Saturday, October 3, 2015

World Card Making Day...

Hello.  Did you know today is World Card Making Day?  I didn't until my emails sent me this...
Now I make a lot of cards for my weekly mailings of Random Acts of Mail Kindness however my cards are not at all fancy or fabulous.  I keep them simple but sincere.
My friend Theresa (no blog) makes the most amazing and beautiful cards and I am so happy to be the recipient of many she makes.  Thank you Theresa Dear.

The top photo is the front of this card.  When you open it up it has a pop-out rose.  I love butterflies and this one is gorgeous. When you open an envelope and see such a special handmade card how could you not feel extra special knowing it was created with love and care just for you?!!

This is another recent card I received from Theresa.  The depth of colors just doesn't show in the photo as beautifully as they are in person.  Theresa recently made it onto a design team and they are so fortunate to have her creative style.  Here is a link to Laura Denison Designs. Theresa and I have never met in person. We found one another through a swap of ATC's if I remember correctly and we have continued our swapping and friendship. 

This is an ICAD that Theresa created and also sent to me.  ICAD is a challenge of creating an Index Card A Day (ICAD).  This has such great texture and layers and of course my favorite beautiful butterfly is included.  I feel truly blessed to share Theresa and her fabulous art she creates and shares with me.  Thank you so very much Theresa Dear.   You are a real gem in this creative world.
On the weather front I wish to thank you all for your rain dancing.  We did get a little rain that watered our plants.  Nothing measurable for us but up the hill they had almost an inch at Donner Lake.  I was at my local Chamber of Commerce yesterday and I got the usual annual phone call with the question of the century..."We are thinking of coming to Nevada City next weekend and want to know if the Fall colors are showing?"  Every year hundreds of people call and ask that or a similar question regarding the Fall Colors.  I try to stay calm and polite which is not easy to do after 17 years of this same question.  No matter how I try to explain anything about the Fall Colors people just want the exact time that the colors will be the best to see.  Between you and I, I am not Mother Nature and I honestly have NO idea when the colors will be at their best.  Usually we need a good cold snap of weather to have the colors happen.  Some trees have already displayed their colors while other trees are completely green still.  And when the colors really begin to be at their very best we usually have a good wind and rain storm that knocks all the leaves to the ground where they are not very pretty to view.  And so it begins again...Ring, ring...Hello...We are thinking of coming...
I just have to smile and do my best.  After all we need and love tourists to come and visit our small historic town.
So today lets take a break and make a card to mail to someone we want to honor.
Creative Card Bliss my friends.  Thank you for visiting.  I always love your reading your comments and I do try to respond if I have your email.  Lovely Autumn (Spring) Days... 


  1. Sherry, thanks for your words of kindness about my cards. It is such a treat each month to dream up something new to send. Keeps my creative brain working. I am always so glad that you like them. Just wait until you see your halloween card my friend! thanks as always for sharing.

  2. I had no idea,, world card day, I must go make a card!!
    I can understand your problem of people asking about the colors, lol, nope you are not Mother Nature and she tells no one, its a waiting game for sure,

  3. World card day - they seem to have a day for everything (but have to say that this is a good one!). I used to make all my Christmas cards but had to give it up after a number of years. There was such a hue and cry over it,, but I stuck to my guns!

  4. Theresa's cards are beautiful! And I know folk enjoy receiving any card from you as well. By the way, when will the color change happen out your way???? HE HE HEHE EHEHEHEHEH

  5. Wish I was holed up in my Inspiration Station making cards instead of cooped up in the car as a passenger.

    *hugs* to you for your purties!!

  6. some lovely cards here, no I did not know cards had their own day

  7. It's the same here in South Africa with the Spring flowers on the West Coast - the time they appear and how good the display is varies from year to year. I guess people who live in that area have the same experience you do!

  8. They are certainly beautiful and unique cards. You are so gracious. I think I would tell those callers to come next weekend, the colors should be good. Then as time goes on, each week you will have another group of visitors which will spread them out over the whose colorful season! How bout THAT!!
    xx, Carol

  9. Your cards are specTACular! Everytime I walk in and out of my house and see my hydrangeas, I think of you, Sherry. Blue hydrangeas will always be my favorite. Happy card making. Happy October. Autumn love to you!

  10. Hello dear, I can feel the irritation Sherry, I know just how you feel, after having had a shop for 19 years, with many of the same (I`m sorry ) foolish questions, lol. But how wonderful toy are still doing this !!
    The cards you recieved from your dear friend, are very special and the pop-up one, so wonderful , it is so lovely to give and recieve !!
    I hope your sunday is good, and send you a hug.
    Dorthe, xx

  11. Hey friend, I just spent time going to all the links you have posted and totally enjoyed seeing all about Nevada City. I always loved that movie The Christmas Card and the town. Never realized that's where you are. Lucky lady! I shall not ask about when the leaves change....! So glad you had a little rain. We have had some, but really nothing to write home about. Happy weekend to you.

  12. As Zack would say, tell them if they want to see the Fall colors, Google it. Ha! It's amazing that people think everything in this world can be measured by time. Mother Nature surely doesn't follow any set pattern. Sure didn't know there was a card making day. I used to do so much paper crafting but my supplies are all over the place. Congrats to Theresa for getting on the design team. Her work is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Theresa's designs and colors are certainly a treat and what fun you must of had receiving them. Glad to hear California is getting a little rain. The Fall foliage is really nice hear in the Pacific Northwest along with a rain storm each week.

    Hugs Diane

  14. I like the idea of you being Mother Nature! ;-) That's how I might just think of you from now on...the aspens back home started showing color a few weeks ago, I hear. And in addition to Mother Nature being so talented herself, you've got quite a gaggle of creative friends! The cards are gorgeous - everything you usually show here is gorgeous, so I would expect nothing less...Mother Nature knows her stuff! XOXO

  15. That's so funny - people have such expectations! When we lived up north tourists used to often ask what time the northern lights started, or when would the whales come to the cruise ship - you're right though, you just have to smile and be as cheerful as you can.
    I've enjoyed catching up with your blog tonight - always so many interesting things going on here, from swaps to decorating adventures to rain dances - glad all is well in your corner...
    Many hugs,


  16. Hi Sherry, your friend is a beautiful and creative card maker for sure. Love the cards she has sent you. I imagine you have a wonderful collection. So glad the rain dances helped a little in your area. Hoping for more so you can get that fall color. Something we don't see much of here in Texas.
    Happy Creating my friend, cm

  17. What beautiful cards!! Your friend is so talented!! Here I am a mostly-card maker and I completely missed card making day!! Oh well, next year ;) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. Such a beautiful card! The act of sending cards and letters has greatly diminished over the years, but creating a card from scratch and making someone smile is well worth the stamps!


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