Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend...

Meet Bella and Ginger who are the cutest Beagles ever. Very sweet and loving. I am posting this pic to show all of us how to relax and enjoy our holiday weekend. Bella and Ginger certainly know how to snuggle up in cozy style.
I have been working in the yard and it seems like I never make any progress. I have plants that don't belong at all (some would call them weeds) and need to be plucked and disposed of. I have plants that have struggled through the harsh winter and need lots of pampering and pruning. We now have lots of warm days and the watering system is not happy as of yet so lots of hand watering to do which I thoroughly enjoy. Mr. Hubby built all of the drip system irrigation and every year it is very labor intensive for him to turn it on and bleed it and get all the dirt and bugs and debris out of the lines. And of course Murphy is always making a recurring visit with his law so that things do not go well or smoothly. I just get the hose and hand sprinkler nozzles and spend time enjoying the beauty of it all. Of course I do not like bugs and for some reason this year have accumulated the most mosquito bites ever. I seem to be covered and of course they drive me crazy and keep me awake at night.
I wish a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend for everyone. Maybe some time to do your favorite activity, get together with friends, have a BBQ or just relax.

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  1. oh my gosh they are too cute! Have a great holiday weekend :)


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