Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Decor and Hydrangea Table Scape...

Each year I seem to acquire a new pumpkin of some sort or another.  Here is a mélange of some of my favorites.  I have them sitting on the formal dining table.  We don't seem to use the dining room as much as in years past.  Instead of larger formal gatherings and dinner parties we tend to have smaller more casual gatherings of friends.  And we tend to congregate in the kitchen and great room.

This lovely HARVEST banner was created a few years ago by my friend Theresa (no blog).  This year as I was pondering where to hang it so it wouldn't get in Mr. C's way I discovered it fit perfectly on the dining room hutch which is right near the dining table displaying my pumpkins.  I love it here and enjoy it every day as I pass by.  Thank you Theresa for this lasting gift.

I had a piece of home décor fabric which I just loved and it reminded me of my favorite hydrangeas.  So I got out the rotary cutter and sewed these table mats.  I have my dried hydrangeas in a vase sitting on the table atop one of the mats and I like this look.

You have already heard about these chairs but now I can attest to just how comfortable they truly are.  The table is getting uglier every day and we debate how we will deal with the table.  It is very good quality and is structurally sound.  I like the table for its size and purpose here in the kitchen East bay window.  I want to paint it Annie Sloan chalk paint in a black tone.  Mr. C wants it painted the correct way by taking it all apart and sanding and so on.  Not for me to tackle.  So we debate...
Still dry here and having some windy days.  No really cold snap even though the nights are quite chilly.  Autumn leaves are turning colors but nothing spectacular.  Falling leaves and pine needles and cedar tree seedling pods are making their usual mess everywhere.  Mr. C did a huge raking job.
From those of you living in Spring now your green lush gardens and flowers are spectacular.  I enjoy seeing them and reminding me of Spring we will eventually have once again.
Creative Bliss from sherry of createology...
I seem to be signing my name like this more and more and liking it quite a lot.  It reminds me of times gone past when people were recognized by their name and region or clan or such.  I quite like being sherry of createology. 
I am hoping to do some sewing today.  I will be sharing what I am sewing very soon.


  1. Nice variety of pumpkins! I just decorated the house yesterday although our stuff tends to be more spooky-oriented (blame the husband). I also have to rake although it's been so wet that I've been putting it off. Still, I do enjoy being in the fresh air just not when it's freezing!

  2. Well, sherry of createology! I planted an hydrangea and I'm hoping it survives our winter. Luv the dried ones. I'm with you on a quick paint but there is something to be appreciated by take it all apart and do it right! lol Nice harvest!

  3. HA - I have those stand-off debates here in my house, too! Hope you win! It is starting to feel like fall here, too...we are actually cooling down. Got a BIT of rain sometime during the evening - I hope you are getting little bits, too...I can't believe you don't get it before we do, coming from CA way. Fingers crossed it sprinkles there, soon. XOXO

  4. I love pumpkins!!! I am in awe of that center pumpkin on your table. Is that hand painted on a fresh pumpkin or a faux pumpkin? Just sooooo cool! Lately, I have been really drawn to the white pumpkins too. I remember back in 2000, my son had his first job at a farm market and brought me home a White Pumpkin and it was the first I ever saw one. I wish autumn could stay for a few more weeks before hitting winter.

  5. I like you being known as Sherry of Creatology. Your new dinning chairs do lokk rather nice and the table mats compliment perfectly. Painting the table sounds a good option whoever gets to decide how it will be done. The temperature is set to drop here over the weekend. I think the thicker duvet will be going back on the bed pronto if it does. There is a monthly card swap I belong to which is an international one and I am known as Mrs A in England so hugs from Mrs A. in England.

  6. I really like all of the different pumpkins arranged like that.

    I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the table. The black would look terrific with those chairs.

  7. Hello my friend Sherry of Createology :) Your pumpkin collection is so fabulous!! And what a beautiful banner, too!! I just adore your table mats!! I love Hydrangeas, but can't seem to grow one here :( It's definitely fall here, dropping temps and even faster dropping leaves. The trees will be bald soon. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!! Hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. beautiful place to spend some time. glad you are finally getting some time to enjoy your space. hugs, t...

  9. Oh my goodness, do I ever love your table centerpieces! Happy pumpkin days, Sherry!

  10. Your home looks so inviting and lovely with all your possessions!!

  11. I bet your chairs are fabulously comfortable. I paint your way Sherry...I hate doing it all the right way like Mr. C LOL! Our way works just fine


  12. I love the hydrangeas, a lush way to remind yourself that Spring will return!

  13. Sherry of Creatology, that is you, and will alway be, dear, at least I hope so, --so many are saying goodby to their blogs!!
    A wonderful display of pumpkins, I like the diversity , and it is so lovely to beable to take out, lovely creations from friends, every year , I do that here, too :-)
    It sounds like here Sherry, my husbond is also always making a proper work, and not dealing with the easy way !! So he is the painter in our house . Here I watch over the field opposite my window, it is grey out there, and rayning, too-but the grass is still very green!!
    Hugs to you.

  14. I like Sherry of Creatology too! Love all your festive decorations. I'm thinking a black table with those white chairs will have quite an impact on the room.

    I had no clue there was a National Card Making Day. Yet there seems to be a designated day for almost everything, so it doesn't surprise me. Your random acts of mail art kindness are so generous and inspiring.

  15. Hi Sherry of Creatology. Love this too and sounds so prominent!!
    Love the table mats you designed. I think your idea of a black table would be incredible. Taking it all apart just doesn't have to happen when the new ways are so much easier and the look is the same in the end.
    Love your darling pumpkin display.
    We are having tons of rain and flooding. I so wish I could send it to you!!
    Have a nice weekend my friend. Hugs!!
    Celestina Marie of Southern DayDreams.
    p.s. just thought I'd try that out. LOL

  16. I've used chalk paint on several things, including my new quilt cabinet. Easy and no sanding kind of paint project! Sweet table decorations!

  17. good morning I am loving your pumpkins

  18. I like Sherry of Creatology too - there are so many blogs out there that simply go by a 'generic' (for lack of a better word!) name and sometimes you really wish you knew the person's first name. I understand the need for anonymity in the internet world though. Your pumpkins are sweet.


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