Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday to each of you.

Our weather is sunshine today and the snow is melting from the trees and railings of the decks. We are shoveling lots of snow from our very big and steep driveway. Time to be able to get the cars moved around to their proper garages so hubby can work on them properly.

I have posted a new item on etsy and this is a picture of it. A very fun paper apron. My wonderful and beloved Grandma taught me how to make these many years ago while she was alive. When Somerset Studios magazine announced a "challenge" for their newest publication apron*ology we couldn't resist submitting an apron to them. Unfortunately we Saucy Chicks did not get selected, however we are still hopeful as we have not received our apron back as of yet. In purchasing their first edition of apron*ology and reading it through we Saucy Chicks are somewhat surprised that they didn't select our paper apron. What are they thinking?!?! Maybe the next edition will feature us and our accomplishment. We have actually submitted many items to Somerset Studios and their numerous pulications and we feel very confident that our turn is coming. We know we are worthy!

I am checking my list of to do's and trying to complete some of them today. Listing a new item on etsy and posting a new blog today is definitely a completion of two items on the list.

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