Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Decor & Twins???

October is the month of Halloween...Is it not?  After all, commercial establishments certainly think that this is true.  We are inundated with merchandise long before the actual holiday arrives.  In my case it means I eat far more candy than I ever should.  And the WW (Weight Watcher) scale proves it.  I am not one to buy a lot of silly knick knacks because I am in the downsizing phase of my life.  However I do have a few items from years gone by.  Frankie is my all-time favorite.  He came to live with me from a thrift shop.  I found him lying there with his foot showing signs of dog chewing...not too badly though.  I gladly paid my $1 and I simply love Frankie!

I keep all my décor very simple.  Nothing elegant and nothing over the top in order to keep Mr. C happier.  He is not a fan of holidays or celebrations in general.  Some childhood traumas that I honor.

I have been wanting to find a child's toy truck for decorating but am not interested in paying the high prices for rust and wear.  Fortunately when doing the downstairs reno I discovered this perfect wooden truck we already have which was living in the library on a top shelf.  What?  I love this handmade rolling truck!  It was a gift from friends long ago.  Now I no longer need or want some overpriced rusty metal truck.  It pays to shop our own homes.

I love everything I receive from creative friends and swaps I participate in and find it fun to display them for enjoyment each year.  Thank you clever friends who gift me.

I am still sewing for Dress a Girl Around the World and participate in Donna's group Dressed in Joy. There are links to each of these if you just click on them.  I wonder if there are any twins out there that would enjoy dressing alike?  Two cute dresses for little girls to twirl in.
I am off to the Chamber once again and I will no doubt get those questions.  We have not had the cold snap yet and the Fall colors are in stages of done, trying and not ready yet
Lets call this Finish it Friday so I feel like I have accomplished something.  My days are going faster and getting shorter in sunshine so I feel like I should be in bed and it is barely after 7 o'clock PM.
Creative Bliss as you enjoy your days making something wonderful...


  1. After a busy week finishing things up I/we head off to bed early. It is dark! I agree with shopping the house. You have a great truck!

  2. I don't decorate much anymore either. I never did decorate for Halloween (beyond carving a pumpkin when our kids were small) and very rarely for Easter. I used to do a lot at Christmas, but that has dwindled over the years to just the tree and my nativity. This year I might not put up the tree either because we won't be having the family dinner here and nobody will see it but my husband and I. The thought of hauling all that 'stuff' out is not fun and I'd happily forego the whole thing. I thought that last year too, but DH insisted that we put the tree up. Maybe this year he'll come around to my way of thinking.

  3. You are just so creative in all you do! Enjoy seeing your decorations and accomplishments! Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. halloween is so big in the USA here it seems to be getting bigger too, personally I am not a fan and turn all the lights out and draw the curtains on 31st and certainly do not open the door to anyone such a scaredy cat! The dresses are so pretty and I know the little girls will be thrilled to have one

  5. Perfect for twins! Halloween isn't celebrated here, which suits me fine.

  6. What a perfect truck to find in your own home! Like the way you've displayed the atc and tag swaps. I do that too.
    Happy Weekend! xo Jane

  7. Dear Sherry, I also do not do a lot for Halloween, as you have seen on fb, I add a few pumpkins, and that`s it. Your decorations are more playful, and fun as mine , and in the real Halloween colours.
    Is the nest from Vicki ?
    Wonderful with cards, and tags from your friends, and the truck looks great there.
    The sweet dresses are so lovely, and some little girls, will be so thrilled , recieving from your kind hands !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  8. I love Halloween! Love to decorate for it. We used to be that house that put all the stuff in the front yard when the kids were little. My husband used to make wood toys like your truck. We sold them and I'm not even sure there is one left around here anywhere. I would have bought that Frankie too!!
    xx, Carol

  9. If Mr. C lived with me he would have already divorced me. I go all out with my decorations for each holiday. Funny thing is that I do not do it for my kids, I do it because I love it. My husband was never fond wither until he met me and now he loves it. He actually encourages it. LOL.
    Glad you are having fun with the little things you do put out and making those wonderful dresses. They remind me of ones we wore when I was a little girl.
    Have a wonderful week. Ana

  10. Hi Sherry, your Halloween decor is adorable. I understand keeping it simple. I don't really do much for Halloween my decor is mostly a harvest look. Love your Frankie.
    The dresses are darling and what a blessing you are to so many.
    So enjoyed catching up with you tonight. Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, cm

  11. I love your Halloween decor and that truck looks awesome!! You gave it a shabby look without the price! And those dresses are adorable! You know I love them!!

  12. I love Halloween decorations, but I'm slow getting them out this year. You've inspired me to get that box out and decorate! :)

  13. Love your sweet Halloween decorations! It isn't like when we were children celebrating the holiday with everything being pushed months before. I know I am just as guilty since I have a shop introducing Christmas long before it arrives....but sometimes I wish that commercials on TV could not happen until after Thanksgiving. Know what I mean? I also love your sweet little dresses! they are DARLING!

  14. what a great blog concept! Just being creative, living the creative life like I do! All the ephemera is very fun to see! LeeAnna at not afraid of color, and cocoa cow-nel thanks you

  15. Oh, what fun Halloween decor!! Frankie is adorable!! And the dresses are just darling!! They will be so loved!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  16. What fun you've been having. Love the Haloween decorations and the little dresses are so sweet.! xCathy

  17. I miss SO much when I have too many projects brewing here...yeah, Frankie is my favorite up there, too! And more dresses - you giving, caring soul - they're beautiful! Happy "almost" Halloween - XOXO


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