Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do you get...

What do you get when you combine fabric, scissors, thread, ribbon, heart buttons, wiggle eyes, soft stuffing, swarovski crystals and lots of love and attention? Well you get the most adorable little companion doggies with a wrist "leash" that can keep you company. I recently made six of them and now have this more than cute litter of pups. Each one in shades of black, cream, white or red.
They are each a mere 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide with a wrist ribbon leash of 11 inches total. Never any barking or unnecessary noise and no cost of food or time spent cleaning up after them. Just lots of fun, companionship and smiles. Each one of the litter has their own personality and style even though they each resemble a scotty dog. I am trying not to name them or get too attached as I am hoping to share them with others through my etsy shop where they will be listed very soon. Please do not judge them by their photos alone as some were very shy and some just are not as photogenic as the others were. Please go and preview each of them in case you have the perfect recipient for such a cute companion doggie.
Many hours went into making each and every one of these adorable doggies. Please note that items are sewn on and could pose a possible hazard if removed and ingested or mishandled in any way.
I am so thrilled at how they each turned out that I will donate 10% of each sale to our local animal shelter in order to help other cuties who are not so fortunate. I will even match the 10% in order to ensure even more help to our furry friends. My fur-child Sasha (aka BooBoo Kitty) highly approves of this decision. She completely appreciates her life of love, care and food and hopes others will have the same for them. Thank you meowy much.
It feels so good to be creating and crafting and have such cute results.

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  1. oh my gosh these are too cute, I love them!


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