Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend work...

After an entire day of working in the yard this weekend we see very little improvement if you look at the overall areas that need attention. If you look at each small area and see the end result of our back-breaking work then there is a slight air of contentment. We live with such harsh winter environments, critters and especially deer, loads of oak, cedar and pine trees with their unique issues and various other elements that is it a huge job just to keep up with any kind of yard work or plant tending or preening in the landscape. Mr. Hubby and I bought this house with nothing more than construction ground surrounding it and spent the first year putting in the retaining walls and hardscape. We definitely supported the local economy with this massive undertaking. Then the second year we landscaped the entire 360 degrees around the house. When I say we I do mean hubby and I doing all the work with merely a helper now and then. Of course in hindsight we over-landscaped and now are letting areas go back natural as the deer and elements destroy our plants. We have lost more plants through the past few years than most people ever plant in their lifetimes. Flowers are the rarest item in our landscaping due to the voracious deer, chipmonks, moles and whatever else decide to eat or just pull up out of the ground, taste it and then spit it out in shreds. I of course wanted roses and we planted dozens of roses only to find out that those are the preferred caviar to deer. Needless to say we have very few rose plants left and the moment they bud the deer eat them until the plant eventually dies.

All in all I am thankful for the beautiful plants and surrounding beauty I get to enjoy each and everyday. With age and time we replant less and less since we are the groundskeepers and have plenty to take care of now.

I am looking into the bare rock wall at the top of the driveway to see if it has enough sun to plant some wonderful and happy sunflowers. Every year I just want sunflowers but so far have not found an area with enough sun. Hmmm...

I did have lots of daffodils this year and the deer do not eat them!!!

I have saved the pond to show and discuss in the future. It is my favorite item.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead and lots of creative time to enjoy your specialties.

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