Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soft Preemie Hearts...

A short while back I shared about sewing fabric hearts for The Preemie Project and you can see my post here.  I have now sewn more hearts and mailed them to the foundation.  I used the softest vintage fabrics I owned that were appropriate.  This time I only made the 8 inch size. 

Here you can see the hearts I just mailed along with a hand written post card I received for the last batch of hearts.  Linda, the President took the time to let me know she got the hearts and how grateful the project is.  I have also heard from Linda via email that these hearts pictured have been received safe and sound.  She also let me know that they have had an overwhelming response and are well stocked with fabric hearts.  I can now put this project on the completed list as they are not in need of any additional hearts for a long time to come. 
As this is the very last day of September I am happy to report that we have just had a slight sprinkle of rain.  Nothing measurable once again and not even enough to wet all the ground.  However it shows that we are not forgotten by the rain gods.  Hopefully they are testing us before El Nino is released soon.  We are ready and able to soak up tons of rain water so let the heavens pour down on us.  Not Ark proportions but at least lakes and dams amounts.  Thank you Mother Nature.
Mr. C and I continue to slowly put the downstairs back in order which also involves the upstairs due to my loading up the Library with stuff.  We are tackling the bare walls down the freshly painted hall on the lower level.  Pictures are tricky.  I have decided all the orphan oil paintings I owned previously will not go back up as they really do date back to the 1970's and my lack of income and apartment living.  It will be interesting to see what we decide as we muddle through.  Our home is very traditional and we rather like it that way.  We are not chic or uber hip and definitely not trendy!
I think I see another large donation truck being called for pickup again.
With October 1st almost here I am feeling like I need to make a list and get busy prioritizing what needs to get accomplished.  From now right on through the end of the year time seems to go faster and faster like a run-a-way train.  I am already seeing count-downs to each holiday and it makes me feel rattled.  This year I would like to remain calm and carry on with my best ability put forward.  Creative Bliss My Friends.  P.S.  I do try to reply to each of your comments however many of you are "no reply" and I find it difficult to track down an email for you.  I am truly grateful for each of your visits and the time you take to leave me a comment.  Blessings and Sweet October Days...


  1. shame it was just a sprinkle but trust it means you are in for a good downpour soon. The heart project has been so well received and good to know they now have a stash of hearts.
    The house renovations sound as though they are going well, like you I have far too many pictures, both daughters have recently returned some that I made for them which was a bit upsetting so must go through and send them to the hospice shop, hopefully someone would like them. Thinking I will take the large hardangers out of the frames and convert them to cushions thus freeing up some wall space!

  2. Happy October! This is MY month. I'm not crazy for the fall weather because I MIGHT have to start wearing long pants. Heck, I already had to find my Chambray shirts. I no longer count down to Christmas. Since my kids are grown, I just make it a happy time and eliminate all the stress of "what I HAVE to do"

    It's very freeing to put those dated items in a truck and send them off to the treasure hunters, isn't it.
    xx, Carol

  3. that was such a tender loving project you did, you are so kind, you have been busy and thank goodness you got rain!!!!!

  4. Surely you are the Queen of donations whether they be hearts or surprise packages!!! Happy fall!

  5. Happy to hear you got some sprinkles of rain! Hopefully, a foretaste of more to come. What fun to have nice clean walls to ponder! Your hearts look so soft and sweet.
    Enjoy this first day of a new month, creatively, of course!
    xo Jane

  6. Good that they let you know they received your pretty hearts and that they don't need more. I hope you get more rain. We are waiting for rain too.

  7. Such sweet hearts again, dear friend, you are a wonderful helping,and lovely woman !!!'
    Do you feel the slightest sad about giving away your old paintings Sherry ? It is wonderful to let go of something , now and then...did it a lot myself, when I closed my shop , and hated doing it with many things, but franckly, I have not missed many pieces !!
    Hoping very much for you, the rain will soon start falling, to fill the wells, and your ground and flower beds !
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. Those hearts are just gorgeous and a beautiful thought and gift.

  9. So hopeful that the sprinkle of rain is a harbinger of things to come for you. Fingers crossed!!!

  10. Oh my-- you've been so wonderfully busy. The hearts are lovely and they look so soft... What are they used for? I work with premie baby's every day but no one has ever given us any little hearts... I am intrigued....

    It's a wonderful feeling to clean out and pass "stuff" on to a charitable place for others to find and love!! I'm in the process of cleaning out closets-- it's a wonderful feeling!

  11. What a lovely idea and your hearts are wonderful.

    Hugs Diane

  12. Hi Sherry, you are such a blessing to this project and the hearts are adorable. You have a heart of gold my friend. So glad you got even a bit of rain. Praying more is on the way. Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  13. The hearts are precious!! You are so kind and always thinking of others. Glad the rain is finally start to "sprinkle" your way!!! It's just cold and windy here!!

  14. Heading to read about the hearts and that project next, my caring, gifting friend. XOXO

  15. The hearts are so precious!! I love the fabrics you used!! What a beautiful cause you are making them for!! I'm glad you had a little rain!! Have a great day :)

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