn't have them stay again. Hubby would have a spasm if it happened here.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Lovely toppers, Sherry. Of course the handmade ones are. Fortunately they're not only lovely, they cover a multitude of sins.

    PRAYERS, PRAYERS, PRAYERS for rain...........

    Letters Unfolded

  11. your table toppers are looking good, it is nice to have small projects as it is so rewarding to finish them so quickly. Do hope the rain comes soon, it is had to imagine no rain, it is raining as i type this. Yesterday the tv said that it is going to get a lot warmer in parts of the world but unfortunately UK is not in the right place our summers will be cooler, well we had not had a summer this year and now it is very autumnal also our winters will probably get colder

  12. I pray that you stay safe and that the rain arrives soon. I can't begin to imagine what people affected by the fires are going through.
    On a cheerier note, your table toppers are great!

  13. I love your table toppers! Maybe I should take a clue from you and start using up some of my stash.

    I'm glad to read that you are safe from the fires for now. I've been thinking of you as I watch the t.v. news. I can't imagine the devastation and the heartache.

  14. The draught is unimaginable. Watching the news and seeing a town burn because there is no water to fight the fire puts the threat in perspective.

    I like table toppers. My grandkids are always spilling and I can't imagine not having the tables covered for protection. Grown men, really and we STILL can't count on them to be careful.

    Take care Sherry. Praying for rain to come to your area.
    xx, Carol

  15. Lovely table toppers Sherry. Your comment about people putting their glasses on top of the wood reminds me of Larry David from his Curb Your Enthusiasm episode when someone else put their glass directly on a wood coffee table and he asked them, "Don't you respect wood?" Whenever I see people do that I think they don't respect wood, lol!!!
    I hope those fires stop! That can't be a good feeling knowing they are so close. Take care.

  16. Good job with the table toppers! I hope the fires are brought under control soon.

  17. It's always such a good feeling to finish some of those projects that we just don't seem to take the time to finish. Your toppers turned out beautiful so it was worth it! More prayers for more safe!

  18. Oh my goodness what a horrible story about the fires close to you! I pray you'll stay safe and that there will be much rain soon. Your table toppers are beautiful Sherry and so useful in protecting the beautiful antique wood. Hugs

  19. Oh Sherry. DOn't I wish I could sew. I am determined to atlas take one class before my time is up in the world. LOL. I would love to be able to sew anything, just anything.
    I so wish I could send all the rain that we are having daily, all day. It has been raining here and just does not stop.
    Stay safe and take care of yourself.
    Crafty hugs, ana

  20. Here we are again with another round of fires - so heartbreaking and seemingly without end! So unbearably sad and shocking about the poor woman with MS who lost her life. Did you get any rain yesterday? Loving all your craftiness! So envious of your craft room.

    Thinking of you, Happy Wednesday!

  21. I have so much empathy for those who are suffering with all the damage from the fires. Hope you remain safe!!! And your toppers are perfect! Hope guests know that it's OK to put their water glass on your topper! Now they'll have a reason to put it on the beautiful wood thinking they don't want to ruin your topper! HA

  22. Hi Sherry, the toppers you made are beautiful and bring such a warm cozy feel to a room I think. I have them here and there too. Like you, I would not want guests to put a glass right on the pretty wood. I placed coasters in my guest room for them to use on the night stands.
    I am so sorry the fires still rage on with no rain in sight. I pray your get some much needed moisture soon.
    Take care of your throat be safe my friend.
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, cm


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