Monday, January 18, 2016

Dressed In JOY...

Dressed In JOY is all about sewing Dresses for Girls Around the World and I couldn't be any happier or prouder to participate in this giving charity.  My blog friend Donna of Brynwood Needleworks blog is coordinating efforts and I joined in immediately.  I have included links if you wish to learn more about this project.
I have just mailed fourteen dresses to Donna for the upcoming deadline.  There will be more dates in this year.  Last year I also sewed dresses and sent them along.

As you can see, the dresses are very simple.  They are called "pillowcase" dresses and you could actually use a pillowcase to make these.  I happen to have fabrics and therefore I am using what I have.  My fun is in making each one unique with a pocket and/or armhole bindings.  I LOVE this snail pocket which reminds me of the trails on the fabric.

As I sew each dress I try to imagine each girl as she receives her new dress and wears it.  Her smile tells me how happy she is.  I sew all the love I can into every stitch of every dress.  Sometimes I keep them these two dresses.  The fabric is gorgeous and I imagine there are girls who like simple and elegant as opposed to cutesy.

Who does not like Raggedy Ann and Andy?!!  This pocket is sure to bring a smile.  I also realize that some places in this world the girls may never have heard of our favorite characters.  It may bring something new to them as they share and explore their new dress with the other girls they meet.

This fabric is a bit wild and flowing.  It makes me smile and I hope each girl who gets one will smile and know she is being hugged by a dress that was sewn with lots of LOVE and CARE! 
I feel like I am helping in some small way.  Thank you Donna for all your organizing and labeling and thank you to your "Doll Elves" for making and adding a doll to each dress pocket.
Northern California is definitely having El Nino rain and it is glorious.  I do miss sunshine however this rain is so refreshing and needed.  Mostly I am staying home and indoors so I am cozy and warm.  I try to limit my errands to one day a week during bad weather.  Staying home is allowing me to continue my treasure hunting.  I recently opened a file drawer and looked into some folders.  What?  Why did I save this stuff?!!  Out in the recycle it goes.  Pounds and pounds of papers and old cards.  I found a lovely Mother's Day card from my daughter and it was dated 1997.  With that date it means I moved it here 18 years ago.  When I told my daughter what I found she promptly gave me permission to THROW IT AWAY!  She and I have the same gene when it comes to hoarding saving things.  Now where did I put that so I can actually throw it away?  I do know about taking a photo for memories but somehow having the actual beautiful card with her handwritten message of love is far better than any photo.  Now for the case of saved cards and letters I have from Mr. C...
I am EMBRACING each and every day and I hope you are enJOYing what makes you happy.


  1. Some things 'need' saving. :) The wardrobe you have made is going to bless some happy little girls. Great job. Glad you are getting 'moisture'! :)

  2. These are just so cute! What a great project to work on. Saving the link to see about helping when we get thru a round of doctors thanks for sharing this.

  3. So wonderful for you to make these little dresses! I think I mentioned my friend also does this...I think you are both my hero's!!! And I would keep that card!!! It's priceless to have and hold on to!

  4. I'm sure those little dresses will be much loved - bless you for making them. I'm wading my way through a large tote of family history (photos & documents) and am managing to dispose of pretty much all of it. I'm scanning the best photos into Ancestry for future generations to be able to access and the originals are being passed along to the appropriate family members who might want to have them. Boy, does it ever feel good to clear stuff O-U-T!!!

  5. Oh my, the dresses are so beautiful!! I love the fabrics you used!! The snail pocket is so cute!! I know the girls will absolutely adore these!! I want one!! I hoard cards from friends and family...I need to get rid of some but I just hate to throw the out!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Dear Sherry, your dresses are adorable. Each and everyone is so special and made perfectly from your talented hands. You are such a giving heart and these dresses will mean the world to the girls who receive them. Love all the fabrics and the pocket details you add.

    I save all my cards too and have boxes full. They are all so special to me.
    So glad you are having much needed rain. Prayers answered for sure.
    Have a great week. xo

  7. Wow the dresses are so beautiful..I love the pretty fabric you used.
    Awesome xx

  8. Your dresses are lovely and will be cherished by their recipients. Such a wonderful project! I want to participate but haven't been able to so far.
    It's hard to throw away those cards & letters, isn't it?
    Glad you're getting rain! There was ice on my outdoor cats' water dish this morning when I went out to feed them, but my begonias by the kitchen door are fine. The cats don't seem to mind a bit of cold since they have nice thick fur. My indoor cats want to sit on a lap or on a heat vent all the time during these cool/cold spells.
    Stay warm and dry! xo Jane

  9. Good thing you kept all that fabric so you can make pretty dresses!

  10. Oh they are so lovely and sweet dear Sherry, I love the ones in mustard color, but they are all wonderful , wild ,and will be loved of every little lucky girl receiving one!!
    I can imagine you are looking for sun, even you love all the rain now coming at last, but it will be there later I`m sure. Here we had snow all day, so all is now white outside, I say like you, I`m happy to be inside !!
    Smiles from Dorthe

  11. I love all of the cute dresses!

    I can so relate to your hoarding of things like that. Pictures are just not the same.

  12. WHAT A GIVING HEART you have, my friend! Those girls are smiling from ear to ear, just LIKE you imagine! Happy Creative Tuesday - glad you're getting a little rain to help with that awful drought. Stay warm - I know you will! XOXO

  13. They are all so adorable! What lucky and blessed little girls.

  14. What a lovely thing to do for girls who have so little.They will fell like princesses.Bless your kind heart.

  15. Hello Sherry. I love those dresses. They are all wonderful but I have to say my favorite is probably Raggedy Ann and Andy. I love them and red white and blues. How cool to make a dress with our flag colors. The girls will definitely be more than happy with any of the dresses you have made. You have finally gotten some rain that you so well needed. We have been having rain and cold weather which is very unusual for us in Florida. But I love this cold weather. If only it would stay longer. But with humidity it is not fun. That I can do without.
    I have been busy moving my craft room over to the other side of the house into a way smaller room and preparing the other rooms for my father. He is moving in with us in the middle of February. So I have lots and lots of work to do around the house and no time to play in my craft room. Soon I am hoping. Have a blessed day. Ana

  16. Sounds like such a wonderful project and your dresses are all so lovely!

  17. I love this idea!! And what cute dresses! I would love to participate next time! What a joy! And how wonderful that you practice random acts of kindness, Sherry! It is so much fun. I love to inspire people to just bless other people. The blessings always come back! That's how God works!
    Have a lovely week!


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