Monday, September 28, 2015

Treasures From Denmark...

I am going to focus on some lovely hand crafted treasures I have received lately from friends.  If you follow Dorthe and her lovely blog denlillelade you will recognize her wonderful style she creates in.
If you are like me you love to get fun packages in the mail to offset all those bills and junk pieces.
The wrapping was fun with this floral wallpaper band and soft aqua ribbon.  Delicious!

This is a really fun ornament Dorthe created with a wooden heart and a metal piece she embellished with a lovely image and some lace.  The crystal dangle and S charm are perfect.

This tag is so Pretty in Pink.  The textures and dimension are amazing.  Dorthe's love of Nature is perfect with the bird.  Inspire is exactly what these treasures are for me...inspiration and gratitude.  Thank you so very much Dorthe Dear.  I am truly thankful for these treasures and for our friendship.
I have not been blogging very much due to still having learning issues with using Mr. C's laptop and my iPad.  Both are not the same and my programs and contents are not the same even though they should be the same.  I will try to catch up with sharing lots of beautiful treasures both received and given.  Thank you for indulging me and my slow learning curves with technology.  If only my granddaughters lived closer I would be able to learn so much from them with all the technology they use and know so well.  I have no smart phone...I have never texted...I have never used emojis...what ever is an old woman to do?!!
Enjoying our lovely Fall weather.  The Oak leaves are Falling and as they are drifting down to earth they seem to be swaying as if to some unheard music.  The Grey Squirrels are enjoying special Black Sunflower Seeds we put out for them.  And we seem to have an abundance of Praying Mantis this year.  Everywhere we look we see some...some green and some greyish brown.  They don't scare me however I certainly do not want one to land on me or near me. 
Creative Bliss to you all and I am enjoying everything you are creating.  Thank you so much for sharing so we can all enjoy Fall décor and Pumpkin Pleasures...


  1. Such pretty treasures to receive. As for technology, I'm with you. Texting is not on my radar and my kids accuse me of being a dinosaur because I still have a flip phone. What more do they least it's a cell phone and not an old rotary dial!!

  2. Oh yes, technology..(shudder!!). I only learn things when I HAVE to.Pretty ornaments.

  3. what a lovely gift you have there. Like you computers are a big struggle with me and no one to help with them. Not a clue what emojis is wonder if I am missing out on not knowing!
    Never seen a prying mantis except in books and on the tv.

  4. What on earth are emojis?? Gosh, am I that old already? Lol :) You received some gorgeous gifts dear Sherry, with the beautiful metal piece and truly Dorthe style tag. I love her nature inspired creations. Happy autumn to you!

  5. My grands only text. I hate it because you need to HEAR vocal inflection to totally understand what is being communicated to you. You received lovely items. So Pretty.

    I raised one of my grandsons, Corey, who is 20 now. He has a lot of issues due to the reason we raised him instead of his mom. You always wonder how your kids will turn out. The other day he went out to his car and turned around and came back without getting in. He said there was a praying mantis next to his car and he didn't want to disturb him. Sometimes your kids give you a moment that lets you know you did something right.
    xx, Carol

  6. Such beautiful treasures all the way from Denmark! I learned how to text last fall & must say it comes in very handy sometimes even with my flip phone. xo Jane

  7. such beautiful gifts,, I understand computer woes, I have just recently learned about texting,, I am so far behind technology, I like things simple but we seemed to get pushed a head whether we want it or not,
    take care my freind,,

  8. Dorthe does make such beautiful things. Your gifts are lovely. Did you know that a praying mantis can kill a hummingbird? I just found that out a couple of weeks ago and then watched a video of a praying mantis fighting with a cat . They are seriously scary! don't let them near you or he'll put up his dukes and wanna box you. I'm not kidding! That's what they do. Strangest thing I've watched on youtube in a long time. I really hate changes in technology. Good luck figuring everything out.

  9. These are all just lovely! What a treat. Ah the technology learning curve... overwhelming at times. Good luck. I love Praying Mantis, they are so impressive.

  10. You'll soon get the hang of the technology. Lovely to open parcels with beautiful things inside!

  11. Such nice presents! It's so fun to get stuff in the mail now that everything's gone digital.

  12. Slow and steady wins the race, Sherry. I just got my smart phone and I feel quite the dummy but... ;^) Lovely treasures you have gotten!

  13. Dear Sherry, thank you so much for your loving post about my little gifts to you, as you know, I have been in Copenhagen helping my daughter move to another apartment, ,for almost a week, and therefore have not been online !
    I hope you by now are more used in using your husbonds computer, :-) it truly takes time for us ..older..ladies ,lol.
    Must be exiting with the Praying Mantis so close, I have never seen one !!!
    Hugs from here, a bit cold and windy today!!
    Dorthe, xx

  14. Hello my friend!! I'm back and trying to catch up on all of your gorgeous projects I've missed while I was gone :)

    What beautiful gifts you've received!! They are so gorgeous!! It's kinda funny, but I just returned from an RV camping trip and we had two HD tv's, two computers, an iPad, an iPod, a DSLR camera, a smart phone a cell phone and a GPS!! I guess we weren't exactly roughing it ;) Have a great day :)

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