Friday, January 8, 2016

Table Before and After...

I shared before on this post how much the new chairs made the old oak table look even worse.  Well Mr. C had enough and wanted to buy a new table.  I didn't want to deal with shopping and searching for what we already have...a solid, sturdy, expensive (in its day) table that fit the space perfectly.

Here is Mr. C out in the cold damp Winter weather prepping the table to keep it.

Once again I got my way with wanting to paint the table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Oh how I will keep my mouth shut in the future (I hope!).  The money we wasted on expensive paint and the one hundred hours of Mr. C's incredible hard labor were such a disaster.

Even though he prepped the surface beyond what is necessary according to Annie Sloan and her "stockists", the table leached ugly spots through the chalk paint.  After much research and even more intensive labor by Mr. C he was able to finish the entire table and reassemble it.  I must admit he wanted to burn the table and he hates the look of it now.

I am happy with the Graphite color and the look of the chairs with the table.  However, we have to keep a table cloth on it at all times so Mr. C doesn't see the flaws he knows are in this painted table.  He is NOT a fan of Annie Sloan and her paint or techniques.  He is a perfectionist and does not do sloppy or shabby or distressed.  I am merely happy that we have a table and it functions well.  Not having the table while it was being "refinished" was quite a nuisance.  Thankfully we have a dining room with a lovely table and chairs that we were able to use during Thanksgiving and all the time before and after.  My deepest gratitude to Mr. C for doing this project that I would never have been able to do.  This is a very heavy table and had to be carried out to the deck every day to work on and then back inside before the moisture and freeze came each night.  He has really great muscles!
On my creative front nothing is happening here.  I am slowly continuing to purge and simplify.  I honestly do not think I can live long enough to truly accomplish this task.  Where does all this stuff come from?!!  What was I thinking when I just HAD to save all those potential crafty items?!!  I do hope the Hospice Thrift store can get some good out of it all.
We are enjoying lots of glorious rain here and snow higher up in the ski resorts.  Maybe our drought will be over with El Nino happening.  Safety to all and if you are driving a vehicle do not continue into unknown puddles people! 
I am hoping to begin some Creative Bliss very soon...


  1. Hi Sherry, Your table looks great. I love chalk paint but not a fan of AS. I have never used it in only one coat like they say and you need to use a primer first so you don't get those awful bleed through marks. I have even primed over a finished work and repainted to solve this problem. At any rate, it does look gorgeous in the grey. I know and can appreciate all the hard work that went into this project.
    Happy New Year my dear and happy creating. Glad you are getting rain!! Celeste xo

  2. Oh Sherry.Mr.C. is a hero of the first order!It looks really nice.
    Oh you lucky things with the rain. They do say that we might be lucky this Winter too.Have a lovely weekend.I am playing with paper dolls !!haha, hehe! I feel like a child!
    Judy x

  3. I saw your comment on my blog on the circles post. The comment did not come to my inbox for some reason, and so I could not reply....I came here to you.
    I just played around with the cut out fused flowers...over lapping them to get a circular effect. I will be playing with a couple more soon and will post my thought process.
    I do agree with you about the purge....and if there is enough time to explore and use it all. there are not enough hours ina day or I get too tired. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. beautiful job on the table,, my husband feels the same way about the chalk paint trend,, he is a perfectionist to lol,,,
    I hope the drought has ended for you!

  5. The table looks lovely with the rug which is why I imagine that you chose the colour. The Doc would be ranting and raving here too if there were any imperfections to be seen. He was retouching grouting in the bathroom this morning and did it three times befor he was happy with the result.
    We have rain here in the UK and an Artic cold spell is due to arrive any day now. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. I've seen some beautiful pieces finished with that paint, but after researching, I decided I would not be happy with the results. The patches wouldn't bother Dave, but they would drive me crazy!

  7. Mr. C is amazing!! The table looks so beautiful!! It might have been a pain but it does look fabulous!! I hope and pray the drought is over for you. We are supposed to have temps in the 50's tomorrow and then in the 20's the next day. A 30 degree difference in a day isn't fun. Have a great weekend my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Mr. C definitely deserves a medal for all his hard work! I think the table looks so much better. Obviously that brand of chalk paint wasn't very easy to work with - poor Mr. C!!

  9. Oh my! Judy is correct, Mr. C is a hero of the first order. But how incredibly disappointing to go to so much work and still be unhappy with the end result. And then to have it covered all the time. Oh dear, so sad. Purging and sorting is a long process when you have been a collector. Taking some creative playtime will do your soul good and recharge you for continued purging. Thank the good lord for El Niño!

  10. Hi Sherry. I know what you mean about men not understanding the distress look. My dad came to my home when I was single and I had just purchased a dining table that was distressed and all he can do is say that how can I pay so much money for a table and chairs that looks like the paint was chipped. I explained to him that was the finish but he did not buy it. LOL.
    Your table looks great. I like chalk paint on the table with the white chairs. Tell Mr. C he did an amazing job.
    Glad you are getting some rain. We too have been having rain day in and day out. ARGHH. If only we could have one sunny day, but it does not look like the rain is going to go anywhere.
    Stay safe and keep warm. Hope you get crafting mojo soon. Crafty hugs, Ana

  11. so much work went into the table by Mr C, such a shame he is disappointed with it. Have not tried the paints but have read about them very expensive and obviously not all they are said to be. Happy destashing and hopefully time for stitching soon

  12. Everyone raves about that paint but I would imagine it is not fit for every wood or every project. I'm sure he'll get used to the table in time. Change always looks weird at first. Perhaps just a nice round doily of sorts in the middle with a nice bouquet will make it all seem better. Purging and organizing are like housecleaning, time consuming. I've done little of either although it was going to be my main focus once I stopped working. Oh well! Have a great day. Tammy

  13. Beautiful job on the table
    It's looking amazing x

  14. Well, I like the table it's a vast improvement on the oak and matches the chairs well.
    On the subject of too much stuff, I join the club there, my workroom is stuffed full of things that I have ideas for but at 70 now, I know that I shall never use it, just can't bear to part with it. Still its better than looking at the walls. lol

  15. Poor Mr. C. He is a gem for doing all that work on the table, but we tend to be our own worst critics too. If he hadn't done the work and found a table just like that one, he might like it better. Maybe you can use your creativity Sherry and make a lovely tablecloth or table topper for it. Add embroidery or quilt it or whatever you would like. The table is a nice sturdy table and the right size for the 2 of you.

  16. Dear Sherry, wow, your table is so wonderful now, I love it on the carpet and with your white chairs, it looks beautiful, all together. The chalc paint is lovely, and not everything have to shine, lol.
    I wish I had your energy of cleaning up into everythig in MY room, but not yet, surely, as I feel I have thrown out so much when closing my shop one and a half year ago...
    Happy for you it is raining so much my friend.
    I am following you on Blog spot Sherry, but what a mess with their new bad ideas !!!

  17. He is a champ!!! That is a lot of work. It really looks nice in the graphite. It is so nice to have a sturdy table too.

  18. I like the look of the softer charcoal grey on the table. Mr. C did an outstanding job. It's disappointing to hear that the AS chalk paint didn't live up to its hype. Perhaps in time Mr. C will grow to like it? At any rate you two make a great team. :-)

  19. Mr. C is one fantastic man! Yes indeed. I would ask to borrow him but I already know the answer. The table is wonderful. So glad you are getting the rain. I still have snow in the drive and pastures. I am still decluttering like crazy. Have to keep going as long as I can for I know it will never end.

  20. What a shame Mr C doesn't like it after all that work! Looks good to me. I think that in theory it's a great idea to refurbish the table instead of buying a new one. So glad you've had rain. Here it is very hot and very dry.

  21. Kudos to Mr. C. Sorry he didn't get the result he wanted..and then to have to have it covered...bad news. I hope he is not the "I told you so" kinda guy. We always have a cloth on the table. Someone is always putting something on the table that should NOT be put on an unprotected table.

  22. Oh no! I hate that he hated the process, but the worst part is that he hated the finished project...I know he probably does not care but....I love it! Of course I am a shabby, love flaws, type of girl!


  23. What a great guy to help give you what you wanted. Too bad he doesn't like the final result. I think it looks great! I haven't used Annie Sloan paint, just the Home Depot chalk paint and it worked really good for me.

  24. Mr. C needs to learn to appreciate the small imperfections ~ lol. It makes life so much more gratifying. I understand though. It looks great in the photos. I am trying to purge items also in hopes of moving in the spring. That will be a dreaded time period. Thirty years of stuff!

  25. I must say the table looks fine from here. Love the color choice.

  26. He is a hard-working man, and yes, you're lucky he's so capable and can tackle so many different things!
    The table looks great, but once a flaw has been seen, it can never be "un-seen"... I can empathize on that score...


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