Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Has Found Me...

 This photo is only to show that Mr. C did indeed make his cut-out cookies and then iced and sprinkled them to his heart's content.  What you don't see is a finished photo of the cookies.  Mr. C realized that these cookies really take a lot of work and time.  He has a new found appreciation for all those amazingly gorgeous iced cookies I was able to show him off of Pinterest.  Thankfully this will not become an annual tradition.  He agreed that if he gets the urge to have iced and sprinkled cookies we can buy them from a bakery.

I had a lot of great black and white images I was "saving" for future projects. using what I have and in my de-cluttering mode I decided it was time to use them NOW!  I was able to create two dozen cards for my weekly Random Acts of Mail.  In fact two of these are going in the post tomorrow.  I was able to use what I have and build a small stash of much needed cards.  And a bonus was the trimmings went in the trash so I was able to also fill the bin with clutter. 
As I was pondering life and all it entails last night...when I should have been sleeping...a wonderful word came to me and I shall make it "my word for 2016".  EMBRACE is the word that will guide me throughout this new year.  It will allow me to focus (a previous word) on acceptance, support, welcoming, holding as in seize the moment with willingness and enthusiasm.  It will also help guide me to release, let go, give and free myself of old thoughts, feelings and/or habits.  I welcome this important word to my life for 2016 and beyond.  I shall Embrace every day and live my life with Grace and Kindness. 
Our year has already begun with much to do each day.  Time with friends and celebrating January birthdays.  We got rain last night and almost all the snow and ice was washed away.  It remains to be very cold.  May you be finding your Creative Bliss and doing all you enjoy...


  1. Some of those decorated cookies are works of art! How can anyone even think of eating them??? But I am in awe of your cards. What a wonderful selection you are displaying. Embrace your success in 2015, Sherry!!!

  2. I can relate to all the work that goes into those cookies, but they taste so good.

    I like your word.

  3. Happy New Year, dear friend!

    I'm glad Mr. C enjoyed his cookie time. Dave made biscotti again this year. I'm thankful that he likes to make his mother's cookie recipe, because I am not a baker!

    Thank you for the lovely ornament you sent before Christmas. I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your kind gift.

    As retirement approaches, I hope to take on some of your ideas, such as Random Acts of Mail. I do enjoy making things, and I have no desire to start selling. So, I plan to start a gift closet and send off little gifts to people as I feel inspired.

    I wish you and Mr. C all the best in the coming year!

  4. First year I haven't made any cookies! I bet Mr. C's cookies were really good with a cup of tea!!!

  5. Those cookies look delicious, but, oh, what work they are. I'm all for utilizing the talented bakers at the bakery ;) I love the black and white images you've made into cards!! They look amazing!! I hope you fully EMBRACE 2016 my friend!! I hope to, as well!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Yes, cut and iced cookies are a lot of work. I did it once. That seemed to be enough for me (like Mr. C). But quite yummy. Those definitely are some cards that will bring some smiles to your recipients. I get so silly excited when I create from what I already have! 3 days in and I'm a 100% success at using only my stash to date. LoL. (I actually started a month ago).

  7. biscuits look tasty no doubt there are none left now. Embrace is a good word for 2016.The black and white cards look great, your decluttering is going along so well

  8. I love cookies ..honestly I can eat all the cookies ..truly looking so yummy and so cute ..
    Wishing you happy new year xx

  9. Happy New Year. Those cookies look great and rolled cookies are way too much work for me!! I have become a huge fan of cake mix cookies. One mix makes 2 doz quickly and my grandson thinks I went to all that trouble for him. Lets keep it that way!!
    xx, Carol

  10. thats so cute your husband making his cookies, but they are a lot of work lol,,
    embrace is the perfect word and I am so happy you got rain to wash the snow away,

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a husband who likes to dabble in so called woman things.
    Love the photos/cards.

  12. Dear Sherry,
    the cookies looks great, and tasty, but also here, I`m not doing things taking so much time !!
    Your cards are looking wonderful, and will be recieved with joy, I`m sure. Also here it is SOOOOOO COLD, but still no snow, we try to stay warm, and I hope you do,too !!
    Hug and greetings, Dorthe

  13. your story of the cookies has me chuckling.

    Love the word you have chosen for 2016. A fantastic word to guide you.

  14. Homemade cookies are the best, but they are definitely time-consuming. Good thing I don't like the time they take or I'd be eating FAR too many!!

  15. I love those cards you made. I was hit with 6 inches of snow last night, but is now melting. Since I cannot get out i am busy on my declutter tasks. It is slow but rewarding. The htings I keep. What was I thnking! :-) Happy New Year dear friend.

  16. Hello Sherry, Happy New Year! I love that pic of your hubby decorating cookies. : )
    Embrace is a wonderful word!

  17. Happy New Year Sherry I think too that is awesome that your hubby made those cookies. I usually do allot of baking during the holidays cause I enjoy it so much and cut outs have always been my favorites along with stamps, cookie molds, cut out rolling pins and more. You chose a good focus word too

  18. What a word! And, I love that Mr. C found himself in the middle of decorating all those cookies. I have a photo of my Mom and daughter decorating this year...something that doesn't get to happen, ever, anymore. Love it - glad to hear you're off to another creative start to a new year. XOXO

  19. Your cut out cookie experience really made me smile...and giggle! Sherry, your new Word, embrace is so wonderful! I love it and how you defined it for you and your life. Happy 2016!

  20. What an adorable picture...I think he should make it an annual tradition lol! so glad you are still getting rain! Happy New Year


  21. I had to laugh about the cookies. I know go to a bakery to and give thanks. ;)
    Love your word for 2016.
    Hugs to you my friend!

  22. Its so nice to see Mr. C partaking in the holiday cookie decorating festivities, even if it is only for this year LOL.
    Hope your not getting to much rain! Just watched the news
    Embrace 2016 Sherry
    Hugs Lynn

  23. I like your word embrace. We do need to look forward to each day and doing something special each day. I saw your comment on Kaholy blog about your random acts of kindness. Would you please share with me how your RAK's are. I am very interested in what you do. I agree with Karen that hand written notes have a very special meaning. Thanks.

  24. Embrace is a fabulous word! Decorating cookies IS a process, not to be taken lightly!


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