Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday tickles...

This is the Saucy Chick studio where we create wonderful things that everyone needs to have. This picture includes our good friend Sylvia who needed an urgent intervention making some lovely anniversary table favors. Of course we did more laughing than anything else. I just love it when the studio is busy and productive.

Lots of ideas and thoughts are getting ready to explode in the studio as the days become warmer and longer. Let's stay tuned for updates.

I am still learning so much on how to do all this wonderful computer technology. The latest to come to me is facebook. My daughter set up her profile and convinced me to become one of her "friends". Okay...now came the tough part. How do I do that? Well, she called me and walked me through the process and it was actually quite simple. Oh, not to say that I didn't have some issues. Some how I became a groupie for Ellen deGeneres and her quotes of the day. What!!! I admit I have watched her show and listened to her comedy routines but a quote of the day groupie is not for me! Luckily I was able to delete that from my facebook profile. I will merely be happy if facebook allows readers to get to our blog and our etsy shop (www.createology.etsy.com). We are still awaiting the first and critical sale so that we can get the stigma of zero sales off our shop. Please do check out our items for sale. Also, we are not getting comments on how this blogging is doing for you readers. We are pretty good at accepting constructive criticism so that we can improve what we are doing.

So, Tuesday tickles is just a mere rambling today and hopefully brought a smile to your faces.

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