Monday, February 23, 2009

Refreshing rain...

Don't you just love fresh blooming flowers? So bright and cheery they are. Well with all this rain we are having we should get some beautiful flowers blooming come spring. There are lots of wonderful wildflower walks to partake of in this part of the country. Some have docents that know all the types of flowers and some walks are just for you to meander along just taking in the beauty of it all.

I am really looking forward to all the daffodils that will be blooming very soon. The highway is planted with thousands of them in a very short distance that are spectacular to look at and enjoy. Then there are the 99 daffodil bulbs that my dear husband planted for me a couple years ago so I could look forward to the end of dreary and enjoy the bright yellow white and orange multitude of sizes and shapes of daffodil blossoms that spring forth. This year he bought me another large bunch of bulbs but this time I had to plant them myself. Well, that didn't go so well and I fear the bulbs were not the same excellent quality of the previous lot. I do see the tiny beginnings of poking through the earth so there is hope for them yet.

I realize this picture is not a daffodil however it is the brightest flower I could find to post. We are having a lot of rain so nothing is blooming and it is way too soggy outside to even think of working in the yard or taking photos. So for now I am content inside the house doing chores and listening to the refreshing rain drops on the windows and roof. I did just come back from running some errands in the rain and did not enjoy it at all. My dear Grandma loved this kind of weather so much that in Southern California where she lived she would get in her car and drive in the rain to the coast along the ocean and she was just as happy as could be. I am hoping I will someday have the same love of dreary soggy days just as Grandma had.

Now I definitely think a cup of hot chocolate is in order.

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